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Seiko is one of the worlds most successful and innovative watch manufacturers. Cutting edge innovation and luxurious refinement embody Seiko watches today.

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Seiko - A History

The company currently known as Seiko Corporation was founded in 1881 as K. Hattori & Company, Ltd., as a wall clock repair operation, and quickly expanded to manufacturing wall clocks. In 1924, K. Hattori began producing fob watches using the Seiko name. Seiko gradually became well known in the watch industry and became a pioneer by creating technological advances including the first self-winding watch in 1955. By 1988, Seiko brand introduced battery free quartz watches and watches that were multi functional with alarms and timer features that operated through state of the art computer chips. As the company became known for its watches, K. Hattori & Company produced watches under different subsidiary names, but in 1990 the company formerly changed its name to Seiko Corporation.

The reliability and quality of the watches helped the Seiko brand become the designated timepieces for major sports events in a number of countries. Seiko was the official timer for the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1964, World Cup Football in Mexico in 1986, and other events internationally in subsequent years. The Seiko name gradually diversified and divisions in Seiko Optical Products (1996) and Seiko Jewelry (1997) were created. In 1998, Seiko debuted the first watch propelled by body heat. By 1999, Seiko created watches that automatically self-corrected current time. Seiko has been on the cutting edge of technology, accuracy, and reliability with its products making it a premier brand internationally that stays a step ahead of consumer needs.

Seiko watches combines style, function, value to provide a vast selection of watches that is sure to satisfy discriminating customers. Both women and men will find a handsome selection of quartz, kinetic, diving and even watches enhanced with beautiful diamonds. Ladies watches are designed with different shapes and styles of faces as well as varying wristbands that are sure to complement any size wrist. Whether a women is seeking a watch for work, sports, or to complement elegant evening wear, Seiko offers a watch to match her style. The bulk of Seiko mens watches feature round faces and are designed for work, dress, or sports. Understated classic styling allows most watches to be equally suitable for work and play. Both womens and mens styles have varied features including alarms, calendars, and battery free movement depending on the model. Seiko consistently provides durability and comfort to wearers providing consumers with a brand they trust that has withstood the test of time. Seiko offers quality watches for every budget and taste making them the perfect choice for functional style.

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Mens Seiko Solar Powered Watch SUP872P1

Ladies Seiko Watch SRZ461P1

Seiko Highlights:

 2 year guarantee
 Prices around £180 (From £75 to £599)
 Incredible Japanese technology
 World renowned for watchmaking ability
 One of the largest and most established manufacturers in the world

Recently Reviewed Seiko Watches

Ladies Seiko Dress Watch SUR765P9
Reviewed on 28th January 2018
Reviewed by Cad
Stunning watch . Easy to order . Looks great on .
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Seiko Watch SUR789P1
Reviewed on 3rd January 2018
Reviewed by Tk
Looks better in real life. Not too sparkly and metal is both mat and shiny finish. Good contrast Very smart and comfortable and the clasp is very easy to open as you just press the sides of the lock. Also practical because it is all in one so it will stay safely on the arm whilst taking it on or off so if wont to floor easily. It feels expensive and easy to wear Also know Seiko is a very reliable brand and just what i was looking for. Gave it to my mother for Christmas and she loves how good if looks.
(reviewed 2 times)
Ladies Seiko Dress Watch SRZ480P1
Reviewed on 24th December 2017
Reviewed by Gemma
Great watch. Looks very elegant and is good for every day wear.
(reviewed 1 time)
Seiko Gents Sports Chronograph Watch SKS539P2
Reviewed on 24th December 2017
Reviewed by vicky bundy
the watch arrived very quickly. My son was very pleased with the look of it.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Seiko Sports Chronograph Watch SKS541P1
Reviewed on 22nd December 2017
Reviewed by Steve
Looks fabulous, just hoping my boy loves it as much
(reviewed 2 times)
Seiko Gents Sports Chronograph Watch SSC363P1
Reviewed on 16th December 2017
Reviewed by Rob
Excellent service and product at a hard-to-beat price
(reviewed 2 times)
Mens Seiko Kinetic Watch SKA753P1
Reviewed on 6th October 2017
Reviewed by jacer35
A beautiful and well made watch. This watch looks considerably better in reality than it does pictured even! The quality for the price is suberb. The dial is a wonderful sunburst green that appears dark in low light but catches the light whether outside or under artificial bulbs in a wonderful way and the subtle gold hands and hour indices also catch the light so that the combination of the glowing green and gold makes the dial look very classy. The attention to detail on the dial is superb - there is a slightly raised rim around the edge with the white luminescence placed above the partially cover gold applied hour markers and also a subtly raised Seiko logo. The rechargeable battery in the kinetic movement is a great invention and apparently only needs changing every 10 to 15 years. The case is a smooth clean stainless steel - mainly polished but with some contrasting brushed steel. The watch has a nice solidity to it and feels very well built. My only criticism is that for a dress style watch it is a little big 41.5mm across and as the dial is a lot of this size then this makes the largish size more noticeable. However this is the modern way so its probably no different to most other watches these days. I have a slim 6.5 inch circumference wrist and can get away with the size just, as my wrists are reasonably flat where the watch lies. Any potential buyers with slim wrists should bear the size in mind though. Accuracy wise this watch is fine - it consistently gains 2 seconds a week less than 9 seconds a calendar month which I am very happy with. I would highly recommend this watch.
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Seiko Dress Watch SXDG91P1
Reviewed on 28th April 2017
Reviewed by Karen T
I was looking for a smart ladies watch with numbers rather than dots/slashes or Roman numerals. Good sized numbers to make it easy to see the time at a glance. I liked the sapphire square at each number rather than the blob st quarter hours compared to most others. I also wanted a leather strap rather than a metal strap. Most of these a personal preferences. The date facility is an added bonus although it is quite small to read but that could just be my eyesight! The white dial is easy to read and gives a smart appearance. I dont have a big wrist but this watch fits lovely, the strap is soft and the face itself does not look to big on my wrist. Im thrilled to bits with the watch- just what I wanted. Only point I would say is that the instructions did say the pullout crown should have 2 clicks pullout but I was reluctant to pull it twice as didnt want to pull out easy for second click but I managed to adjust time and date without the second pullout. Lovely watch.
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Seiko Dress Solar Powered Watch SUP347P1
Reviewed on 27th April 2017
Reviewed by Dean
The product ended up to be the perfect gift. Very pleased
(reviewed 2 times)
Mens Seiko Prospex Divers Solar Powered Watch SNE439P1
Reviewed on 20th April 2017
Reviewed by dr
never try on your watch, because as soon as you remove the sticky tape you cant send it back, it says so in the small print. I do like the watch but on inspection in real life i would have preferred the more expensive turtle seiko. its just natural to try on what youve purchased, but as soon as you do theres no going back
(reviewed 1 time)