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Zodiac Watches - Since 1882, Zodiac has been a leading producer of quality Swiss made watches. All Zodiac watches proudly bear the text "Swiss made" - a symbol of quality and history in watch making.

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Zodiac Swiss made watches represent the spirit of the moment, as well as looking forward to adventures of the future. Its a lifestyle grounded in reality but always finding the adventue and fun. This spirit is unshakeable whether in an office, trekking up a mountain or just working out with your friends. This is a brand for leaders who like to face challenges, are ready to adapt and are looking beyond the mundane to the amazing. Zodiac watches are sport watches with a difference. The look is trendy with a slight military inspiration with an emphasis on fashion.

Ariste Calame wanted to create a watch that was the most precise watch of all time. Starting in 1882, he worked towards this resulting in the first Zodiac watch, a pocket watch with its own calibers and movements. The Calame dynasty began a long list of firsts in the Swiss watch industry, including the first extra flat pocket watch in 1924, a unique shock proofing system in 1930, one of the first Swiss automatic watches as well as analog quartz watch in 1932 and one of the first to have a power reserve gauge, in 1949. In 1953 they launched the Sea Wolf model; the first divers watch sold to the masses and in 1968 the first electronic watch. Also, the first Swiss analog quartz in 1970 and in 1977 the worlds first LCD watch to get an official chronometer certificate. To this day, Zodiac is continuing its tradition of innovation and forward thinking and you can be sure the next advanced product will be a Zodiac.

There are four collections of Zodiac watches for men; the ZMX, Adventure, Diver and Racer. The ZMX is at the core of Zodiac watches representing all the innovation and fearless design with precision and exceptional performance for bold people who dare to do the unusual. The Diver has aerodynamic shape for smooth diving, a soft texture and is able to withstand the pressure of the deep. The luminescent hands and markers are easy to read making this the right watch for any activity in the water such as surfing and sailing, white water rafting, fishing or wrestling crocodiles. The Adventure was designed for those who always want to go to the next level. It is a very strong, sturdy watch that can withstand what ever challenge you are taking up next. The Racer is designed for sleek elegance with an aerodynamic look that tells the world the wearer is not slow.

The Racer comes in sleek designs and bright colours for women with leather and steel bands and some with natural Swarovsky stones around the face. The Diver for women has bright colours of pink and green, orange and purple and truly plays on the fun in the adventure. There is also an Aviator for women with a stainless steel, rubber or leather bracelet also with Swarovsky stones around the mother-of-pearl face.

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 Swiss made since 1882
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Recently Reviewed Zodiac Watches

Zodiac Gents Watch ZO8531
Reviewed on 4th April 2015
Reviewed by Debbler
Truly a great watch!. Much more appealing design than the stock photos show. Loved the look of it instantly!. It has a deluxe look and feel to it yet it seems sturdy, solid and tactile too. Nice weighty balance and so far running perfectly. If you like the specifications and are intrigued by it appearance then I would recommend buying it. Very satisfied with my purchase.

(reviewed 1 time)
Zodiac Gents ZMX01 Chronograph Watch ZO8518
Reviewed on 2nd September 2013
Reviewed by jonnee7
Great watch, looks good and is heavy and solid. Get lots of compliments. The only issue I have with it is that it was advertised as black and chrome but it looks more of a dull silvery/grey.

(reviewed 1 time)
Zodiac Gents Smoke Screen Watch ZO8530
Reviewed on 29th November 2012
Reviewed by Harry
Good watch but bad service. Do not trust their cheating ad. You will never return it after you buy it.
Very good

(reviewed 1 time)
Zodiac Gents ZMX04 Chronograph Watch ZO8527
Reviewed on 26th November 2012
Reviewed by Claire pashley
Bought for boyfriend for Christmas present hope he likes it. Looks great just hope he agrees ..:
Very good

(reviewed 1 time)
Zodiac Gents Diver Smoke Screen Watch ZO8009
Reviewed on 30th August 2012
Reviewed by Carol M
I brought the Zodiac watch as a present for my husband - he loves to get involved in lots of activities and I decided a more practical watch was needed! He loved the unusual watch face and the fact that he could use it for land or water sports - in fact he used it the day after he unwrapped it for Adventure Caving where he spent a lot of time in water and the watch looked as good as when he put it on in the morning - wish the same could be said for the two of us!!!

(reviewed 1 time)
Zodiac Gents Diver Pitch Black Watch ZO8010
Reviewed on 17th April 2012
Reviewed by Pete
After spending over 6 months searching different shops and websites that stock Zodiac Watches, I decided that the best offers and selection were via websites. I must admit that I was initially very reluctant to buy such an expensive, important item like a watch via a website, as I wouldnt be able to inspect it first and struggle to contact the sellers again if anything was wrong with the watch. After checking other websites, The Watchshop stocked the widest selection models of Zodiac watches, as well as offering a vast different selections of different makes and models. Having read different reviews and doing research on Watchshop I felt assured enough to order my Zodiac Watch, as well as also been impressed by their very comparative Prices. I must also add after ordering my Watch, I was very impressed by their level of service and communication provided about my order. Making me feel at ease that I had made the right choice, as previously I have ordered Items off the internet and had very little communication about my order, but I was provided with an of my order and the Watch was delivered as promised the very next morning at 7am, after ordering in my lunch hour the previous day. The Watch as specified was in the Zodiac gift box and in immaculate condition. This is a very worth while timepiece and would recommend to anyone. It is beautifully constructed and looks very chic in all black. I have several friends who are lucky enough to possess Rolex watches, however over the past week they have commented and been impressed with my Zodiac, which is similarly Swiss made and has the Rolex sweep second hand movement. For anybody who is dreaming of getting a Rolex one day, you could do a lot worse than get a Zodiac Watch for that stop gap period whilst you save up. In regards to Watch Shop, I will be recommending you to everyone I know who is purchasing a new watch and with such a wide selection of Watches as well as mens Jewellery, I will be undoubtedly be using you again in the future. Keep up the good work

(reviewed 1 time)
Zodiac Gents ZMX03 Smoke Screen Chronograph Watch ZO8525
Reviewed on 11th October 2011
Reviewed by Rob Stephenson
This is a very impressive watch in terms of design and build quality. Looks classy when worn and therefore attracts quite a lot of interest. The LED back lighting works well and the chunky features adds to its appeal. Good value too. If you are a discerning watch buyer you will not be diisappointed.

(reviewed 2 times)
Zodiac Gents ZMX02 Pitch Black Chronograph Watch ZO8516
Reviewed on 21st September 2011
Reviewed by Dan
Mens Zodiac ZMX02 Pitch Black Chronograph Watch ZO8516 is a superb piece of technical kit that looks good and delivers on every function that it provides. It meets all my expectations

(reviewed 1 time)
Zodiac Gents ZMX03 Special Ops Chronograph Watch ZO8524
Reviewed on 20th September 2011
Reviewed by watchophile
This is a weighty and substantial watch; it makes an impression straight out the box. The contrasting black and silver and the bold, over-sized numerical indicators at 9&3, together with the high-visibility hands and increments give the watch a funky yet rugged appearance. The under-dial LED lights are a touch of class, and the screw-down chronograph buttons are both solid and aesthetic. The rubber strap is similarly substantial and manages to retain the sense of quality that pervades the watch itself, which is quite a feat for a rubber strap. For my own taste, the watch is a little too heavy. Because of its weight, you have to tie the strap rather tightly to prevent the watch face ping round to the underside of your wrist. But I do not like watches to feel restrictive, so this is a bit of an issue for me, albeit a little one. My main gripe is that the second hand (which only works on the chronograph and not for time-keeping) is misaligned -- in its reset position it points a couple of increments west of the vertical. For a Swiss watch, this is disappointing, and undermines the otherwise excellent impression of quality exhibited by this and other Zodiac watches. I enjoy wearing it, but the excitement of a perfect and cool Zodiac watch was tarnished quickly by this little fault.
Very good

(reviewed 2 times)
Zodiac Gents Chronograph Watch ZO6701
Reviewed on 18th January 2011
Reviewed by Iosif Beintaris
Overall a robust timepiece , beautiful design and a bit lighter than I expected judging from the description, feels comfortable in hand. I am a bit concern about the durability of the runner band, time will tell anyway. Simple to configure.
Very good

(reviewed 2 times)