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Sekonda: A History
Considering the fact that Sekonda watches have been the most popular watch brand in the UK since 1988, it's natural to wonder how and why it earned that impressive title. After all, competition in the world of timepieces is quite fierce; people have plenty of different options to choose from, even amid affordably-priced watches. While Sekonda's well-known affordability has long been one of its most important traits, the truth is that the brand emerged out of a tradition of topnotch craftsmanship and strict quality control guidelines. While those traits aren't necessarily sexy, they have served the brand well through the ages.

A Practical Beginning
During the 1960s, some of the best watches in the world were being produced and manufactured in Russia. At that time, Sekonda was manufacturing a large quantity of first-rate mechanical watches; not surprisingly, demand for these timepieces became quite strong. Eventually, they were being imported into the UK, where they spread like wildfire. It seemed as if everyone in the UK owned a Sekonda watch, and why not? They were well-designed, durable and reliable. However, Sekonda's appeal didn't end there - and its design didn't, either.

After a while, quartz movement was introduced. To facilitate this important development, Sekonda watches started being manufactured in Hong Kong. This switch also made it easier for Sekonda to develop more exciting and fashionable designs, which people were starting to demand. By 1988, Sekonda had earned its place as the top-selling watch brand in the UK. The sky seemed to be the limit for the company's success, and little needed to be done to keep its popularity intact. The combination of sturdy, reliable construction and stunning design enhanced Sekonda's image unlike anything else to date. Every fashionable person in the UK insisted on wearing the brand's timepieces.

A Revamped Image
Right around the time that Sekonda became the UK's best-selling watch brand, many other brands were getting in on the action, too. While people weren't viewing Sekonda's line unfavourably, they had many other options at their disposal. It was apparent that Sekonda had to switch things up in order to remain relevant - and popular. The result was SEKSY, a line of watches geared toward young, fashionable women that premiered in 2004. A similarly-themed gent's line, ONE, debuted the following year. A limited number of models was initially available, but both lines expanded their offerings quite quickly.

With its two new, modern fashion ranges, Sekonda was utterly relevant once more. Since then, SEKSY and ONE have graced the wrists of some of the most famous celebrities in the UK. Innovative advertising campaigns have propelled both lines to incredible levels of success; Sekonda is, without a doubt, back. They have managed to maintain their popularity by regularly revamping and refreshing the offerings in their SEKSY and ONE fashion ranges. That way, people can always rely on the brand to produce exciting new looks each and every year. Throughout it all, Sekonda's trademark reliability and durability have continued to impress those who are lucky enough to purchase their timepieces.

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