An Introduction to Versace Watches

An Introduction to Versace Watches

Versace has been making quality watches and jewellery since 1994. The fashion giant makes other high-end items such as handbags, china, shoes and clothing. Their watches and jewellery can be very expensive. They are a quality jeweller and craft watchmaker that can be trusted to make impressive, beautiful and strong pieces of luxury for both men and women. Versace delivers uniquely sensual products for both genders.

Versace is an Italian company. Its first shop opened in Milan's Villa Della Spiga in 1978. It has since become an international sensation with many celebrities, athletes and even politicians stating allegiance to the Versace name. The brand is known for being very sensual and provocative as many of its most notorious items tend to be rather revealing. Though the most infamous Versace items are dress wear their jewellery and watches can be equally sensual. International stars such as Madonna, Beyonce and Elton John are regularly seen with Versace items.

Versace's watches and jewellery are sleek, sophisticated and decadent. Versace understands that a wrist can be just as sexy as a neck and it crafts these accessories accordingly. Most Versace watches come in silver, gold or black and can be as eye-catching as a sultry dress or an impressively form-fitted tuxedo. The original Versace watch collection was named Atelier and nowadays has the moniker, Versace Precious. This is a fitting name for such delicate-looking and beautiful watches. Today these watches are made under contract from the Timex Group in Switzerland.

Versace jewellery is similarly opulent and sensuous in design. The jewellery brings out the sultry contours of the face, neck and hand of whoever wears it. Versace makes jewellery that is meant to make the wearer just as remarkable and desired as the piece itself. The designer's stunning jewellery line comes in golds and silvers and features many varieties of emeralds and elegant diamonds. Versace's product design is meant to be excessive without being gaudy or out of place.

Versace is without a doubt one of the world's most important and influential designers. Their products come with a certain cache of respect and class. Buying Versace means that the consumer is committed to the sensuality and elegance of their body. Versace's watches and jewellery are remarkably wearable and definitely an impressive addition to any collection of accessories.

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