An Introduction to Skagen Watches

An Introduction to Skagen Watches

About Skagen Watches

Skagen Watches are among the many products of Skagen Designs, a company specializing in a wide assortment of accessories and lifestyle items. The firm was founded in 1989 by a husband-and-wife design team, Henrik and Charlotte Jorst, who thought there was a potential market for the simple, elegant look identified with the artistic community of Skagen in their native Denmark. This has since proven to be true as Skagen items have seen a huge surge in popularity since the company's beginnings.

Part of the Skagen Designs philosophy is that beautiful, well-made items don't have to be outrageously priced. For instance, Skagen watches have every bit of the beauty, sophistication and technical precision of much more expensive timepieces from other watchmakers. Their watches often incorporate expensive materials such as titanium or rose gold, and they often have complicated features and innovative, artistic designs. They are amazingly stylish, elegant and precisely constructed. They are also amazingly inexpensive, bringing high-end designs within the price range of the average person.

However, this design doesn't have to be elaborate. Many Skagen watches are exercises in simplicity. Their Super Slim and Ultra Slim lines are good examples, offering broad, round dials surrounded by simple stainless steel bezels. The faces have only non-numerical hour markers and hour and minute hands. The only other marks are the Skagen logo modestly displayed in the 3 positions. Slim, tapered lugs support a black leather band. The point to bear in mind is that these watches are just as gorgeous, slim and lightweight as products sold by other firms for vastly higher prices.

For those who want more complications, Skagen watches can supply it. Many of their products feature a multi-dial layout with three smaller dials superimposed on the main face. While the main dial displays a standard hours-minutes-seconds hand design, the three smaller ones show the day, date and 24-hour time. On other models the 24-hour dial is left out, giving a somewhat more open face. There are also chronograph models with two counter dials and a small second hand.

An impressive variety of shapes and colours are offered. There are round and rectangular dials, light and dark faces and an array of metals used for the cases and faces. Some are more subdued while others are a bit more flamboyant. There are Skagen watches for every personality.

These wonderful watches show that style and precision don't need to be overpriced.

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