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In today's world of increasing environmental consciousness, more and more people are looking for products that won't negatively impact the environment. As a result, several companies have dedicated themselves to manufacturing products that are eco-friendly and that people can feel good about buying. Timberland is one of the top examples of such a company; originally a shoemaker, they now produce some of the most rugged and reliable timepieces in the world today. Whether you're a hiker, a swimmer or a camper, Timberland watches are sure to meet and exceed all of your expectations.

Environmentally-Friendly Watches
Timberland watches are unique in that they are produced in order to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Unlike many other watches, that are made out of materials that could have negative consequences for the planet, Timberland watches boast several Earth-friendly characteristics. Their physical vapour deposition, or PVD, is among the most notable of them all, supplying them with an environmentally-friendly corrosion resistance.

Watches for True Outdoorsmen
The great outdoors can be a decidedly unforgiving place; wearing a watch that can withstand the elements is essential. Timberland watches are prized for being strong, resilient and reliable. Tough materials like stainless steel and silicon rubber ensure that these watches don't break or crack under pressure. Better still, all Timberland watches are water-resistant up to about 55 metres, meaning that you don't have to pause and remove your watch when roughing it.

Exquisite Craftsmanship and a Fine Attention to Detail
Despite their ruggedness and their strength, Timberland watches are incredibly handsome and are just as suitable for indoor situations as outdoor ones. One of the key characteristics of these attractive timepieces is their three dials: one for seconds, one for minutes and one for the twenty-four hours. These dials not only improve the precision of Timberland watches, but they give them an eye-catching dose of style as well.

Reliability and Appeal Converge
When you strap on a Timberland watch, you can rest assured that it will stick with you no matter where you go. Instead of buying separate watches for separate occasions, you can invest in a single Timberland watch and be ready for practically anything. Since they come in a wide range of styles, it's easy to find a Timberland watch that will mesh well with your existing wardrobe.

A Sound Investment
Timberland watches aren't budget timepieces; they do cost a little more than some other brands. However, you're paying more for the extreme care and precision that goes into the construction of each watch. Since Timberland watches are rugged and durable, you won't have to buy another one for many years to come - and that ultimately saves you a lot of money.

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Mens Timberland SMITHFIELD Watch 14769JSU/02

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