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Established in Switzerland 1895, Rotary specialise in the design of stylish and affordable precision watches.

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Rotary Watches

Rotary watches are a unique mix of high quality timekeeping science with excellent value. Dating back to 1895, when Moise Dreyfuss took his Swiss watch making expertise and put it to work at his first factory in La Chaux de Fonds, today’s distinguished watch aficionado has the inimitable opportunity to wear a bona fide piece of Swiss precision on the wrist.

The fame of the Rotary watch spread quickly, and a short 12 years after starting up the factory, the time piece made its debut on British shores. Moise Dreyfuss continued to hone his watch making skill and in 1934 he introduced the shockproof watch that could withstand an unprecedented bit of abuse and still continue functioning at high accuracy levels.

Not surprisingly, the brand became so successful and famed for its reliability that Rotary became the official watch for members of the British Army. It was next to impossible to find a home where the Rotary brand was not known. Capitalizing on this extraordinary success, the watch makers soon captured other markets as well, most notably the emerging ladies’ watch market share.

Always one step ahead of the competition and eerily in tune with the needs and wants of the consumer, Rotary today features ladies’, gents’ and also unisex watches for any taste. Sapphirite glass, cut-out case backs and of course complete waterproof designs are just some of the hallmarks denoting the various editions of Rotary time pieces.

Various collections tip a hat to the individualized tastes of fashion-conscious consumers. For example, the ‘Precious Metals’ watches features 9- as well as 18ct gold and sterling silver in an attractive combination. The ‘Diamond Set Time’ collection exemplifies stylish variety with an extensive ladies’ selection of time pieces.

Examples of a very interesting collection are the unisex ‘Aquaspeed’ watches that are crafted with the athletic professional in mind. The design intertwines a professional appearance and high-class style with versatile instrumentation that fulfills the needs of even the most discriminating sports aficionados.

Of course, the flagship collection involves the various ‘Rotary Les Originales’ that hint at yesteryear’s impeccable designs and breathtaking beauty while incorporating today’s chronograph technology that still sets apart Rotary time pieces from the rest. Just as all the other watches by this manufacturer, this collection also features a number of styles that make it uniquely trendy and adaptable to wearers’ tastes.

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Mens Rotary Cambridge Watch GS05252/02

Ladies Rotary Cambridge Watch LB05262/06

Rotary Highlights:

 2 year guarantee
 Prices around £170 (From £75 to £393)
 Established 1895 in Switzerland
 Swiss heritage is evident in their classic looking designs
 Nearly all models are waterproof
 One of the biggest selling and respected brands in the UK

Recently Reviewed Rotary Watches

Mens Rotary Exclusive Skeleton Automatic Watch GS00627/05
Reviewed on 13th March 2018
Reviewed by jonnyski
Wow! At the price i bought this it blew me away, a luxury watch with such a beautiful skeleton mechanism. I might even get another
Very good
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Rotary Canterbury Watch GB05338/21
Reviewed on 12th March 2018
Reviewed by Shab
Good quality. Looks very sleek and chic on the wrist. Can be worn by both males and females- looks classic but very classy. Would definitely recommend as a daily or formal events watch.
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Rotary Cambridge Watch LB05260/01
Reviewed on 11th March 2018
Reviewed by Lucia
Is a nice and adorable watch, but when I put it on my hand I saw the date is behind.
Very good
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Rotary Exclusive Open Heart Automatic Watch GS00610/10
Reviewed on 11th March 2018
Reviewed by Mrs. IqyBoo
I ordered a rotary open heart watch for my husband for our second anniversary, he has a whole box full of watches but this was one he likes because of the automatic aspect of it, this was a special gift as it was mentioned when we first started dating, so when I bought it for him, he didn’t expect it. He absolutely loves it. the watch has a leather strap, looks even better in person than the pictures. Excellent price for the item and great for everyday wear
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Rotary Exclusive Multifunction Watch LS00329/41
Reviewed on 9th March 2018
Reviewed by Colin
I am very pleased with the watch , it looks and feels very nice. I have bought the watch as a birthday present for a girlfriend and have not given it to her as yet although Im sure she will be pleased with it.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Rotary Exclusive Vintage Chronograph Watch GS00600/04
Reviewed on 5th March 2018
Reviewed by Laurette
This was a present for my other half who was very pleased with the quality and look of the watch.
(reviewed 2 times)
Mens Rotary Exclusive Pilot Chronograph Watch GS00649/19
Reviewed on 1st March 2018
Reviewed by Rana
Amazing Design and good features with good price.. i feel very comfortable when i wear this watch. i love it.

(reviewed 2 times)
Ladies Rotary Cocktail Petite Watch LB05085/41
Reviewed on 28th February 2018
Reviewed by kitty
I needed a specific watch for a gift for a special#60! birthday bit of bling but not too much! for the wife but left it late. I had scoured my local stores and could find zip. I recalled that I purchased a watch for myself last year on an impulse buy from these guys Rotary Pilot Chrono - £79 with code in newspaper! so I perused their website and found the perfecther words! one. Delivered the next dayas was mine in original box in perfect condition. I would NOT consider going elsewhere to buy a watch. Top service. Money back guarantee...... NO BRAINER!!!
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Rotary Windsor Moonphase Watch GS05325/01
Reviewed on 25th February 2018
Reviewed by JC
Very niche watch. I was looking for a watch with moonphase and date subdials and I think it looks quite fancy. The hands doesnt look as blue as on the picture, they are metalized and under some light it looks blue and sometimes even dark.\r\nThanks to the sapphire glass te face is clear to read in every angle.\r\n\r\nRelatively small and thin so it doesnt look or feel bulky on a small wrist like mine.

(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Rotary Exclusive Vintage Chronograph Watch GB00600/05
Reviewed on 23rd February 2018
Reviewed by EasyFlyer
This watch is stunning. I was looking for a ‘Breitling’ style watch but not the price. After looking at other brands I settled on Rotary. I wanted a blue dial, clear a classic look and easy to read hands. When I opened the box I was immediately impressed by the look. The watch was packaged securely with protective film on the face and bracelet which was difficult to to remove but did it’s job keeping the watch scratch free. It’s a nice heavy weight feel and quality workings. I really like the firm feel of the push buttons for the chronograph and feeling of quality with the central winding button. The bracelet has a strong locking mechanism with a nice secure sense that it will stay on your wrist. The dial is easy to read with clear hands and reasonably clear chronograph dials. The second hand looks nice in red. The chrome finish is nice but it would ideally look better if slightly dulled. Overall I would recommend this watch. It is quality and the price is amazing value. It’s well presented and looks excellent. I would recommend Rotary watches and this one is one of their best !!
(reviewed 1 time)