Watch Guru: The Ultimate List of Affordable Luxury Watch Brands

Watch Guru: The Ultimate List of Affordable Luxury Watch Brands

Who doesn’t love luxury watches? It's commonplace to dream of having a Patek Philippe Nautilus or a Rolex Daytona? Sadly, not all of us have the money to splash on high-end timepieces.

In this blog we’ll look at some affordable luxury watch brands, with unbelievable watches, all under £2500.

There’s a tremendous amount of choice in this price bracket, so I’ve tried to pick brands who stand out amongst the rest - mainly those who have done something notable such as working with their own movement or creating an outstanding timepiece.

Ready? Let’s talk watches!

Baume & Mercier

Baume & Mercier was founded in 1830 and are the definition of elegance. A brand that has the inability to make ugly watches.

Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic Automatic Date Watch

They’ve developed their own completely in-house movement, the Baumatic - found in this beautiful Clifton M0A10399.

This movement is pretty remarkable - with a 5 day power reserve, COSC certification, massive magnetic resistance, and a huge 10 year service interval. And to top it off, It’s also outstanding to look at.

Even when you take the movement out of the equation, the Clifton M0A10399, like so many other models of theirs, is gloriously distinguished and classy. It’s also built to an impeccable level of craftsmanship.

Therefore, Baume & Mercier are a great affordable luxury watch brand to get your hands on.

Mens Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic Automatic Date Watch M0A10399


Founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA in 1892, Hamilton have a rich heritage in the watch industry. Their history revolves around the military and American railway, so they put a lot of emphasis on accuracy and durability.

Hamilton Khaki Officer Mechanical Watch

This is the Khaki Field H69419933, one of their most popular models and quite possibly one of the most recognisable field watches available.

Hamilton have offered these with their new H-50 movement within. They’ve changed a stock ETA hand wind movement to double its power reserve to 80 hours, and when a movement is hand wind only that makes an enormous difference! You will only have to wind it twice a week rather than every other day.

Hamilton also created the first digital watch; the Pulsar P1 in 1972, so they’ve done an incredible amount for the watch industry. You could say they were pioneers of the quartz revolution.

Mens Hamilton Khaki Officer Mechanical Watch


Certina are a remarkable brand who have remained reasonably low under the radar, despite existing since 1888.

What’s fascinating about their offering is their brilliant Powermatic movement, and the selection of affordable watches that house it. Whilst it’s based upon the famous ETA 2824-2, it has an impressive 80 hour power reserve.

Certina DS-1 Big Date Powermatic 80 Special Edition Watch

This is the DS-1 big date C0294261109160, which is a stunning timepiece for under £1,000. It has that significant movement within, but it also features a big date module (where each number has a separate wheel) and a stunning emerald green dial.

When you consider some Certina watches housing this movement are slightly less than £500, they are most definitely an affordable luxury watch brand packing quite a punch.

Certina DS-1 Big Date Powermatic 80 Special Edition Watch C0294261109160

Maurice Lacroix

Maurice Lacroix are a bit of a newbie in the watch world compared to our other brands, only founded in 1975. Boasting a distinctive modern industrial look, they produce all their own watch cases and assemble their watches in-house. They also have an impressive 14 movements at their disposal, either completely manufactured by themselves or heavily changed base movements such as ETA.

Maurice Lacroix Aikon Automatic Chronograph Watch

The Aikon range is a wonderful collection, this model being the Aikon Automatic Chronograph AI6038-SS001-131-1, and it’s a thing of beauty. Within it is the calibre ML112, based on Valjoux 7750. A magnificent looking timepiece that oozes sophistication. It's a watch you could look at all day long, ingenious creativity and could be classed as a more affordable version of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph.

Maurice Lacroix are widely recognised as being a watch brand who creates excellent watches at a reasonable price point. Looking at this watch, it’s easy to see why.

Mens Maurice Lacroix Aikon Automatic Chronograph Watch

What do you think about my picks, I wanted to highlight 4 brands who don’t get the spotlight as much as others, but who definitely deserve it!

As I mentioned previously, I feel these brands are making extra effort, primarily in their watch development and production of movements. This really sets them apart from the rest of the bunch and is why they are my ultimate affordable watch brands.

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