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In 1966, Sekonda watches debuted in the UK. These Soviet-designed and manufactured timepieces quickly gained a reputation for quality, durability and function. At that point in time, having a reliable and trustworthy watch was essential; by buying a Sekonda watch, one could rest assured that it would last a long time and wouldn't leave them hanging. A subsequent relocation to Hong Kong allowed Sekonda to make their watches more fashionable and stylish; the watchmaker hasn't looked back since.

Enduring Popularity
Almost since its inception, Sekonda has enjoyed a great deal of popularity. The watchmaker has been the number one watch manufacturer in the UK since 1988, and it owes much of that popularity to the quality construction of its products, as well as their affordability. Sekonda watches are so reliable and favoured that out of the more than 1.6 million watches they've sold, less than 1% have ever been returned. People hold on to these watches thanks to their endurance, style and sophistication.

Hundreds of Choices
Unlike many watch brands, Sekonda is not devoted to one particular segment of the population. Instead, it offers an array of different categories and lines that appeal to people of many different ages and backgrounds. Sekonda's SEKSY line is geared toward fashion-conscious young women, while its ONE line is designed for men who want reliable, attractive timepieces.

Something for Children
Another thing that is often missing from a watch brand's repertoire are children's watches. Sekonda recognised the need for fashionable, fun watches for kids and has been producing them for many years now. From their lively Animated watches to their educational Time Teacher line, Sekonda's children's watches are unique ways to get kids into fine world of watches.

Ease of Use
All too often, watches are so complex that they are tiring to wear and confusing to use. Sekonda watches are wonderfully simple, and are easy enough for anyone to make sense of. At the same time, they never trade in their style to achieve their simplicity; these timepieces are consistently attractive and are always excellent accessories, no matter what kind of look you are trying to achieve.

Style Made Simple
Despite the fact that Sekonda has made hundreds of models of watches through the years, it's easy to track down just the right thing. That's because the watchmaker has thoughtfully grouped all of its different styles into clear, easy classifications. From basic watches to classy pieces that are meant for nights out on the town, it's a snap to find a Sekonda watch that will meet and exceed all of your expectations.

A History of Perfection
There is a reason that Sekonda watches have been the most popular in the UK for more than two decades: They are well designed and exhibit some of the finest quality in the industry. When you buy a Sekonda watch, you can rest assured that it is going to perform wonderfully for many years to come - and that it will look absolutely phenomenal while doing so.

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Mens Sekonda Watch 1183
Reviewed on 30th December 2016
Reviewed by Paul Mullins
What can I say... What a piece of kit! I bought this watch for my Dad at Christmas and its never left his wrist! I cant help but ask my Dad every half hour what the time is just so I get the chance to see his face light up when he says to me Its quarter to four son... Moments like that are precious and ones Ill never forget. Top watch!
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Mens Sekonda Watch 1225
Reviewed on 28th December 2016
Reviewed by Zara
I bought this watch for my boyfriend, I was a bit nervous as to whether hed like it, as he is very fussy and likes very classy things! He absolutely loved the watch and wears it everyday, for such a reasonable price it looks so expensive. The gold detail in the face of the watch allows it to look so unique and the strap is strong expensive-looking silver. I did have to get the size adjusted for him but for such a reasonable price I didnt mind and most watches you buy online arent going to be the perfect size so it was to be expected. The Sekonda logo in the centre of the watch adds to the classy feel and overall this watch is outstanding!

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Mens Sekonda Watch 1185
Reviewed on 28th December 2016
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Sekonda Watch 4505
Reviewed on 27th December 2016
Reviewed by Danny
Perfect for my wifes needs and great for my budget. Well packaged and presented. Delivery was spot on.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Sekonda Watch 1146
Reviewed on 25th December 2016
Reviewed by Judy W
My 16 year old nephew is very pleased with this watch.
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Ladies Sekonda Watch 2119
Reviewed on 23rd December 2016
Reviewed by Mark
Good website, prompt delivery, competive prices.
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Sekonda Watch 2242
Reviewed on 22nd December 2016
Reviewed by Roger
Your service is excellent and choice of watches is also,wishing you all a very happy Christmas Roger
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Ladies Sekonda Watch 2276
Reviewed on 21st December 2016
Reviewed by soarindash123
Amazing quality, looks fabulous on. I wear it everywhere I go, very durable. The colour is perfect for my style.
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Ladies Sekonda Watch 2274
Reviewed on 21st December 2016
Reviewed by Julie Young
I love the watch, Comfy to wear and the face is beautiful.
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Ladies Sekonda Watch 2311
Reviewed on 20th December 2016
Reviewed by Steve
Great price great service
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