An Introduction to Hamilton Watches

An Introduction to Hamilton Watches

Hamilton Watches - History and Hollywood

Hamilton watches have been in continuous production since the late 1800s. The company has maintained the same level of quality throughout the past century, and they are pushing into the 21st century with new ideas about what a wristwatch can be. The unusual sophisticated designs of the Hamilton line of watches offer accurate timekeeping in an elegant, unique package.

A Proud History

Early in the 1900s, Hamilton was chosen as the wristwatch supplier for the American armed forces. Hamilton watches have been on the wrists of servicemen during both World Wars and every other conflict that the United States has entered into over the last hundred years. Accuracy and dependability can mean the difference between life and death for military personnel, and Hamilton takes that responsibility seriously. If the military can trust a Hamilton watch to be accurate in any situation, the typical consumer can trust the quality of Hamilton watches for the struggles of everyday living.

An Eye Toward Innovation

Hamilton is more than a durable, accurate military timepiece. The Hamilton watch company has been at the forefront of watch technology since the 1950s. The Hamilton Ventura watch was the first-ever battery-operated wristwatch, and it caused a sensation in the world of timepieces. They were the first company to produce a digital wristwatch in 1970, and they have never stopped looking for new improvements to their watches. Hamilton is determined to stay at the forefront of technology as well as design.

Sophisticated Style

The unique styles of Hamilton watches have made them the perfect accessory for Hollywood and television productions. Many popular movies have featured characters wearing Hamilton watches. Costume designers are drawn to the understated sophistication of Hamilton. There are several shapes and designs that make these watches unique without making them seem like a novelty. Whether you choose a traditional analogue watch that brings back the nostalgia of the 1950s or you prefer something that looks like it could belong in the next century, there are Hamilton watches to fit everyone's style. The ability of Hamilton to marry fashionable form with precision function makes them one of the premiers watch companies in the United States, the UK, and around the world.

Hamilton Highlights:

  • Supreme quality cases
  • Swiss automatic movements in most models
  • Classic, original, American styling
  • Extra thick, high-quality leather straps

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