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Fossil - the famous watch brand known for their funky designs for both men and ladies, including watches featuring LCD backgrounds.

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Fossil - The Fashion Watch Brand

When Fossil watches first debuted in 1984, they filled a gaping hole in the watch industry. Until that time, consumers had two basic choices: cheap, unattractive watches - or expensive, stunning watches. There was little, if any, in-between. For the first time, fashionable, affordable and high quality watches were on the market. Not surprisingly, Fossil watches soared in popularity almost immediately; a classic watch line had been born. Today, Fossil continues to offer a stunning range of watches - and they continue to be stylish and affordable.

Reliable Construction

A good watch should last years without giving the wearer any problems. When you invest in a Fossil watch, you are investing in high quality construction that will serve you very well. In the more than 25 years that Fossil has been designing watches, they have produced products of impeccable quality and reliable craftsmanship. Today, few watch makers have the reputation for quality and reliability that Fossil does.

Modern Trends and Styles

Another hallmark of Fossil watches is a fresh, modern approach. Fashion-conscious people who insist on the most trendy and modern watches regularly turn to Fossil timepieces. At the same time, quality is never sacrificed in order to give Fossil watches their modern flair; the timeless elements of a well-constructed watch are all used for each and every Fossil piece.

Top Designers

Some of the hottest names in design and fashion have lent their talent to the design of Fossil watches. Legendary architect Frank Gehry helped design a stunning watch for Fossil; world-renowned designer Phillipe Starck also flavoured a line of watches with his distinctive style. These first-rate talents lend their names and assistance to these watches because of Fossil's topnotch reputation, continually keeping them at the forefront of design and style.

Diverse Designs

From digital watches to choronograph and titanium timepieces - all the way to motion dial and other varieties - Fossil's line of watches is diverse and eclectic, ensuring that wearers never get bored. Longtime fans of Fossil watches are always kept on their toes, and are continually inspired and surprised by Fossil's ever-evolving designs and features.

Specialty Watches

Showing pride for your alma mater is a great thing to do, and there are fewer classier ways to do so than with a Fossil specialty watch emblazoned with the name of your college or university. Class rings are well and good, but a Fossil watch that boasts the name of your alma mater is understated, classy and sophisticated. Fossil has earned a reputation for producing top-of-the-line specialty watches and is continually coming out with exciting new designs.

Value That Doesn't Compromise Quality

The bright colours, sleek metallic hues, compelling lines and exciting faces and dials of Fossil watches all come together to create a look that is truly exquisite. Despite their alluring and attractive style, though, Fossil watches won't break the bank. With Fossil, it's possible to adorn your wrist with a designer watch that you can be proud to wear - all at a sensible price.

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Mens Fossil Machine Watch FS5370

Ladies Fossil Neely Watch ES4288

Fossil Highlights:

 2 year guarantee
 Prices around £110 (From £60 to £199)

Recently Reviewed Fossil Watches

Mens Fossil Townsman Chronograph Watch FS5350
Reviewed on 14th December 2017
Reviewed by Amer
This is a beautiful smart watch, easy to use and looks very smart. The strap is comfortable yet secure without being too thick. Very happy with this purchase.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Fossil Mechanicals Automatic Watch ME3105
Reviewed on 7th May 2017
Reviewed by Neelkrishna Patel
This watch is just what I wanted! It can be worn at family occasions and in professional settings. The off-white colour of the face really compliments the rose gold borders and makes the watch stand out not for me. The colours also compliment a lot of clothing which was also a big factor when choosing this watch. Leather straps are always a more comfortable wear in my opinion and this watch continues to prove my point - wore the watch all day at a wedding yesterday and had absolutely no issues with it! Being automatic recharges on kinetic movement is a nice touch! Id highly recommend this watch to anyone whos looking for a timepiece with character and class!

(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Fossil Jacqueline Watch ES3797
Reviewed on 1st May 2017
Reviewed by Helen
Quick efficient service. Well packaged
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Fossil Jacqueline Watch ES3972
Reviewed on 14th April 2017
Reviewed by Lisa
Really nice watch. Lovely subtle detail on the face, easy to read with data too. Comfortable to wear.
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Fossil Atwater Watch ES4157
Reviewed on 6th April 2017
Reviewed by Darren
Excellent value for money. Loved it
(reviewed 1 time)
Unisex Fossil Mechanicals Automatic Watch ME3089
Reviewed on 6th April 2017
Reviewed by Ablu
Very good quality watch, incredible service. Thank you!
(reviewed 1 time)
Unisex Fossil Mechanicals Automatic Watch ME3126
Reviewed on 29th March 2017
Reviewed by Tina dabbs
Beautiful watch want one myself now, got this for my mum for mothers day and she fell in love with it
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Fossil Townsman Automatic Watch ME3110
Reviewed on 12th March 2017
Reviewed by ProfGlenn
Outstanding. I collect watches, most of them on automatic winders so I can wear whatever I want anytime. Some of these are Christopher Ward diving watches at 700 a pop and others are chronometers at over 1000. These Townsman automatic watches are a bargain - and the timekeeping is as good as well made Swiss within 20s per day. I have three of these Townsmans - the white face, the blue and the black. All are running superbly. The straps are fantastic and really soft and age well. I have also bought quick release nylon and polyester NATO straps to change and co-ordinate and they look superb. I am very happy with this watch. Thats why I bought three in different colours and extra straps to change. They really are very good watches indeed. And at this price an absolute bargain. The faces ooze quality and the manual winding crown is very robust. This is a strong watch, not flimsy at all and looks dressy with the leather strap, or for a sporty look, get a nylon one from Fossil UK for about 12!
(reviewed 2 times)
Ladies Fossil Tailor Watch ES3911
Reviewed on 9th March 2017
Reviewed by Hanny
The watch is perfect for ladies who like decorative simplicity as it is elegant by itself, but you can also wear it with different bracelets and rings. The black mother of pearl case gives a greenish tone in a bright room, but from different angles it is seemed to be black. Thus, this greenish tone enhances other colourful for instance, bright pink accessories, and vice versa. Easy to handle and its medium size is perfect for every occasion.

(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Fossil Tailor Box Set Watch ES4021SET
Reviewed on 26th February 2017
Reviewed by Zi
I cannot do justice to how happy my friends and I are with this box set watch which we purchased as a gift to a friend. After browsing 4 multi-stores and watch shops on Oxford Street for hours, we ended up finding what we wanted on Watch Shop within minutes. This is an ideal gift for a friend in her late twenties, who works as a legal professional but is also very stylist and goes for feminine and elegant objects. The box makes the gift look even nicer, while the watch fits perfectly on any size wrist and can be combined with any colour! Rose gold is a perfect colour to match any outfit without making it too flashy gold or silver can be a bit harder to combine with some styles, while the lovely accompanying bracelets help jazz it up if you want it to look more like a jewel. The watch case itself is a very clean white with a simple modern look, while the multifunction aspect of it the two round panels within it give it a more mature air. We were a bit worried about the light colour of the strap as it can get dirty more easily, but this has not been the case and there is a 2-year guarantee and many options if she ever decides to change it. The birthday girl naturally loved the box set - a true classic!
(reviewed 1 time)