BERING products are fully compatible with one another and made of the highest quality materials like surgical stainless steel, finest milanese, High-Tech Ceramic and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. All watches with sapphire crystal, stainless steel and 3-year international warranty.

Classic Collection

Classic elegance meets unique enjoyable wearing comfort in the Classic watch collection.

The cool look of the stainless steel complements, the sharp design of the watch, resulting in a smart, modern appearance. Classic watches are finished with a finely brushed or highly polished stainless steel surface, completing the elegant signature BERING look. Shop The Collection   

Ceramic Collection

Scratch-resistant, lightweight and hypoallergenic material with “smooth-touch” surface.

This sleek High-Tech Ceramic complements, the slim design of our watches, resulting in chic, contemporary timepieces. Using innovative manufacturing processes, High-Tech Ceramic is one of the most groundbreaking watch materials around. Durable and immaculate, the material is remarkably lightweight, scratch and heat resistant and hypoallergenic. The super-sleek surface gives the material its 'smooth touch', providing a uniquely comfortable feel. Shop The Collection   

Solar Collection

Save the environment, choose to power your watch with light.

The BERING Slim Solar watch ticks to the rhythm of nature, using light as its infinite, environmentally-friendly energy source. Not just sunlight, but any kind of light is converted into electrical energy by the solar cell under the dial and stored in a rechargeable secondary battery. Regular battery changes as with quartz watches are not necessary. The watch has a power reserve so that, once fully charged, it runs for 6-12 months, even if stored in complete darkness during this time.

Light is their energy. The arctic beauty their inspiration. Shop The Collection   

Titanium Collection

Ultra-lightweight, hypoallergenic material ensures maximum comfort.

Ultra-light and ultra-elegant. The Titanium watches by BERING are the front-runners among the lightweights. A BERING Titanium watch is not only supremely comfortable to wear, but captivates with its fine, classically Danish look which makes it the ideal accessory for every occasion – for men and for women. Shop The Collection   

Automatic Collection

Move time like waves, move the ocean. Using a sophisticated and slender mainspring mechanism, BERING automatic watches are powered by the natural movements of your wrist. Unlike other automatic models using this complex internal mechanism, BERING watches consist of extremely slender components, making a clean, slim design possible, epitomising Danish minimalism, elegance and timeless beauty. Watches with 24 Hours Indicator and Date. Shop The Collection   

Max René Collection

Change straps. Change colors. Change looks!

One watch, many looks. The simple but ingenious idea: a watch whose appearance you can change. The strap can be replaced quickly and easily using simple sliding technology – and already your designer watch has a breathtaking new look. The watch strap is super easy to replace: just push out the straps and then push in the new ones. Shop The Collection   


All products are fully compatible with one another.

Earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets have a harmonious overall appearance and are stylishly complemented by the clean, puristic watches. All items are available in the colours: gold, rose gold and silver. They harmonize well with each other, complementing the unique overall concept of BERING products. Shop The Collection