Citizen Navihawk Review

Citizen Navihawk Review

The Citizen Navihawk A-T JY8030-83E. It has everything; from an inner rotating bezel, to so many guide rules, you need a degree to understand how to use them all. It boasts solar power, a radio controlled setting, multiple functions and 2 digital displays. When you look at it, there’s so much going on it’s almost overwhelming; but that’s what makes it the Navihawk A-T one of a kind!

Costing £569, let’s dive in deeper to this magnificent timepiece from the innovative watch brand,Citizen...

How does it wear? With a diameter of 48mm, it’s most definitely on the large side. Thankfully, the lugs are relatively dumpy, and with a slightly more reasonable lug-to-lug length of 52mm, it’s actually a lot easier to wear than the size suggests.

The Navihawk A-T JY8030-83E is an absolute smorgasbord of markings and dials. For some, it may be too busy, or overkill, but for others, it’s a feast for the eyes. Despite the busyness, it’s still extremely legible thanks to the big, bold sword hands and the inner rotating bezel frames the subdials and digital displays; a key design feature. Accompanying the detailed dial is a thick Milanese bracelet strap with a butterfly clasp which, wrapping around your wrist smoothly, adds a subtle flash of bling.

The Navihawk A-T has several slide rules, all relating to the theme of the watch: navigation. These include:

  • Elapsed time - when you rotate until the 60 is at the minute hand, as the hand rotates, this will tell you how many minutes have passed
  • A navigation calculator - when you set the speed index, this will tell you how long it takes to travel several miles at a set speed; for example, that it’ll take 2:30 for an aeroplane flying at 180 knots to fly a distance of 450 nautical miles.
  • Fuel consumption rate calculation
  • Flying distance calculation
  • Nautical miles to kilometers conversion

...and all those amazing features come besides the mathematical calculations that this timepiece can compute, such as multiplication, square roots and ratio calculations.

Also in abundance is the amount of modes this Citizen Eco-Drive model boasts; you have whopping eight different modes to choose from:

  • Time (TME)
  • Calendar (CAL)
  • Timer (TMR)
  • Chronograph (CHR)
  • World time set (WT-S)
  • Alarm 1 (AL-1)
  • Alarm 2 (AL-2)
  • Receiver set (RX-S)

Modes are selected by pulling out the crown, rotating it, and pushing it back in. The chosen mode will then display in the subdial above 6 o’clock. Once you’re in your desired mode, you can control it with the pusher at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock.

Standing for atomic timekeeping, the A-T in the name denotes the Navihawk’s radio synchronisation with atomic clocks in Europe, North America, Japan and China. In simple terms, that means it’s always going to be at the perfect time; one less worry for the wearer, you! And if all the above wasn’t enough, the addition of a solar-powered battery means this is a watch that can last you a lifetime without ever having to set it or change the battery.