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Established in Switzerland 1895, Rotary specialise in the design of stylish and affordable precision watches.

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Rotary Watches

Rotary watches are a unique mix of high quality timekeeping science with excellent value. Dating back to 1895, when Moise Dreyfuss took his Swiss watch making expertise and put it to work at his first factory in La Chaux de Fonds, today’s distinguished watch aficionado has the inimitable opportunity to wear a bona fide piece of Swiss precision on the wrist.

The fame of the Rotary watch spread quickly, and a short 12 years after starting up the factory, the time piece made its debut on British shores. Moise Dreyfuss continued to hone his watch making skill and in 1934 he introduced the shockproof watch that could withstand an unprecedented bit of abuse and still continue functioning at high accuracy levels.

Not surprisingly, the brand became so successful and famed for its reliability that Rotary became the official watch for members of the British Army. It was next to impossible to find a home where the Rotary brand was not known. Capitalizing on this extraordinary success, the watch makers soon captured other markets as well, most notably the emerging ladies’ watch market share.

Always one step ahead of the competition and eerily in tune with the needs and wants of the consumer, Rotary today features ladies’, gents’ and also unisex watches for any taste. Sapphirite glass, cut-out case backs and of course complete waterproof designs are just some of the hallmarks denoting the various editions of Rotary time pieces.

Various collections tip a hat to the individualized tastes of fashion-conscious consumers. For example, the ‘Precious Metals’ watches features 9- as well as 18ct gold and sterling silver in an attractive combination. The ‘Diamond Set Time’ collection exemplifies stylish variety with an extensive ladies’ selection of time pieces.

Examples of a very interesting collection are the unisex ‘Aquaspeed’ watches that are crafted with the athletic professional in mind. The design intertwines a professional appearance and high-class style with versatile instrumentation that fulfills the needs of even the most discriminating sports aficionados.

Of course, the flagship collection involves the various ‘Rotary Les Originales’ that hint at yesteryear’s impeccable designs and breathtaking beauty while incorporating today’s chronograph technology that still sets apart Rotary time pieces from the rest. Just as all the other watches by this manufacturer, this collection also features a number of styles that make it uniquely trendy and adaptable to wearers’ tastes.

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Mens Rotary Swiss Made Legacy Day Date Watch GB90173/01

Ladies Rotary Petite Watch LS05015/11

Rotary Highlights:

 Lifetime guarantee
 Prices around £210 (From £71 to £599)
 Established 1895 in Switzerland
 Swiss heritage is evident in their classic looking designs
 Nearly all models are waterproof
 One of the biggest selling and respected brands in the UK

Recently Reviewed Rotary Watches

Mens Rotary Automatic Watch GS00351/02/KIT
Reviewed on 19th February 2017
Reviewed by will21
This is a classic and tasteful watch but a bit chunkier than most, giving it a more assertive look. The face is clear and shows the day name - handy if you never know what day it is. A particularly cool feature is the glass back, so you can see the movement going inside when the watch is off your wrist. Its easy to adjust the date etc. and the watch comes with both a chocolate-brown strap and a black one. Lifetime guarantee is very reassuring. The downsides are that the rotor which operates the self-winding is quite noisy, making a slight rattle if you move your arm around, and so far mine is running a little fast. Overall its a superb value watch and The Watch Shop service was perfect.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Rotary Swiss Made Legacy Dive Automatic Watch GB90168/04
Reviewed on 5th February 2017
Reviewed by Andy Blanch
If you are looking for outstanding value in a dive watch, look no further! This watch is excellent. Really well made, and not too big like a lot of watches are these days. Being automatic means no more batteries which means it will remain waterproof. It has a lifetime gaurantee which gives peace of mind. Keeps excellent time, is very stylish, comfortable to wear, what more is there to say. Brilliant!!
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Rotary Moonphase Watch GS05066/01
Reviewed on 5th February 2017
Reviewed by Tom
Lovely watch, looks even better in person than on the photographs. Little difficult setting the moonphase but there are plenty of sites and videos online that help with this.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Rotary Swiss Made Legacy Quartz GMT Watch GB90172/04
Reviewed on 31st January 2017
Reviewed by Joe
Quality product. Sturdy, smart watch that goes above and beyond expectation. It holds up under all the swimming I do. No scratches so far & Ive caught it a few times. I love the simple clear design, no extra dials or buttons that are unnecessary. Fantastic
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Rotary Swiss Made Tradition Automatic Watch GB90161/32
Reviewed on 30th January 2017
Reviewed by jmr
Bought the watch as a replacement for one which had stopped working. Slightly heavier than its predecessor but easy to wear. Has been accurate so far. Only niggle is that I find I have to keep adjusting the date. It seems to be 12 hours out. I probably havent found the right technique.
Very good
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Rotary Swiss Made Ultra Slim Quartz Watch LS90800/02
Reviewed on 25th January 2017
Reviewed by Katiebelle
Oozes quality as soon as you open the presentation box. This was a birthday present for a significant milestone 80! It is very much loved and exhibited around family and friends.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Rotary Vintage Mecanique Skeleton Exclusive Automatic Watch GS05032/21
Reviewed on 24th January 2017
Reviewed by Dazza
Ive been looking for a couple of months for a skeleton watch and I eventually settled on this one. How it looks is of course down to personal taste, but I love the bold numerals and the clear view of the workings. I find the watch is a good size for my wrist and its depth is also very acceptable, its not too chunky to be bulky under a shirt cuff. Functionally there is not much to say, set the time wind it up and off you go. The self winding mechanism seems to work just fine. Im guesesing there is an over-winding protection mechanism, or maybe it winds up a lot more than I think it does, but Ive not found a stop in the winding. The instructions say to wind it every day, but I wanted to know how long the self winder would keep it going for ... still waiting and its been a couple of days now. The only thing Im disapointed with - and this is really minor - is that in certain lower light conditions its not always easy to see the clock hands against the face, its a contrast thing only. Its also worth noting that the first service from Rotary costs GBP25, subsequent services cost GBP55 ... at the time of writing, I contacted Rotary specifically to find out.
(reviewed 2 times)
Ladies Rotary Swiss Made Windsor Quartz Watch LB90154/01
Reviewed on 22nd January 2017
Reviewed by Peter Dickens
A Very nice looking watch. The only slightly negative feature is that the date window is rather small for easy viewing.
Very good
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Rotary Swiss Made Legacy Dive Quartz Chronograph Watch GB90170/05
Reviewed on 21st January 2017
Reviewed by DEP3510
As expected form Rotary Watches the Watch looks and feels like a quality timepiece. The striking blue face having much more appeal than black or white alternatives. It was a Gift for my 18 year old Son and even he was impressed with how good it looks - anyone with teenage kids will know that is no mean feat!! The bracelet was quickly adjusted at Goldsmiths took about 2 minutes waiting time so no need to leave the watch and return later. The clasp feels very secure and leaves what appears to be a seamless bracelet around the wrist. The Watch is waterproof with a screw in adjustment wheel so no fear of diving in the pool whilst wearing it. We are both am very happy with my purchase.
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Rotary Swiss Made Lucerne Petite Quartz Watch LB90186/01
Reviewed on 17th January 2017
Reviewed by Tessa G
Very elegant watch that looks fantastic on the wrist. A very classic look with a modern twist with the blue hands and dial. Full waterproofing means that it never leaves my wrist. Not often you find something so beautiful and practical.
(reviewed 1 time)