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Few watches in the world today have the sort of intriguing story that Dreyfuss & Co. watches do. Instead of being designed according to gender or prevailing trends, these handmade Swiss watches are crafted around key events in the life of Dreyfuss & Co.'s founder, Rene Dreyfuss. As such, each family of watches is named after an important year in the world-renowned horologist's life. Beyond their compelling story, these watches stand apart from the crowd for their exquisite design, painstaking attention to detail and solid reliability.

Tradition Trumps Trendiness
One of the biggest downfalls of many fine watch brands is that they try too hard to stay on top of emerging style trends, allowing their overall design quality to suffer. Dreyfuss & Co. watches are steadfastly traditional, ensuring that you receive a quality timepiece no matter what. The tried-and-true elegance of these watches' style guarantee that they'll look as phenomenal on your wrist in twenty years as they do right this very minute.

Top-notch Details Add Refinement
If you are fortunate enough to slip a Dreyfuss & Co. watch onto your wrist, take a good hard look at it. The amazing attention to detail is bound to mesmerise you. Each handcrafted watch includes several small, low-key details that give it an added dose of dimension and class. It's easy to lose yourself in the luxury of a Dreyfuss & Co. timepiece, thanks to its many interesting features.

High Grade Materials Ensure Durability
All Dreyfuss & Co. watches feature sapphire glasses, which are second only to diamonds in terms of strength and durability. This important detail makes these watches scratch resistant and wonderfully strong; you don't have to handle Dreyfuss & Co. timepieces with kid gloves. The high quality leather straps on each watch boast press-release functions that make them easy to put on and take off - and that helps protect the leather, too.

Built-In Water Resistance
Thanks to the ingenuity of the engineers who craft Dreyfuss & Co. watches, these timepieces are water resistant without being bulky or clunky. Instead, they are surprisingly thin and very streamlined, blending right in with whatever wardrobe you may have. The Seafarer waterproof standard is used with each Dreyfuss & Co. watch - you never have to remove your watch, if you don't want to!

Precise Swiss Engineering
Since the days of Rene Dreyfuss, every Dreyfuss & Co. timepiece has been handcrafted using the most impeccable and reliable Swiss engineering methods in use today. As a result, each carefully crafted timepiece is guaranteed to function perfectly for many years to come. Because they are truly handmade, Dreyfuss & Co. watches aren't low in price; they more than make up for that by being enduring, timeless and wonderfully resilient.

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Mens Dreyfuss Co Watch DGS00136/01

Ladies Dreyfuss Co 1980 Watch DLS00136/01

Dreyfuss Co Highlights:

 2 year guarantee
 Prices around £480 (From £225 to £995)
 Excellent swiss quality

Recently Reviewed Dreyfuss Co Watches

Ladies Dreyfuss Co 1974 Watch DLS00143/06
Reviewed on 21st February 2018
Reviewed by Marie
Love every thing about the watch. Very elegant . Be warned small face. It did take me a while to work out the fastening. But once I had very easy to use
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Dreyfuss Co 1890 Watch DLB00125/41/D
Reviewed on 10th September 2017
Reviewed by Gemma H
What can I say... I purchased this watch for myself as a 30th birthday present from family and I am so pleased with it! I was looking for something very specific metal strap, round face, mother of pearl background and proper minute markers which are invaluable when catching the train for work as every minute counts when commuting. I have small wrists and the watch is a nice size - it sits comfortably on my wrist and the face itself doesnt stand too proud so fits comfortably under a long sleeved top or jacket. The hands taper to a sharp point meaning it is very easy to tell the time to the minute - a simple thing but super helpful when you need to know the specific time. My local goldsmiths kindly removed some links for me so that it fit comfortably to my wrist. The face of the watch has a very pretty mother of pearl background which catches the light and makes this watch that bit more special. The diamonds set at the five minute markers add that extra bit of sparkle. I hadnt heard of Dreyfuss before I started looking for a watch, but am very impressed with the quality of the watch, its timekeeping and the stunning wooden box it came with. The service from watchshop was fantastic too and with next day delivery, it meant I wasnt waiting long to enjoy wearing my watch. For me, this classic and timeless watch is a practical yet wonderful keepsake for my 30th birthday and is hopefully something I can wear for years to come. If you are thinking of purchasing this watch but just arent quite sure, dont hesitate - this is the best watch I have ever owned!

(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Dreyfuss Co 1974 Watch DGS00140/06
Reviewed on 6th May 2017
Reviewed by Mr Thomas
Formost I would to say well done Watchshop and the Royal Mail for keeping to there promises of delivery 5star for that.The watch was very well packed proberly one of the best Ive received over the years apart from a previous Dreyfus box that had five watch spaces in it. The watch itself which I think looks very nice on better than the wrist photos advertised. But is it worth the full retail price and I would proberly think it could be slightly cheaper. Having said that i personally like it and would say if you like its looks buy it. Three factors are the face colour is silver at least on mine and the lug-lug size is if measured right 20mm so well adaptable to other straps and the blue hand do look black most of the time as they only come into play in certain light. Once again well done to Watchshop on their processing to distribution I was very pleased with them.
Very good
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Dreyfuss Co 1980 Watch DGB00136/03
Reviewed on 15th March 2017
Reviewed by Adrian
The watch was delivered on time to Goldsmiths of Cardiff. The bracelet was adjusted free of charge by competent and freindly staff. Excellent service provided by Watchshop.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Dreyfuss Co 1925 Open Heart Automatic Watch DGS00092/01
Reviewed on 9th February 2017
Reviewed by Vladimir
The watch is very good and high quality watch. I will definitely recommend it to a friend. I am very happy with it.
(reviewed 5 times)
Ladies Dreyfuss Co 1974 Watch DLB00147/01
Reviewed on 9th December 2016
Reviewed by Mrs. Jean. Lowe
I purchased a ladies Dreyfus watch and even though it is a beautiful watch it exceeded my expectations when I received it, the workmanship and quality and presentation were outstanding.
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Dreyfuss Co 1974 Diamond Watch DLB00157/01
Reviewed on 15th November 2016
Reviewed by Jayne
The Dreyfuss Co Collection is truly beautiful, very pleased with my watch
(reviewed 2 times)
Mens Dreyfuss Co 1953 Watch DGS00060/06
Reviewed on 5th October 2016
Reviewed by CBG
Positives: This is a really beautiful item and its available here at a great price Ive since seen it in other stores at double the WatchShop price. Clearly very good quality. Quite small, feels very well made. Comes beautifully packaged in a polished wooden box and would make a fantastic gift. Negatives: Only thing Id say is that the colour of this is totally different from what I was expecting- in reality the gold is quite a pinkish-rose gold: the photos on the WatchShop website make this look much more like traditional yellow gold. So I got a bit of a surprise when I unboxed this but I still think its lovely. Its also a little bit smaller than I was expecting it to be but again that doesnt bother me too much as I dont like my watch face to be too large.
(reviewed 5 times)
Mens Dreyfuss Co 1925 Reserve De Marche Automatic Watch DGS00113/04
Reviewed on 25th August 2016
Reviewed by Adam Campbell
Perfect service. Highly recommendable.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Dreyfuss Co Automatic Watch DGS00102/10
Reviewed on 2nd August 2016
Reviewed by Yingying
Good watch. Worth the money.
Very good
(reviewed 1 time)