Affordable Alternatives of Celebrity Watches | David Beckham, Prince Harry, Patek Philippe, Rolex | Watch Guru

Affordable Alternatives of Celebrity Watches | David Beckham, Prince Harry, Patek Philippe, Rolex | Watch Guru

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Lets the challenge begin...

In this challenge, WatchShop have selected 4 celebs and want me to find an affordable alternative to the watches they wear. Let’s see who they picked, what they wear, and which pieces I’ve selected from WatchShop’s stock of thousands of watches!

Barack Obama and Jorg Grey Alternative

The first celeb is Barack Obama. In case you don’t know who that is, he was the 44th and first African-American president of the United States from 2009 to 2017. During his presidential stint, he was famous for wearing a Jorg Gray 6500. A gift he received from the Secret Service, it’s a minimal, rugged chrono with aviator vibes. My affordable pick? This Rotary Oxford - black dial, chronograph with the exact same subdial layout, date window between 4 and 5, and black leather strap. In actual fact, I think I prefer the Rotary due to the lovely detailing on the pushers - especially the red ring around the top one.

Jay Z and Patek Philippe Alternative

Roll up our next celeb. Jay Z. Right at the end of 2021 the watch world went bonkers when he was spotted being one of the very first people to don the ultra-rare Patek Philippe Nautilus Tiffany Blue. Only 170 were ever made, and one recently sold at auction for a mind blowing $6.5 million. For my affordable pick, I’m going down the Tiffany Blue route, and this Thomas Sabo was the closest I could find to a perfect colour match. A gorgeous colour, no doubt about it, it also boasts a chronograph, sleek and elegant design, loaded on a very comfortable milanese bracelet.

Prince Harry and Rolex Alternative

Next? Prince Harry. Despite walking away from his royal duties and giving up the “His Royal Highness” title, he is technically still sixth in line for the throne. Whilst he’s given up that side of his life, he’s not given up wearing great watches. He’s been seen wearing a white Rolex Explorer II a number of times. The watch I’ve picked follows the crisp white arctic dial, and bold bezel insert - the Timex Navi XL Navy Chrono. It has a slightly more modern appeal to it thanks to the unique hand set with a hollow disc within the hour hand. A great affordable option if you like the look of the Explorer II.

David Beckham and Tudor Alternative

Finally, our last celeb is probably the most famous football player going - David Beckham. Ultra stylish, ruggedly handsome (which I have no problem in saying), he certainly knows how to look good and can pick a watch to match. He’s well known as being a Tudor ambassador, and he’s been seen wearing this lovely and unusual Black Bay Chrono on a bund strap. For my affordable pick, I went down the chronograph route, unmistakable bund strap style, and vintage vibes.

This Fossil Coachman ticks all the boxes and is a perfect alternative. In case you’ve not come across a bund strap before, it’s this protective section of leather that sits behind the watch case. Originating from military situations during World War 2, it ensured the wearer wouldn’t suffer any consequence on their wrist due to the case becoming either too cold in freezing aircraft or scalding in the case of cockpit fires. I like the gold accents too, matching the vintage vibes on the Tudor Becks is wearing.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of my picks? Would you wear one of these, or do you think another alternative would be better? Don’t forget, all of these watches, plus thousands more are available now at

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