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Nixon - The incredible fashion watch brand which offers all styles of watches in a huge number of varieties. Nixon watches are superb quality timepieces with serious fashion appeal!

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Nixon Watches - Brand History and Information

The world is filled with creativity. New companies are being created daily that offer quality, value and service to the global market. It’s not easy to carve out a niche and develop products that are unique as well as functional. The overwhelming expense and stressful experiences make most start-up companies call it quits after a year or two. Nixon is one of those companies that endured the trauma of being a new company. Ten years later Nixon is still moving forward creating new watch designs that fill a need for active consumers. Nixon focuses on the little things when it comes to watch design and details. They market their product to people who understand the value, as well as the fashion. Nixon combines a unique perspective with universal needs and creates watches that rock in terms of functionality, quality and design.

Watchmakers are notorious for developing extensive advertising and marketing campaigns that promote the latest technology and design advancements to a broad audience, but they miss some consumers in that process. Nixon watch consumers call their product “Sweet” or “Sick” and get “Stoked” by wearing one. The lingo that describes a Nixon watch is just as unique as the designs that make Nixon a hot item in the skateboard and surfing community. Nixon designs watches to be worn in water; a lot of water. Some models are water resistant down to 300 meters and have other features like a hardened full view mineral crystal, stainless steel cases and rotating bezels. The internal movement of Nixon watches can be 2, 3 or 6 hand Japanese Quartz and some models have custom talking alarm voices like Tony Hawk, Saxon Boucher as well as other celebrities. Some models have 3 hand Swiss movements with an easy to read tide sub dial. Nixon band materials vary from custom stainless steel to distressed leather. An Injected polyurethane band with a patented locking looper is a popular feature on the 51-30 PU model. Other models have double locking clasps or a stainless steel single tongue buckle.

Nixon watches are affordable timepieces that tell a story along with the time. They describe the wearer without words and that’s what makes Nixon watches so popular. Nixon projects an attitude that expresses freedom and free style everything, which includes how a timepiece should be worn regardless of the time. Nixon watches compliment a bathing suit as well as a suit. The image of Nixon is all about a California lifestyle that’s rich in diversity, as well as connectivity. A Nixon watch connects the wearer to natural elements as well as to the boardroom. Nixon products can be described as custom built expressions of freedom with functional charm.

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Mens Nixon The Sentry Chrono Chronograph Watch A386-756

Ladies Nixon The Medium Time Teller Watch A1130-504

Nixon Highlights:

 2 year guarantee
 Prices around £140 (From £33 to £420)
 At the forefront of fashion
 Fresh, original and creative designs
 Superb reliability and build quality

Recently Reviewed Nixon Watches

Mens Nixon The 38-20 Leather Watch A467-1886
Reviewed on 7th May 2017
Reviewed by AdamJ
This watchs 38mm diameter makes it compact as a mens watch but larger a traditional womens watch. Either way, its much smaller than the oversized watches that are todays fashion. What drew me to the 38-20 was its simple, robust design, screw-down crown and 200m water resistance. The case could have been milled from a cylindrical piece of steel. The sides have no curves or profiles - just straight up and down. The fixed bezel is flush with the flat crystal and flush in diameter with the case below. It could almost be a miniature version of a Helberg dive watch. With the crown screwed down, there are no external moving parts. This, together with its compact size, screwed back and slightly satin almost matte steel finish give it a sense of tank-like impregnability. And since all it does is tell the time - no date, no chronograph, lume only on the hands and 12 oclock marker - theres nothing extraneous to go wrong. I dont know what quartz movement is inside but its in the top four of my 30+ watch collection for accuracy. It doesnt pretend to be a dive watch but it seems at least as rugged as most. Frankly, for its intended use, its overengineered and I like that in any watch.
(reviewed 1 time)
Unisex Nixon The Ceramic 42-20 Ceramic Automatic Watch A148-126
Reviewed on 6th May 2017
Reviewed by Benjamin
This watch is fantastic. A lot of people would look at a Nixon at this price and sneer, saying theyre a fashion brand. This is a Swiss movement automatic watch, 100% ceramic. Its a work of beauty. It weighs a ton, feels amazing, the bezel movement is positive and well made. Just a great watch. Was a gift for my wife and couldnt be happier with it.

(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Nixon The Super Unit Alarm Chronograph Watch A921-191
Reviewed on 1st May 2017
Reviewed by Russell
Cool colour ,Robust , and good looking.
(reviewed 1 time)
Unisex Nixon The Ruckus Watch A349-1726
Reviewed on 27th April 2017
Reviewed by Imran Khan
Ive always had an eye for statement watches, not 1000+ bland rolexes but watches that demand attention spark up conversation get people asking questions! The ruckus does just that, a multi blend of textures and small details makes it stand out from the sea of gold/silver metal chain watches. Mine came in a beautiful marbled blue which looks like a really well blended camouflage pattern. The strap itself is moulded polyurethane which makes it A very comfortable B easy to clean C gives the watch a easy going laid back character. Theres a load of little details I like on the watch: The writing on the underside of the watch. The indented logos on the strap. The tiny nixon logo on the seconds hand. The patented locking looper. The rough power tools texture on the face compared to the smooth polyurethane strap. Glow in the dark hands and minute markers. 100m waterproof. This watch oozes the style of its hometown of California. Bright, cool and full of surf skater style

(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Nixon The Minx Chrono Chronograph Watch A993-756
Reviewed on 23rd April 2017
Reviewed by Jack Sadler
Order was quick and precise wish there was more advertising of the link adjustment before purchasing
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Nixon The Safari Watch A974-632
Reviewed on 21st April 2017
Reviewed by Kasia
I have ordered this watch for my boyfriend for his birthday. Its just perfect! Looks great, not ordinary. Dark grey watch + yellow pointer = perfect match. It really massive but not gaudy. Looks like created for real men, fits sport, casual and even smart outfits. I m sure hes gonna love it as much as I do.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Nixon The Sentry SS Watch A356-2348
Reviewed on 12th April 2017
Reviewed by Lee
I bought this watch for my sons 18th Birthday. It is a smart looking watch and just the right size. The black and silver work well together. Appears to be well made and looks more expensive than it is. Very pleased with my Nixon purchase.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Nixon The Rollo Watch A945-513
Reviewed on 29th March 2017
Reviewed by Graham
Very clear face, esay to read and elegant.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Nixon The Safari Leather Watch A975-2430
Reviewed on 29th March 2017
Reviewed by ChrisC
Not as nice as the pic, strap is very thin and not distressed leather as per the pic.
(reviewed 1 time)
Unisex Nixon The Charger Chrono Leather Watch A1073-2447
Reviewed on 25th March 2017
Reviewed by Bruno Lacerda
Awesome!!! I really recommend.
(reviewed 1 time)