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Since 1892, Hamilton is famous for innovation, classic American style, and supreme quality swiss made watches.

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Hamilton Watches - History and Hollywood

Hamilton watches have been in continuous production since the late 1800s. The company has maintained the same level of quality throughout the past century, and they are pushing into the 21st century with new ideas about what a wristwatch can be. The unusual sophisticated designs of the Hamilton line of watches offer accurate timekeeping in an elegant, unique package.

A Proud History

Early in the 1900s Hamilton was chosen as the wristwatch supplier for the American armed forces. Hamilton watches have been on the wrists of servicemen during both World Wars and every other conflict that the United States has entered into over the last hundred years. Accuracy and dependability can mean the difference between life and death for military personnel, and Hamilton takes that responsibility seriously. If the military can trust a Hamilton watch to be accurate in any situation, the typical consumer can trust the quality of Hamilton watches for the struggles of every day living.

An Eye Toward Innovation

Hamilton is more than a durable, accurate military timepiece. The Hamilton watch company has been at the forefront of watch technology since the 1950s. The Hamilton Ventura watch was the first ever battery operated wristwatch, and it caused a sensation in the world of timepieces. They were the first company to produce a digital wristwatch in 1970, and they have never stopped looking for new improvements to their watches. Hamilton is determined to stay in the forefront of technology as well as design.

Sophisticated Style

The unique styles of Hamilton watches have made them the perfect accessory for Hollywood and television productions. Many popular movies have featured characters wearing Hamilton watches. Costume designers are drawn to the understated sophistication of Hamilton. There are several shapes and designs that make these watches unique without making them seem like a novelty. Whether you choose a traditional analog watch that brings back the nostalgia of the 1950s or you prefer something that looks like it could belong in the next century, there are Hamilton watches to fit everyone's style. The ability of Hamilton to marry fashionable form with precision function makes them one of the premiere watch companies in the United States, the UK, and around the world.

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Mens Hamilton X-Wind Chronograph Watch H77912135

Ladies Hamilton Ventura Watch H24211852

Hamilton Highlights:

 2 year guarantee
 Prices around £620 (From £240 to £1470)
 Supreme quality cases
 Swiss automatic movements in most models
 Classic, original, American styling
 Extra thick, high quality leather straps

Recently Reviewed Hamilton Watches

Mens Hamilton Khaki Field Day-Date Automatic Watch H70505733
Reviewed on 28th September 2016
Reviewed by LP
Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic Day Date Firstly, I have only had this watch for a couple of days so the longevity of the watch and its components is hard to judge but based on the history of the company providing watches to the US armed forces in WWII and expertise of the parent company Swatch I wouldn’t expect any issues with this. Also I have purchased a watch from the same collection but in a different colourway see picture as that was my preference but the watch is essentially the same. Style: I like all the styles within the Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic Day Date collection in all honesty as they all work well in different situation. The white watch face with black leather strap would work very well as a dress watch in my opinion and the black watch face with brown suede strap, I purchased, will work well as a day to day watch although I will probably also wear as a dress watch as I like the colour / style. Comfort: The suede strap does not have a lot of padding but is nonetheless comfortable and will likely soften more over time to be even more comfortable. Technologies: The H-30 movement with 80hrs power reserve has not yet been fully tested by me but as noted earlier the history of Hamilton, Swatch and also the manufacturer of the automatic movement for Hamilton ETA - also owned by Swatch, is well known to be efficient, accurate and reliable. I especially like the skeleton caseback showing the movement. Overall: The watch provides me with a Swiss made automatic watch with sapphire crystal, anti-reflective coating and history at a reasonable price and I think it is a very good entry level luxury watch. For me you get effectively everything a luxury watch provide at a more reasonable cost.

(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Hamilton Khaki UTC Automatic Watch H77525553
Reviewed on 7th September 2016
Reviewed by Nicholas Paul Scott
Service good. Condition on recite good. Spot on time as norm. But as many times before no instructions to read. This is the only thing that lets watch shop down. So as norm I will receive nothing. 25 watches.

(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Hamilton Khaki Field Watch H68551833
Reviewed on 7th August 2016
Reviewed by Elaine Dutton
This is a very classy looking watch. My husband chose this for the understated, slightly vintage looks after all Elvis loved his Hamilton watch. The comfortable soft strap with a double pinned buckle is an unusual feature. The unusual shape of the glass face makes this watch stand out. Highly recommend.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Hamilton Khaki Frogman 42mm Automatic Watch H77605335
Reviewed on 18th July 2016
Reviewed by Alfy
Ive been waiting for this watch release since April, I believe watchshop maybe the first retailer that ever sold this watch outside official Hamilton website, here are my remarks about the watch: .42mm case diameter. .20mm strap wont find this anywhere, its different than the 46mm big brother version that has 22mm .Beautiful looking strap thou its too long for its own good .extremely good finish, case is remarkably done with engraved back with frogman emblem on it
Very good
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Hamilton Valiant Automatic Watch H39415654
Reviewed on 1st July 2016
Reviewed by Mo
Excellent prompt service, the watch is just what I wanted, very comfy to wear.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Hamilton Jazzmaster Automatic Chronograph Watch H32596551
Reviewed on 13th June 2016
Reviewed by David
I found the watch shope experience a very straight forward one received the item the next day although the outer box of the watch box was damaged on a corner and opening the watch box I found the watch with no plastics not sure if they come with some or not from the manufacturer but even still I found a couple of minimal marks on the case only visible under a light bulb gave it a little polish ano it faded a bit I was considering sending the watch back but couldnt be bothered as the aestheticsun of the watch was at 98% and Im a perfectionist all around a positive experience but could of been better if the mark was spotted in the previous sale inspection
Very good
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Hamilton Khaki Field Day-Date Automatic Watch H70505153
Reviewed on 24th May 2016
Reviewed by Anthony Elrick
Very happy with the watch, speedy delivery, good correspondence , watch as described and a very happy repeat customer
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Hamilton Flintridge Limited Edition Automatic Watch H15515851
Reviewed on 18th April 2016
Reviewed by Gray
Good looking watch , the cover protects the face.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Hamilton Khaki Field Day-Date Automatic Watch H70505833
Reviewed on 27th March 2016
Reviewed by Richard Zhang
Quality is 100% original Hamilton. The face is very easy to read and its design is gorgeous. The back of the case is see-through, enabling the wearer of the watch to see the beautiful mechanism that makes it work. The strap quality is genuine leather - the material look very nice, has a very nice brown colour and feels great on the touch. The watch itself is very comfortable to wear and if like the Khaki Field collection from Hamilton, this is a must have.
(reviewed 2 times)
Mens Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic Watch H70595963
Reviewed on 15th February 2016
Reviewed by LEE HARDING
Excellent watch with retro style and modern clever movement. Hamilton made most of the watches for the American army in ww2 and this watch pays homage to those watches. Bigger than the original watch at 40mm but the perfect size for a modern field watch. First class quality and finish with nice brushed and polished surfaces. The H-10 movement is very accurate with 80 power reserve.

(reviewed 1 time)