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Since bursting on the scene in 2007, Ice-Watch watches have taken the world of fashion by storm. This Belgian brand brings many fine and desirable qualities to the table, including affordable prices, stylish designs, bold and exciting colours and excellent versatility. When you throw in Ice-Watch watches' unique touches like Swarovski crystals and specially designed bracelets, it's little wonder that they appeal to so many people.

The Stunning Success of Ice-Watch
Although Ice-Watch only debuted in 2007, the brand is already available in more than 55 countries worldwide. Ice-Watch watches can be purchased in more than 1,000 outlets around the world, which is a clear testament to their exceptional popularity. The world is thirsty for something different, and Ice-Watch watches deliver it in spades.

New Designs Keep Things Fresh
All too often, watchmakers rest on their laurels and make no attempt to design new or exciting watches. That's certainly not the case with Ice-Watch, who releases new collections and new colour combinations three times a year. Those who insist on changing up their style from time to time will rejoice in the revolving door of choices that Ice-Watch has to offer. Your look will never get old and played out when you stick with Ice-Watch.

It's All About Colour
One of the most eye-catching things about Ice-Watch timepieces is that they are positively bursting with bright, bold and very vivid colours. From deep cherry reds to bright lime greens, Ice-watch watches are vibrant and exciting to behold. For those who prefer more low-key accessories, there are also several Ice-Watch lines that can accommodate their needs.

Thrilling Details That Make the Watch
From afar, Ice-Watch watches catch your eye with their delectable colours and sharp appearance; up close, they draw you in with a bounty of neat features and details. Luminous hands ensure that you always know exactly what time it is, even when it's completely dark outside. Miyota movement guarantees that Ice-Watch watches are impeccably precise and accurate.

Watches for Everyone
Ice-Watch doesn't produce a gent's line and a ladies' line; instead, all of its timepieces are designed to be unisex. This makes it that much easier to find a watch that will suit your needs, no matter who you are. Expressing your individuality is wonderfully easy to do when you slip on an Ice-Watch timepiece.

A Bounty of Choices
Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to Ice-Watch watches. Popular lines include Love, Classic, Sili and Flower. Exquisite touches like Swarovski crystals and water resistances of 5 or 10 ATMs make these watches stand out from the competition in exciting ways. If you're ready to buy a watch that will thrill and excite you, choose Ice-Watch.

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Mens Ice-Watch Aqua Chronograph Watch 012735

Ladies Ice-Watch Love Watch 013371

Ice-Watch Highlights:

 2 year guarantee
 Prices around £60 (From £32 to £169)

Recently Reviewed Ice-Watch Watches

Ladies Ice-Watch Love Watch 013376
Reviewed on 23rd February 2017
Reviewed by brian green
my wife thinks the watch looks even better than the picture she lovers the subtle gold colour and the big face
(reviewed 1 time)
Unisex Ice-Watch Loulou Watch 007241
Reviewed on 12th February 2017
Reviewed by Adam Shelcot
Impressed with this first Ice watch. Nice clean cut watch with soft strap for comfort, great range of colour and size choices for his and hers.
(reviewed 1 time)
Gents Ice-Watch BMW Motorsport Big Chronograph Watch BM.CH.KLB.B.L.14
Reviewed on 11th February 2017
Reviewed by Sean
I bought this watch I am very pleased with this ,its simple and not over stated and fits well and at a good price
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Ice-Watch Watch CHL.CNY.GD.36.L.16
Reviewed on 3rd February 2017
Reviewed by Ginny
Love ice watches and primates so the two combined whats not to love ,in fact without my glasses cant read time on it ,but doesnt matter love wearing it
(reviewed 2 times)
Unisex Ice-Watch Duo Winter Watch 012967
Reviewed on 28th January 2017
Reviewed by Lisa
I got this watch for my birthday, its a lovely stylish watch, the silicone strap fits great, its not to big an not to small its just perfect I love it, Ill most definitely be buying another in a different colour
(reviewed 1 time)
Unisex Ice-Watch Loulou Watch 007227
Reviewed on 23rd January 2017
Reviewed by Stephanie
I dont think the photograph of this watch does it as much justice as it deserves. The glitter face is a lovely feature and compliments any outfit. Whether youre dressed to the nines or going for something a bit more laid back. Its sleek and comfortable to wear. I like that the watch itself is easy to keep clean with the silicone material and even better still it doesnt add a childish look to the watch. There isnt anything I dislike about the watch thus far. Size wise it sits nicely and is easy to read, the strap doesnt rub and the time itself is easy to adjust. All in all Im very happy with my purchase.
(reviewed 1 time)
Unisex Ice-Watch Loulou Watch 007239
Reviewed on 18th January 2017
Reviewed by liz
Love it. Exactly what I was looking for with the added bonus of swimming in it. Strap is quite long so would be possibly too big for someone with a very small wrist.
(reviewed 1 time)
Unisex Ice-Watch Sixty Nine Watch 007274
Reviewed on 8th January 2017
Reviewed by Pete
The watch is a excellent colour and perfect fit plus its comfy on the wrist and doesnt look too small or too big
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Ice-Watch Love Watch LO.WE.GL.S.S.16
Reviewed on 4th January 2017
Reviewed by Erica
Santa brought this watch for my 10 year old daughter this Christmas, after she and I had browsed online together. She particularly wanted an ICE watch because of their comfort and pretty design. The band is very soft but also durable and cleans easily. The face is a good size and the band fits her small wrist well. She loves the glittery love script on the face, and the tone of the metal parts. I am confident it will last well as my two older daughters have had ICE watches for a while now. I cant really think of anything about the watch that I dislike. The warranty of two years is very good and the price is reasonable. I would definitely recommend the brand, and this particular watch.

(reviewed 2 times)
Ladies Ice-Watch Ice Chic Small Watch 001399
Reviewed on 23rd December 2016
Reviewed by Donna
Lovely watch in lovely packaging.Christmas present for my 12 year old daughter whos very pleased to receive it on Christmas Day.The rose gold sets the watch off perfectly.
(reviewed 1 time)