Exclusive Swatch Watches We Know You’ll Love

Exclusive Swatch Watches We Know You’ll Love

Suitable for every personality, there is always time to shine with a Swatch Watch on your wrist. Swatch is trendsetting in over 100 countries around the world with its unique collaborations. From the bold Swatch x James Bond and eco-friendly Bioceramic collections to the fun Swatch Mickey Mouse x Keith Haring and Peanuts collections, we know you'll find a watch you love.

The Magic of Bioceramic

Exclusive Swatch Watches We Know You’ll Love
Unisex Swatch C-Blue Big Bold Next Watch SB03N100

Big fan of the environment? This one's for you! Trailblazing and ground-breaking, the unisex Swatch C-Blue Bold Next Watch combines Swiss timekeeping innovation with the magic of nature. Not only is the Swatch Next eco-friendly and crafted from sustainable, biologically sourced materials, it's also durable and water-resistant to 30 meters. With tranquil blue tones and grey detailing on the transparent dial, saving the planet has never looked so stylish.

Unisex Swatch Limy Big Bold Bioceramic Watch SB03M103

The unisex Swatch Limy Big Bold Bioceramic watch is a sizzling number perfect for summer. Crafted from bio-sourced plastic and ceramic powder, the matte dark blue strap and transparent printed dial with a yellow Swatch glow make the innovative watch both rugged and soft. Water-resistant to 30 meters, the super-accurate quartz movement and strap buckle for ultimate security are the cherries on top of an excellent product.

Put a Smile on That Dial

Exclusive Swatch Watches We Know You’ll Love
Unisex Swatch Grande Bracchetto Peanuts Watch SO28Z107

Wearing the unisex Swatch Grande Bracchetto will make every day a really good one. With Swiss-made quality and heaps of fun Snoopy cartoon designs on the solid matte black dial and silicone strap, this bestseller with a bio-sourced case will keep you smiling and reminiscing about the good ol' days!

Unisex Swatch Limy Big Bold Bioceramic Watch SB03M103

The unisex Swatch Klunk! Peanuts Watch features Peanuts' bossy but bold Lucy Van Pelt prints on the strap and dial. The solid matte red silicone strap and case in bio-sourced material complemented by the matte blue silicone loop and plastic buckle make this Swatch X peanuts watch a striking yet playful piece.

Exclusive Swatch Watches We Know You’ll Love
Unisex Swatch James Bond 2Q Limited Edition Watch SS07Z102

The Name’s Bond

Ah yes, so you're looking for your license to thrill? Well, the second SWATCH x 007 collaboration will have you feeling like Bond in real life. This limited edition unisex Swatch James Bond 2Q has an updated SKIN Irony design, a comfortable leather strap with a bold red interior, and stylish blue hands and reel. Boasting standout skeleton detail on the dial and Swatch Swiss-made quality, this finely-tuned gadget is to die for.

Unisex Swatch Mickey Blanc Sur Noir Keith Haring Watch SUOZ337

Oh Mickey You’re So Fine

Incorporating a design by the iconic Keith Haring, the unisex Swatch Mickey Blac Sur Noir watch sure is swell. With Disney's well-loved character, Mickey Mouse, taking centre stage on the dial, a pop of yellow cut-out hands and a waterproof silicone strap, the Swatch x Keith Haring collection will have you saying, "aw, gee!"

Ahead of The Times

Whether you are feeling slick and daring or fun-loving and adventurous, Swatch has a watch in stock to suit your every mood. Take a trip down memory lane with Swatch Peanuts or save the planet in style with Swatch Bioceramic. Either way, you'll be fashionably ahead of the times.

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