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Timex - One of the largest manufacturers of high quality watches in the world. A timex watch is known for its dependability and manufacturing quality. Timex watches are the pioneers of Indiglo technology, which lights the entire dial of the watch with the push of a button.

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Timex and Indiglo Technology - A Brief History

The Timex name has been around since the late 19th century. Waterbury Watch began using the name Timex in the UK in 1879, but the company didn’t use the name Timex in the US until 1950. The advertising and marketing campaign behind the Timex brand is a study in itself. During the early years, Timex watches were put through torture tests on TV and the slogan “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking” made the brand a household favourite. Timex has sold over a billion watches worldwide and continues to develop unique timepieces that provide a service for consumers everywhere.

In 1984 Timex introduced a new digital watch called the Triathlon. Timex was experiencing a companywide sales slow down, so they obtained the rights to use the name Ironman from Ironman Triathlon officials in 1986. The company began an extensive advertising program and promoted the watch as a 100 meter water resistant model instead of the 50 meters feature on the 1984 model. The Ironman was updated with a black, gray and orange coloured face and the 19mm ribbed wristband was branded with the Ironman name and logo design. The Ironman model became an instant success. Sales soared and easily beat Triathlon sales. The company continued to produce both models until 1991. Watch collectors call this period in Ironman watch history the “Pre-Indiglo” years.

The first major technological advancement in the Ironman came in 1992. Indiglo electroluminescence replaced the small white corner backlight. Indiglo technology is based on electrical and optical phenomenon. A thin film is passed through an electrical current and it emits light in response to the current. All the other internal features of the Ironman watch were the same as the 1986 model, but the face was painted black and silver and the watchband changed. The first Indiglo models were exclusively sold at K-Mart, before being released worldwide in 1993. The ladies version of the Ironman didn’t get the Indiglo technology until 1994.

In 1996 Timex developed an all day Indiglo which was reflective blue-green in colour. Timex added the Indiglo technology to other digital watches because of consumer popularity. Timex continued to make Indiglo Ironman watches in the man’s and women’s models until 2005. The market was filled with Indiglo watches by that time and Timex wanted to move on. The Ironman watch has been updated several times since 1996 and certain design features have changed along with the advancements in technology, The Timex Datalink Ironman is extremely popular and a notebook adapter is available for all Datalink models.

One of Ironman’s biggest fans is former President Bill Clinton. Early Presidential photos of Clinton show him wearing the black and blue coloured Ironman. Clinton donated one of his early Ironman models to the Smithsonian. Timex continues to produce products that are manufactured in Switzerland and the Far East based on technology that is developed in Germany and the United States. Timex is a privately held company with over 2600 employees in offices around the world.

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 Ultra reliable and precise
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Recently Reviewed Timex Watches

Unisex Timex Ironman GPS Alarm Chronograph Watch TW5M11800
Reviewed on 12th October 2017
Reviewed by David Russell
I had been wondering for some time as to why GPS sports watches are so expensive. As owner of a Garmin 220 I was also questioning the accuracy of the GPS tracking. So, when Timex launched the Ironman GPS for £69.99 I was intrigued enough to buy one £59.99 with a discount code. In summary there is a lot of watch for your money, and as a keen runner, it has everything I need and more. Ok, there is no heart rate monitoring or cadence, but I didnt use that anyway. There is no Bluetooth either which means there is no auto sync with your mobile -but for me that was not an important feature. The Timex site connects with the phone just fine using standard USB, and syncs with Strava automatically. So, what are the pros and cons of this watch: Pros: 1. Unbelievable price 2. Every running measurement you really need, plus tap technology for recording laps - neat! 3. Triathlon specific 4. Looks good - see picture for comparison with Garmin 5. The watch tells you when to connect to a pc / laptop to get GPS updates to continually improve tracking - takes 20-30 seconds to get a signal, up to 40 for a new location 6. Has race mode which means that the phone will not power down when waiting for your race to start, so the GPS signal is maintained. You can also set the length of the race which then displays a screen showing realtime what your estimated finish time will be at current pace 7. Strap colour options - but looks like only black and grey available in the UK 8. Easy to operate - more streamlined than Garmin Cons: 1. The screen display when running is not as clear as the Garmin 2. The screen display for activity review is compact within one screen for the Garmin, but for Timex you need to scroll through multiple screens 3. Less functionality compared to Garmin - but are you paying for functions you will not really use 4. It is not a colour screen Overall Verdict: This watch will shake up the market and force other brands to offer cheaper options which are aligned to the core needs of users. Very impressed so far. c

(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Timex Marathon Alarm Chronograph Watch TW5M11100
Reviewed on 11th October 2017
Reviewed by Dalveer
Finally Ive found the perfect watch! My tricky requirements were : a small enough watch face for my very thin wrist a digital watch which looks feminine and not too bulky for my thin wrist a rubber strap for durability shower proof chronograph stopwatch feature alarm and dual time for hoildays. This watch ticked ALL the boxes. Im a primary school teacher so I needed all those features and was struggling to find it from the ladies range. The unisex range would be too big and the childrens range was too childlike. I needed a watch that would look cool for school as children would be looking at me all day. I dont like stereotyping gender colours, so glad this watch is a sutle see through purple which seems to compliment any outfit colour. I use the stop watch for PE lessons and even use it to teach how to tell the time digitally. The alarm feature is great as I dont like having my phone near my pillow as I sleep. I was a bit apprehensive to buy my first digital watch as I thought I would only use it for work but I havent needed to change back to my analogue watch. Delivery was quick, I ordered on Saturday evening and received it Tuesday lunch time. I even received a tracking message on Sunday and on Tuesday morning so I was organised to receive it. First time using the Watch Shop but wont be the last. The price was the best part! £18 and covered ALL my requirements plus free delivery! I never thought of gifting a watch, but I will now at these prices. I have received a voucher from them too! Just needed an instruction manual with it, but it wasnt tricky use the features without it.

(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Timex The Waterbury Watch TW2P64700
Reviewed on 1st October 2017
Reviewed by Jason
The Timex Waterbury is a watch that pays tribute to their long history in watchmaking with a classic vintage aviator styled watch with an added modern twist. The watch features a lovely soft contrasting dial with its dark grey surface and buff yellow markings which is protected under a rounded glass crystal similar to the acrylic plastic crystals used on old vintage watches. The case is an ion-plated black stainless steel finished with brushed and satin surfaces thats paired perfectly with a lightly textured tan colored leather nato strap, giving the watch a sense of character and uniqueness. The watch wears well on the wrist with its modern case size thats perfect for any wrist size even including my small wrist. The paired leather nato strap is lined with a soft material underneath which makes the strap comfortable and breathable for the wrist. The nato strap also makes it easy to swap out for other nato straps to suit the occasion. Indiglo feature makes it exceptionally great for viewing the time in the dark with its deep blue glow that lights the entire dial from just a push of the crown. The date window on the watch isnt out of place and is handy for those days where you just forget what the date is. All in all the Timex Waterbury is a remarkably great and well-made watch for its affordable price with its vintage look along with the added benefits of the Indiglo, accurate quartz, and a scratch resistant rounded glass crystal. The watch was definitely a great purchase worthy of being added to my collection, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a vintage aviator styled watch with modern features or just a great watch in general. Worth mentioning: - Previous Timex buyers who disliked the loud ticking rejoice as this watch has a very acceptable quiet tick. - Nato strap isnt too thin that the strap is flimsy and neither too thick that the strap makes the watch sit high off the wrist. - Uses a bi-directional date changing mechanism meaning that the date can be changed forward or backward. Not a common feature in budget watches but makes it easy to make quick date changes. - The second hand has a surprisingly low backlash play. Some minor gripes: - Luminescent paint is only applied on the hands and isnt particularly bright at night, but Indiglo makes up for it. - The nato strap is quite a bit shorter compared to other natos so you cant easily tuck the end into the strap ring. Still has plenty of adjustment holes though. - The keeper band on the nato strap is also longer than most natos so it can be uncomfortable if the watch isnt positioned closer to the keeper ring. - Watch case is 42mm, not 40mm. Watch Specs: Case diameter: 42.0mm Case thickness: 11.7mm Case lug to lug: 49.7mm Case crystal: Rounded edge mineral glass Caseback: Snap-on Battery type: CR2016 Water resistance: 5atm 50m Strap width: 20mm Total strap length excl. buckle: 255mm Buckled strap length to 1st hole: ~120mm Buckled strap length to the last hole: ~190mm Strap thickness: 1.2mm Total watch weight incl. strap: 67g

(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Timex Weekender Timex x Peanuts Charlie Brown Watch TW2R41100
Reviewed on 24th September 2017
Reviewed by Aku
This is a super cute watch. As a huge Peanuts fan I was really glad to land this on Watch Shop as it was sold out on the Timex website--and it was a bit cheaper here too. The watch dial is fairly large but very nicely made, the strap is vibrant and eye-catching. Charlie Brown has a sweet little smile on his face and his two arms one as the longer minute hand, the other the shorter hour hand point to the time. Theres no second hand but if you put the watch to your ear you can hear it tick. By pressing the little knob in the one you adjust the time with you get a glow of light illuminating the face, so you can read it in the dark. The specification says the watch is waterproof but Ive not worn it swimming or in the shower as there doesnt seem to be replacement straps available to buy and I want it to last forever! Ive had lots of compliments on this watch, including from people whove just glimpsed it and thought it was a bright funky watch, without even clocking the Peanuts aspect. I have large wrists and it fits me no problem, so should not pose a size issue for most people. The fastening is secure and slighyly unusual without being intrusive or fiddly. All in all, Im very pleased with this purchase and highly recommend this watch for any Peanuts lover!

(reviewed 1 time)
Childrens Timex Kids Alarm Chronograph Watch TW7C13000
Reviewed on 20th April 2017
Reviewed by Emma
Lovely little watch
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Timex Weekender Fairfield Chronograph Watch TW2R27200
Reviewed on 17th April 2017
Reviewed by Clive Mcclure
Great watch.
Very good
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Timex Easy Reader Watch TW2R23700
Reviewed on 15th April 2017
Reviewed by Alex
Looks fairly sophiasticsted, nice and slim Watch very very good looking to be honest. Very good looking and hopefully will long a last time.
(reviewed 2 times)
Unisex Timex Indiglo Weekender Fairfield Watch TW2P91300
Reviewed on 12th April 2017
Reviewed by Adam Clarke
Ive only had this watch for a week and Im already in love with this watch. Its got a picturesque and beautiful and clear silver bezel with a clean curvy design all around. I love the simplicity of the watch in effect, this gives a clean and simple look - which I find looks better in a watch. The leather could be of higher quality and feels quite cheap though. However, the watch overall feels durable and valuable. Id give it a 9/10 for the value for money, quality and looks overall and would definitely recommend this to someone else to give as a present or as a first-watch.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Timex The Waterbury Watch TW2P95600
Reviewed on 11th April 2017
Reviewed by Oliver
Art Deco retro style watch. Very cool. Has date function also.
(reviewed 1 time)
Unisex Timex Marathon Alarm Chronograph Watch TW5M11300
Reviewed on 7th April 2017
Reviewed by Nicky
Great service and fab value for money. Very pleased
(reviewed 1 time)