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Ladies Citizen Axiom Diamond Eco-Drive Watch GA1050-51B
Ladies Citizen Axiom Diamond Eco-Drive Watch GA1050-51B
Reviewed on 16th October 2017
Reviewed by JOakes

Wow, what a beautiful watch. I have always owned citizen eco-drive watches as I love the fact they work using daylight. They are well made, comfortable and attractive and I have previously found Citizen customer services to be excellent.

I have an existing Citizen watch lined with crystals around the face but I wanted something a bit less bling for everyday wear. This watch fits the bill perfectly it is classy yet understated and looks fabulous on. The watch face is clear and a beautiful pale grey colour and the mirrored rim catches the light beautifully changing from bright white to dark grey as it catches the shadows. The diamonds in place of numerals are very classy what girl doesnt love diamonds?! and catch the light beautifully without offering too much bling.

I was initially concerned that the bracelet was too chunky as I have a very slender wrist but the clear lines and subtle contrast between the high shine and matt silver just add to the attractiveness of this watch. It is very comfortable on and despite being weightier than many ladies watches still looks ultra feminine.

The service from the Watch Shop was fantastic and Goldsmiths adjusted the bracelet for me for free whilst I waited.

All in all, a beautiful product delivered with excellent customer service. Thank you.

Excellent  *****
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Mens Sekonda Watch 3728
Mens Sekonda Watch 3728
Reviewed on 16th October 2017
Reviewed by Ton van Hasselt NL

As my metal A-brand watch was end-of-life I bought a new one. Gold with a leather wristband. A good choice for formal events but not very practical for daily use as I was afraid to damage it. I was trying to make up my mind which extra watch would solve this problem and started browsing the Internet. I visited the Watchshop site where I found this Sekonda watch. Buying a watch via the Internet was not my purpose at all. Especially not at Watchshop as this was a webshop in another country i am from the Netherlands. So Just Looking.... The low price, the Bestseller rating, the zero shipping cost, but mostly the very good website with such a wide variety in products, even the expensive ones, made ordering this watch a No Brainer. My reward came 4 days later when I received the watch in a nice showbox. I honestly had the same feeling as if I had bought a Ä 300,-- -watch ! The wristband needed a small change which I made with a wooden toothpick in less that 10 seconds. For me this watch is perfect for daily use. It has the looks of a Ä 300,-- - watch but without fear of damage while using it during sports or do-it-yourself work. I am really happy!

Excellent  *****

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Unisex Timex Ironman GPS Alarm Chronograph Watch TW5M11800
Unisex Timex Ironman GPS Alarm Chronograph Watch TW5M11800
Reviewed on 12th October 2017
Reviewed by David Russell

I had been wondering for some time as to why GPS sports watches are so expensive. As owner of a Garmin 220 I was also questioning the accuracy of the GPS tracking. So, when Timex launched the Ironman GPS for £69.99 I was intrigued enough to buy one £59.99 with a discount code.
In summary there is a lot of watch for your money, and as a keen runner, it has everything I need and more. Ok, there is no heart rate monitoring or cadence, but I didnt use that anyway. There is no Bluetooth either which means there is no auto sync with your mobile -but for me that was not an important feature. The Timex site connects with the phone just fine using standard USB, and syncs with Strava automatically.
So, what are the pros and cons of this watch:

1. Unbelievable price
2. Every running measurement you really need, plus tap technology for recording laps - neat!
3. Triathlon specific
4. Looks good - see picture for comparison with Garmin
5. The watch tells you when to connect to a pc / laptop to get GPS updates to continually improve tracking - takes 20-30 seconds to get a signal, up to 40 for a new location
6. Has race mode which means that the phone will not power down when waiting for your race to start, so the GPS signal is maintained. You can also set the length of the race which then displays a screen showing realtime what your estimated finish time will be at current pace
7. Strap colour options - but looks like only black and grey available in the UK
8. Easy to operate - more streamlined than Garmin

1. The screen display when running is not as clear as the Garmin
2. The screen display for activity review is compact within one screen for the Garmin, but for Timex you need to scroll through multiple screens
3. Less functionality compared to Garmin - but are you paying for functions you will not really use
4. It is not a colour screen

Overall Verdict:
This watch will shake up the market and force other brands to offer cheaper options which are aligned to the core needs of users. Very impressed so far.

Excellent  *****

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Mens Casio G-Shock Rangeman Alarm Chronograph Radio Controlled Watch GW-9400-1ER
Mens Casio G-Shock Rangeman Alarm Chronograph Radio Controlled Watch GW-9400-1ER
Reviewed on 12th October 2017
Reviewed by AlexG.

This watch is awesome! Great looking, light and very very well built with a premium feel.

Before buying the Rangeman GW-9400 I did a lot of research and I was divided between the Mudman, Frogman and Rangeman. I decided to go with the Rangeman because for me it looks better than the other two, itís smaller and itís the cheapest with the same great features.

Great for people that like going on holidays, doing sports, soldiers, pilots, action movie stars or people with taste .

The watch sits really nice on the wrist, the black goes well with almost anything but beware, it is not for everyone as it is a big chunky watch, not everyoneís cup of tea.


- Scratch resistant mineral glass Ė great for people that like to get their hands dirty!

-One button sensor button that combines three modes altimeter, compass and barometer - very easy to use and practical if you are a pilot forget about the Breitling!

-Solar Atomic powered Ė no battery needed. Hurray!

-Synchronizes the time with the atomic clock - you will always have accurate time.

-Power saving mode the watch will shut down in a very dark room to save battery and it wakes up when you start using it.

-Barometer Ė predicts based on the pressure and atmosphere, you can actually predict when the storms are coming, great feature for Ireland and UK.

- Sunrise/sunset mode: brilliant if you wake up early and want to enjoy the sunrise.


-Illumination not that great or uniform, probably Casio wanted to save some power.

-The strap has a stainless steel retaining ring that I personally donít like as it will scratch in time.

-Very bulky and thick for some. It measures 55.2 x 53.5 mm in width and height and 18.2 mm in thickness, not so fancy if you are wearing a nice suit.

-A bit pricy for this type of watch.

-If you look at it from an angle it is difficult to read the time.

I have quite a big collection of watches from expensive to cheap, but I have to say that I really enjoy wearing the Rangeman on a daily basis. Itís very practical especially for holydays as you donít have to worry when you go swimming or be afraid that the sand will ruin your watch.

So, if you are looking for reliable and durable tactical watch look no further. It has all the features in the world, itís light and it looks amazing.


Keep the watch clean, wash it every week as it tends to get dirty fast.


Case material: Resin, metal inner shell
Bezel material: Matches case
Case shape: Round
Bezel shape: Round
Case size: 55.2/53.5 mm
Case height: 18.2 mm
Dial: LCD
Water resistance: 200 meters
Strap: Matches case
Crystal: Mineral
Case back: Stainless steel, engraved


Originality 4/5
Build quality: 5/5
Looks: 5/5
Usability: 4.5/5
Legibility: 4/5
Value for money: 5/5

Excellent  *****

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Ladies Timex Marathon Alarm Chronograph Watch TW5M11100
Ladies Timex Marathon Alarm Chronograph Watch TW5M11100
Reviewed on 11th October 2017
Reviewed by Dalveer

Finally Ive found the perfect watch!
My tricky requirements were :
a small enough watch face for my very thin wrist
a digital watch which looks feminine and not too bulky for my thin wrist
a rubber strap for durability
shower proof
chronograph stopwatch feature
alarm and dual time for hoildays.
This watch ticked ALL the boxes. Im a primary school teacher so I needed all those features and was struggling to find it from the ladies range. The unisex range would be too big and the childrens range was too childlike. I needed a watch that would look cool for school as children would be looking at me all day. I dont like stereotyping gender colours, so glad this watch is a sutle see through purple which seems to compliment any outfit colour. I use the stop watch for PE lessons and even use it to teach how to tell the time digitally. The alarm feature is great as I dont like having my phone near my pillow as I sleep.
I was a bit apprehensive to buy my first digital watch as I thought I would only use it for work but I havent needed to change back to my analogue watch.
Delivery was quick, I ordered on Saturday evening and received it Tuesday lunch time. I even received a tracking message on Sunday and on Tuesday morning so I was organised to receive it.
First time using the Watch Shop but wont be the last. The price was the best part! £18 and covered ALL my requirements plus free delivery! I never thought of gifting a watch, but I will now at these prices. I have received a voucher from them too!
Just needed an instruction manual with it, but it wasnt tricky use the features without it.

Excellent  *****

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Mens Seiko Titanium Solar Powered Watch SNE141P1
Mens Seiko Titanium Solar Powered Watch SNE141P1
Reviewed on 7th October 2017
Reviewed by Nigel

Great looking watch. So light being titanium and the finish is slightly dull compared to stainless steel which I prefer. The trend for large watch faces these days is not my cup of tea and this model is more of a tradional size and sits well on the wrist. Like the fact that its solar powered so no need for battery changes which is a real bonus. It worked straight out of the box and seems to be happy charging itself under normal light conditions. Although Ive only had it just over a week, cant comment on longevity but has kept perfect time so far. Opted for the free bracelet adjustment service which was pretty good, but still needed to visit a jewellers to have another link removed to get the fit I was after. I have always liked Seiko watches and this one does not disappoint at all.

Excellent  *****

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Mens Emporio Armani Chronograph Watch AR2448
Mens Emporio Armani Chronograph Watch AR2448
Reviewed on 7th October 2017
Reviewed by H

I have a confession.. we have two of this exact same piece in my household! The first was bought for me as a graduation gift, and the second I bought for my brother as he was moving out of town for a new job and he loves it as do I! The colour dark grey/blue goes with almost everything - smart/casual and almost every suit grey, black, blue, burgundy if balanced correctly, the list goes on! Delivery was next day and I could pick up from Goldsmiths in town, didnt really want the stress of knowing whether an expensive item was going to be left with a neighbour. Goldsmiths even offered to adjust the bracelet for free. All-in-all fantastic product and excellent service from Watchshop . com. Will definitely be buying from again!

Excellent  *****
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Mens Casio G-Shock G
Mens Casio G-Shock G'MIX Bluetooth Hybrid Smartwatch Alarm Chronograph Watch GBA-400-1AER
Reviewed on 7th October 2017
Reviewed by James

I have had this item for a little over a week now and I have found no faults with it. Sometimes when you buy a new watch with all the trimmings , it can take a little time to figure out and remember which button does what and how many times you need to press the button to get to the desired feature. This however, has been eliminated by being able to do all of these things via your phone I.e set alarms, timers, stopwatch and such. The ability to control your music from your phone is easy to pick up quickly and is very useful for not having to take your phone out of your pocket whilst walking and listening to music. The pictures of the item show it to have what looks like a cheap plastic strap and whilst it is a plastic/resin, it still has the durable feel and build quality that all g-shock do. If you are looking for a classy hybrid that would look good with a suit then you will probably want something else. But if you want something that is tough through any weather and a bit of free diving then i would definitely recommend this watch.

Excellent  *****
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Ladies Michael Kors PVD Gold plated BRACELET MKJ5334710
Ladies Michael Kors PVD Gold plated BRACELET MKJ5334710
Reviewed on 6th October 2017
Reviewed by Ash

An absolutely beautiful bracelet and design which when worn you really wouldent want to take off!
The style of the bracelet looks ever so elegant and completes any look.
Its nice, simple and sophisticated design makes it a stunning piece of jewellery that can be worn for any occasion or even everyday use.

The bracelet has a perfect fit as you can adjust it according to your wrist size.
The gold plating around the silver crystals is highly striking and is sure to stand out and appeal to anyone!

The Michael Kors branding on the bracelet is also well positioned, the size and visibility of the font makes the appearance look even more graceful.
Pictures really do no justice as it appears a lot more beautiful in real.
The bracelet is also very well presented in a Michael Kors pouch and box and would make a well appreciated and loved gift.

I am ever so pleased with this purchase and believe it is brilliant quality for this competitive price in comparison to other retailers.
Hence I would definately recommend this to anyone considering of purchasing this product whether it be as a gift or to treat yourself even!

In addition I would like to thank you WatchShop for your excellent service and fast delivery...I will most definately be purchasing from you again.

Excellent  *****

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Mens Seiko Kinetic Watch SKA753P1
Mens Seiko Kinetic Watch SKA753P1
Reviewed on 6th October 2017
Reviewed by jacer35

A beautiful and well made watch. This watch looks considerably better in reality than it does pictured even! The quality for the price is suberb. The dial is a wonderful sunburst green that appears dark in low light but catches the light whether outside or under artificial bulbs in a wonderful way and the subtle gold hands and hour indices also catch the light so that the combination of the glowing green and gold makes the dial look very classy. The attention to detail on the dial is superb - there is a slightly raised rim around the edge with the white luminescence placed above the partially cover gold applied hour markers and also a subtly raised Seiko logo. The rechargeable battery in the kinetic movement is a great invention and apparently only needs changing every 10 to 15 years. The case is a smooth clean stainless steel - mainly polished but with some contrasting brushed steel. The watch has a nice solidity to it and feels very well built. My only criticism is that for a dress style watch it is a little big 41.5mm across and as the dial is a lot of this size then this makes the largish size more noticeable. However this is the modern way so its probably no different to most other watches these days. I have a slim 6.5 inch circumference wrist and can get away with the size just, as my wrists are reasonably flat where the watch lies. Any potential buyers with slim wrists should bear the size in mind though. Accuracy wise this watch is fine - it consistently gains 2 seconds a week less than 9 seconds a calendar month which I am very happy with. I would highly recommend this watch.

Excellent  *****
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