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Ben Sherman has found itself part of endless iconic counter-culture movements, from the '60s mods to the ‘80s ska artists, and the '90s Brit poppers.

The classic Ben Sherman shirt took buttoned-up gentlemen's tailoring and made it crushingly but stylishly ironic; adopted by the working classes who showed a keen eye for style wasn't limited to the prim and proper of Britain's upper rankings.

Today, that enduring popularity of the mod look that's instantly recognisable as Ben Sherman has grown into a British fashion empire. The Ben Sherman men's watch collections encompass everything that's made this designer so emblematic.


Inspired by life in the US and the American dream, brand founder Ben Sherman created a British fashion empire from the ground up.


After returning to England from life in the US to care for his sick mother, Ben Sherman uses his work experience to establish a manufacturing factory. Initially creating shirts for other designers, he takes the plunge and launches his own shirt collection.


Loved by the likes of British rock band The Who, mods had adopted Ben Sherman's shirt as something of a uniform, and in 1970, Ben's shirts are so popular he orders more than a million yards of cloth to meet demand.


Ben Sherman becomes the fashion uniform for 2-tone and ska music scenes, which swept Britain and became prominent subcultures.


The famous Carnaby Street flagship store opens, and promises an entirely modern, future-thinking shopping experience, all while retaining the classic Ben Sherman style.


Ben Sherman celebrates 50 years of style and culture, celebrating with a special edition photo book.


Ben Sherman is more than just a label. As a designer that shaped and styled some of the most influential sub-cultures in modern British history, every Ben Sherman watch carries a heritage, and marks the wearer as a true purveyor of style.

Despite the association the brand carries, none of the watches rely on name alone. Each is built with the care and precision that made the famous shirts so beloved, and the price range of the watch collection is accessible for many.


Discover British watchmakers and designers creating waves in the fashion world, just as Ben Sherman continues to do today.

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