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Swatch - One of the most unique and innovative brands of watches today, featuring designs from all different styles including both 'skins' and bracelet models.

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About Swatch

Some define Swatch Watches as Second Watches, while others prefer to call them Swiss Watches. The best thing about Swatch watches is their impeccable Swiss excellence and performance. Introduced to the world in 1983, the Swatch brand of watches were conceived to combat the fast growth in the market of Japanese digital watches, and at the same time to bring back the popularity of analogue watches in a world of digital technology. They are produced by a Swiss company called the Swatch Group.

A very 1980's product, the Swatch watches were very faddish and fun, with bold styling and design. They are quartz watches that were designed for maximum efficiency. With aggressive marketing, Swatch watches took the world by storm, and restored the fame of all Swiss watchmaker reputations. The watches retained high accuracy even though the number of parts was cut from around 91 to 51.

A fun fashion accessory, the Swatch watches were most popular during the good times of the mid-1980s. There were new Swatch watches called Pop Swatch, which were designed to attach to the wearer's clothing. Swatch watches were used as ponytail bands, featuring bright colours and new designs from well known artists like Keith Haring. New synthetic plastic materials were used for these watches, and some became cult collectibles. Today there are five distinct families of Swatch watches, and over a dozen different types. Irony are the metal body watches, Scuba are for diving, Skin are thin, and there is an Internet Swatch that can hook up to the web for downloading information and data. Even children are in on the fun with their own line, called Flik-Flak. Designs include seasonal, art, diamonds, and more for fun fashion accessorizing.

The five Swatch watch families include Originals, Irony, Skin, Beat, and Bijoux. Originals feature plastic cases, while Irony are metal. Skin, the thin Swatch watch, is ultra thin at 3.9 mm. Within this group are the Original Skin, and a Chronograph model. Beat is a digital timepiece instead of analogue. Bijoux is designed with jewellery fun in mind for this new millennium, and teams up with Swarovski fashion jewels for extra decorative Swatches.

One huge development that Swatch watches are known for came about in the hip-hop era of the middle 1980s. The watches were produced with colourful interchangeable faces and bands. Thereby, one Swatch became many to match colourful attire. To fit with the flashy era of bling, colours included brights, day-glows, and pastels. An accessory called the Swatch Guard was developed to protect the faces, and even these became fashion accessories to the watches, being twisted and braided as used. Another protective device was a plastic ring of hard plastic that circled the watch face and snapped into place at the sides.

The Swatch watch remains popular, and is constantly updated, as with the Internet Swatch and Paparazzi Swatch. For colourful fun, and fashion with flair, the Swiss Swatch Watches are the ones to wear!

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Mens Swatch Black Spy Chronograph Watch SUSB410

Unisex Swatch Watch SUOZ260S

Swatch Highlights:

 2 year guarantee
 Prices around £80 (From £32 to £184)
 Reliable Swiss movements
 Superb value for money
 One of the most iconic watch brands in the world

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Unisex Swatch Rosalinie Watch GW407
Reviewed on 16th February 2018
Reviewed by Tracy
Love this watch. Nice and clear. On trend and suits all my outfits. Brilliant service from The Watch Shop.
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Swatch Skinskin Watch SVUT100
Reviewed on 15th February 2018
Reviewed by CG
Came quickly. Looks smart. The face is a little bigger than what I thought but only marginally. The watch is super light-hearted doesnt feel like youre wearing anything. I love the colours, blends in, practical and looks pretty!

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Ladies Swatch Greenbelle Watch LG129
Reviewed on 27th January 2018
Reviewed by Jenny
Very nice watch with an easy to read dial and not too large for my skinny wrist.
Very good
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Unisex Swatch Blackway Watch GB301
Reviewed on 27th January 2018
Reviewed by Reece
Very quick delivery and very nice watch
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Mens Swatch Rouille Watch SVCK4073
Reviewed on 27th December 2017
Reviewed by Gary
Bought this watch for my partner and he loves it. It sits very comfortably on his wrist and he loves the colour of it. On taking it out of the packaging we initially thought it wasnt working but once wed read the instructionstip: download them because the ones that come with the watch are tiny and you need a magnifying glass to read them! We realised that you just press one of the 3 buttons on the side to get the second hand moving! The time was easy enough to set, just pull out the middle button as far as it will go then turn it. The date was a bit fiddly but we got there in the end because you pull the middle button out but not all the way and then turn it. Not used the chronometers yet but there are multiple functions such as timing mode, tachymeter and split time. Very happy with this purchase and worth every penny. 😁

(reviewed 1 time)
Unisex Swatch 4Everfever Watch GR404
Reviewed on 23rd December 2017
Reviewed by Lawrence
I bought this watch as a christmas gift for a female friend of mine but i just liked it as soon as i saw it and thought of her as i know she likes watches
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Unisex Swatch Crazypop Watch PNB400
Reviewed on 21st December 2017
Reviewed by Jacki
The watch looks good and colourful. As it is a christmas present it has not been worn or tested yet.
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Ladies Swatch Pistillo Watch GS152
Reviewed on 17th December 2017
Reviewed by Emily Cooke
Very good service. Quick delivery, quality packaging. Will definitely be ordering again.
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Ladies Swatch Polletto Watch LW154
Reviewed on 17th December 2017
Reviewed by Nickpepsi
Attractive watch, nice design. Not too large which I feel are more comfortable.
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Ladies Swatch Soblue Watch YSS309
Reviewed on 16th December 2017
Reviewed by BawBag
Great Item, Quick delivery. I would highly recommend the watch shop, everything about the transaction has been perfect.
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