Since 1891, BALL has been producing timepieces that comply with the most stringent criteria for precision, quality and reliability. As pioneer of chronometry standards and with a rich past closely associated with the history of the American railroads, BALL remains one of the most respected and well established brands of Swiss mechanical watches in the United States. Today, more than ever, BALL is continuing its journey and asserting its role as a key protagonist in the evolution of watchmaking.

Be on the BALL and overcome the darkness!

The unrivaled luminosity of its Swiss made mechanical timepieces has made BALL's reputation. The indexes and hands of all BALL watches are fitted with micro tubes of luminescent H3 gas to allow for the reading of the time even in total darkness. These micro gas tubes are self-powered, thanks to a glass tube coated on the inside with a compound that reacts with H3 gas to produce a powerful glow. The advantages of this state-of-the-art Swiss technology over other forms of luminescence are undeniable ? no external source of light or energy is required, while the luminosity generated is up to a hundred times brighter than other methods of lighting commonly used in watchmaking. Different pigments on the gas tube coatings allow for various aesthetic combinations of nocturnal colors that give a perfect luminosity to mechanical timepieces. Thanks to its veritable trademark feature, a BALL watch ensures the time can be read under any circumstance and in extreme conditions.

Engineer Hydrocarbon Series

The "Engineer Hydrocarbon" collection is the ultimate personification of the BALL's identity. It is its iconic hero! This series exudes unrivalled character that transforms its wearer into an unmistakable hero. It goes where he goes, cleaved to his wrist, leaving all others in its wake! Its ergonomic design means the wearer can forget about it and just focus all his attention on his current mission.

The "Engineer Hydrocarbon" is the Ultimate Explorer's Watch benefiting of exceptional resistance and exclusive patented innovations as a triple folding buckle, a crown protection, the Amortiser® and the SpringLOCK®. Shop The Collection   

Engineer Master II Series

The "Engineer Master II" series is the ultimate diving and sport watch with exceptional water resistance and exclusive inner rotating diving bezel fitted with luminous micro gas tubes. This collection salutes these fine men who were the trains' engineers with a variety of no-nonsense watches which are robust as well as aesthetically functional and deliver remarkable performance. It includes especially a wide range of diving timepieces that comply with the many requirements imposed by deep-sea diving.

The "Engineer Master II" watches can be worn by the most audacious divers and sportsmen safe in the knowledge of its robustness even in the most adverse conditions. Shop The Collection   

Engineer II Series

The "Engineer II" collection includes timepieces that express an authentic strength of character and are capable of exceptional performance. They are equipped with unparalleled technical capabilities that enable them to confront the most adverse conditions with complete peace of mind for the wearer.

With classic design and natural elegance, the "Engineer II" models are sport-elegant watches that feature shock resistance up to 5,000Gs and anti-magnetic protection up 4,800A/m. The timepieces of this collection personify the most remarkable technical exploits in a completely understated manner. Shop The Collection   

Trainmaster Series

A classical railroad heritage, the "Trainmaster" collection celebrates the railroad masters who supervised the smooth operation of the train networks. The models in this collection naturally echo the first watches signed "BALL's Standard" that ensured train safety thanks to their precision and reliability. These watches are made in the absolute respect for the values of precision, reliability and tradition of the BALL legacy and feature a sapphire crystal case back.

The "Trainmaster" timepieces are a brilliant reinterpretation of the timeless attributes of elegance, lightness and simplicity that personify this classic BALL collection. Shop The Collection   

Fireman Series

The "Fireman" collection brings together robust timepieces with simple design that embodies the railroad practicality in contemporary watchmaking. These watches celebrate the hard workers of yesteryear: the locomotive firemen.

Since their inception, railroads have been an integral part of modern warfare, often deciding the success or failure of entire campaigns. And firemen, working directly in front of the firebox of military trains, were at the most risk. Railroading, military service and, by extension, watchmaking share therefore many similarities: the same adverse conditions that pose the greatest challenges to people as well as the same quest for precision and no-nonsense timepieces with few frills but lots of rugged functionalities. Shop The Collection   

Engineer II Green Berets

The BALL Engineer II Green Berets is a genuine modern "combat watch" that embodies all the practical sense inherited from the railroads. The 43mm titanium carbide case is extremely light but strong against corrosion and oxidation. The watch's solid construction means it can withstand impacts of up to 5,000Gs, is water resistant up to 100 meters and is protected against magnetic fields to an intensity of 4,800A/m.

Its Swiss-made automatic caliber is officially chronometer certified. The dial and hands are fitted with micro tubes of luminescent gas to allow for the reading of the time even in total darkness. As a reminder of the American origins of BALL Watch Company, the Engineer II Green Berets has the US Army "Special Forces Airborne" insignia engraved on its case back. Shop The Collection   

Engineer II Magneto S

The BALL Engineer II Magneto S is equipped with the revolutionary A-PROOF® anti-magnetic device. The accuracy of a mechanical watch is easily affected by the magnetic fields. The BALL's exclusive A-PROOF® is made of Mumetal, a revolutionary material, never before used in watchmaking, with very high magnetic permeability. An ingenious diaphragm mechanism on the back can be extended or retracted at will by simple circular motion of the bezel.

In the fully closed position, the diaphragm locks the mumetal anti-magnetic protection cage. In the retracted position, the movement at work is revealed through the transparent case back. The Engineer II Magneto S boasts a powerful and striking look from the first glance, with a case in stainless steel and a robust 42 mm diameter. Shop The Collection   

Fireman NECC

The BALL Fireman NECC is a tribute to the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command which serves as the central command of resources, manning, training and equipping of the US Navy expeditionary forces. This military timepiece features a Swiss-made automatic caliber, a 42mm diameter case with steel carbide rotating bezel and a sapphire case back.

The Fireman NECC is water resistant certified up to 300 meters and is equipped with the BALL revolutionary micro gas light for unique night reading capability. Shop The Collection