Top 10 Watch Gifts Under £250

Top 10 Watch Gifts Under £250

As gifting season approaches, you may wonder which watches are out there to buy as gifts for your loved ones. That’s where WatchShop come in.

The prices featured in the video were correct at the time of filming. Adjusted prices accurate in the article below.

Give the Gift of Time

As gifting season approaches, you may wonder which watches are out there to buy as gifts for your loved ones. That’s where WatchShop come in. We asked our independent Watch Guru, Joshua from Watch It All About, to scour through our entire 11,000+ watch collection to find you 10 of the very best gift choices your loved one(s) will be sure to adore. With the cheapest starting at only £14.99, and all 10 priced at under £250*. Watch the video above or read on to find the perfect present for this gifting season.

10. Rotary Aquaspeed AGR19001/C/05, £145 (£108.75 using code BF25)

First pick is a more affordable homage to the ever-popular Omega Seamaster, coming in at the reasonable price of £145. Taking its design queues from the sensational Seamaster, Rotary built the Aquaspeed to be extremely durable: the use of ultra scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass being a prime example. Coming from the classic British brand Rotary, this watch has a comfortable rubber strap and would be a great fit for someone who loves sporty watches with added practicality.

Note: The exact Aquaspeed watch featured in the above video (the AGR19001/C/02) has a white dial, but this is now currently out of stock. We are looking to get more stock in as soon as possible, but the dial colour is the only difference between the 2 watches, apart from this watch being £34 cheaper!.

9. Jean Pierre Half Hunter Pocket Mechanical Watch JP-G100CM, £234 (£175.50 using code BF25)

How about something for the more discerning gentleman? A mechanical pocket watch is a great out-of-the-box gift choice for someone who takes a keen interest in horology: the art of making clocks and watches. The Hunter Pocket Watch ticks all the right boxes for watch geeks and would be sure to make an interesting conversation starter. Smart and elegant, this timepiece is ideal for someone who enjoys dressing up or likes to look dapper for work.

8. Casio F91-W, £14.99

Next is our most affordable option: the classic Casio F91-W. Our Watch Guru, Joshua from Watch It All About, owns one of these and loves it; and for good reason! A cult timepiece, the F91-W has not changed since its release in 1991, saying 100% true to its now retro design. Lightweight enough to wear comfortably all day long, this Casio is a superb gift for someone who likes to have the time right at their wrist whatever they are doing, whether they’re walking the dog, going on an early morning run or tackling some DIY.

7. Timex Expedition Watch TW4B01900, £69.99

Coming in at £70, the Timex Expedition is one of the best affordable field watches around. Originally purposed to wear in military combat, watchmakers designed field watches with simplicity, legibility and toughness at the forefront of their minds. The Timex Expedition is splendid to look at and the watch is fitted with a cool khaki fabric strap. Suited to those who are drawn to a more rugged, no-frills timepiece, the Timex Expedition is a brilliant choice for those who love to take expeditions or are keen hikers.

Note: The Timex Expedition featured in the above video was so popular it is currently out of stock. This Mens Timex Expedition is the perfect alternative.

6. Eone Bradley Apex Watch APEX-L-BLACK, £246 (£184.50 using code BF25)

Moving onto a timepiece that is truly unique, a watch with no hands: the Eone Bradley Apex. Inspired by a naval officer who lost his sight, Eone designed the Bradley Apex for the wearer to be told the time by touch. Replacing the hands on this watch are magnetic ball bearings, and the hour markers are raised to allow for utilisation of tactile skills. Purely from a functional perspective, this watch would be a perfect gift for someone who struggles with their eyesight. Alternatively, it also makes a great gift choice for those who like something different, with a sleek and modern design that really stands out from the crowd.

5. Citizen AW1410, £169

Another strong field watch, the Military Eco-Drive is a timepiece that plays on a distinctive aviation theme and comes from the undeniably excetional brand, Citizen. The Eco-Drive movement, exclusive to Citizen, is powered by light meaning whoever receives this timepiece as a gift will never have to worry about replacing the battery. The legibility of the AW1410 is outstanding thanks to big bold hour markers and sword hands, and this Citizen model also has the benefit of being water resistant to 200m. With an impressive diameter of 44mm, and rugged fabric strap, this is a watch that looks striking and is built to be used and abused. The Military Eco-Drive would be a magnificent offering to to lovers of aviator style or aeroplane fanatics.

4. Victorinox Chrono Classic, £269 (£201.75 using code BF25)

The first of the 3 Swiss Made watches in our list is the Victorinox Chrono Classic, with an RRP of £565 but available at WatchShop for only £269. This is a watch build to a superior quality that truly lives up to its Swiss Made label. The flashiest of our gift ideas, the watch dial of the Chrono Classic has a waffle-like finish adding texture to its gold colour. Eye-catching, well built, and a great price, this watch is a substantial gift for someone who cares about solid craftsmanship and love a touch of gold.

3. Swatch Petite Seconde Blue Watch SY23S403, £171

Coming in as our second Swiss Made watch is the Swatch Petite Seconde Blue. The genuine star of this watch is the renowned Sistem51 movement, which is an industrial achievement, made of 51 pieces in 5 modules linked by one central screw. A Swiss mechanical movement, with automatic and hand winding capabilities and whopping 90 hour power reserve for £182? Bargain. On top of state-of-the-art engineering, the Petite Seconde Blue looks both classy and timeless. This timepiece would be a lovely gift for someone who like funky and trendy accessories but who also appreciates the homological marvel of the movement found within watches.

2. Tissot Visodate Quartz Watch T1184101627700, £265

The last instalment in our Swiss-Made triplet is the Tissot Visodate Quartz. OK, this comes in £15 over our limit at £265 and it is the priciest timepiece in our list, but don’t let the price tag put you off; this watch is definitely worth it. A changed version of the original, this beautiful watch from Tissot receives multiple accolades, and the quartz model is equally gorgeous at a much cheaper price point, exuding elegance and with a vintage vibe. The perfect pick for someone who is after a drop dead gorgeous, vintage-inspired dress watch.

1. Seiko 5 Sports SRPD53K1, £212.50

Coming in as cream of the crop is the Seiko 4 Sports, priced at £212.50. This is a watch that is easily one of the best dive watches available under £500. Coming from a brand with immense heritage, the Seiko 5 Sports boasts sensational build quality: a rock solid and dependable automatic movement, flowing sculpted case and a solid bracelet; it’s nearly perfect for the price. The Seiko 5 Sports would make a charming choice for someone who loves their watches and wishes for a tried-and-tested do-it-all watch that will last a lifetime.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, 10 amazing watches under £250 (nearly). If you were to buy any of them as a gift, you’re guaranteed to be in with a winner. Out of all the watches in the video, which would be on your wishlist?

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