The Return of Retro 90s - Top 5 Timeless Casio Watches

The Return of Retro 90s - Top 5 Timeless Casio Watches

We know about the Casio G-Shock watches trusted by the military, law enforcement, sportspeople and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide but the brand has been making waves for decades. Now that the retro 90s are on trend, we’re going down memory lane with these timeless Casio digital watches. Here are our top 5 amazing retro Casio watches available to purchase today.

Casio Calculator Watch

Attractive and functional, the Casio Calculator Watch has an LCD dial encased in plastic/ resin. It features a chronograph, date function and alarm. Just don’t take it near the water. It is water resistant but not waterproof.

Unisex Casio Collection Calculator Alarm Chronograph Watch CA-53W-1ER

Casio Collection Watch

Vintage-style watches are also in vogue. You can get the look, with a touch of bling, with the Unisex Casio Collection Watch. The 36mm stainless steel case is gold-plated. You’ll never be late for an appointment again if you use the auto calendar and alarm system on this Casio vintage watch. The LED light improves legibility in poor light and the 60-minute stopwatch is accurate to 1/100th of a second. Ladies will love the Casio Vintage from the same collection. The dial is black and the case is plastic/resin.

Unisex Casio Collection Watch A700WEG-9AEF

Casio World Time

For the ultimate men’s Casio watch, it has to be the Casio World Time Alarm Chronograph. The world-time feature is invaluable for jetsetters. It also has a chronograph and five alarms, with a timer that can be set up to 24 hours ahead. This stainless steel Casio digital world time watch is water-resistant up to 100 metres, so you can swim or snorkel with it on.

Mens Casio World Time Alarm Chronograph Watch

F-9 Casio Alarm Chronograph

Tardy with timing? Want to make a better first impression? You need a F-91 Casio Alarm Chronograph. With this Casio original, you’ll make a fashion statement, day or night, and arrive at events on time with the help of its alarm, hourly time signal and auto calendar. The backlight makes the dial easy to read in dim light. There’s a stopwatch too for added functionality.

Unisex Casio Classic Alarm Chronograph Watch F-91W-1XY

Casio Vintage Watch

Nothing says priceless like a vintage piece, and retros 90s is all about vintage looks which is why this Casio Vintage watch is perfect for that statement. This beautiful and eye-catching watch has a case material of black plastic/resin with a silver plated stainless steel strap, offering a high quality feel when rocking your retro 90s look. Also available in gold, main features include the famous Casio alarm, stopwatch, preset time and automatic calendar. The Casio Vintage is the perfect urban companion to complete your retro look.

Ladies Casio Collection Vintage Watch LA690WEA-1EF

How To Style Your Casio Watch

Research has shown that men, in particular, see watches as a fashion accessory for casual and formal occasions. Fashion-conscious consumers are driving the growth of men’s Casio watches, but not only that. The focus on fitness and sport, and the need to participate, means you need a retro watch that fits that lifestyle. How to wear it? Basically, anything goes.

Why buy a Casio watch? Because they continuously invest in R&D to leverage the long-lasting battery life of digital watches while incorporating some of the smartwatch functionalities. Casio retro watches are attractively designed and priced to suit your pocket, completely aligned with retro style, and even a little rebellious. Wearing one on your wrist defies today’s conventional fixations with smart technology.

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