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Citizen Watches - featuring Ecodrive technology. Citizen is the producer of some of the most desirable watch designs in the world. Powered by light, Citizen Ecodrive models never require batteries.

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Citizen watch brand overview

Citizen is recognised as one of the world leaders in watchmaking, and is one of the key Japanese watch brands available in the UK. Known for its innovation in both technology and design, Citizen is the proud owner of Eco-drive technology, featured in most Citizen watches. Founded in 1924, Citizen is the worlds largest manufacturer of quality watches and watch movements. In 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008, Citizen was voted watch brand of the year.


What does Eco-drive mean'

Eco-drive technology is the term used for the movement fitted into most modern Citizen watches. It means your watch is powered by light, rather than a traditional quartz battery. In terms of real world use, it means that your watch never needs a new battery change. Also, it doesn't require regular light exposure. A fully charged Citizen Ecodrive watch, even if left in a drawer, will continue to operate for up to 6 months using its stored energy. Furthermore, it doesn't need sunlight to recharge - it charges in any form of light, natural or artificial.


How does this work'

Inside your Citizen watch is a rechargeable battery. This light is charged by light which penetrates through the dial of the watch. You can view a video of how citizen Ecodrive works with the following link : Citizen Ecodrive video.


Citizen quartz watches

Although most customers opt for the Ecodrive models, for the budget conscious customer we also offer Citizen quartz watches. These watches are powered by regular batteries which need changing every few years and offer great value for money.


Buying a Citizen watch

At Watch Shop UK we stock nearly the entire UK Citizen range, with great prices and free next day delivery on all orders. Click here to buy Citizen watches online.

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Mens Citizen Chronograph Eco-Drive Watch CA0625-55E

Ladies Citizen Silhouette Eco-Drive Watch EW2446-57A

Citizen Highlights:

 5 year guarantee
 Prices around £240 (From £76 to £1395)
 Outstanding reliability
 Ecodrive models are powered by light - they never need a battery
 Fine attention to detail, and superbly finished cases
 Real Japanese production - by one of the largest watch companies in the world

Recently Reviewed Citizen Watches

Mens Citizen Alarm Eco-Drive Watch BZ1000-54E
Reviewed on 29th April 2017
Reviewed by Angel O
This watch has surprised me. The quality difference between Rolex case and this Citizen does not exist. The weak florescent hands are the only real criticism. This is good quality [first month of ownership]. Its a real standout piece in comparison to the rest of the brand that all seems too fussy. I did not even know it had blu-tooth when I bought it and I have not wished to use the facility yet, but its remarkable that Citizen sell the only such watch that has 6 months rather than less than a day or two power reserve is light powered so never needs recharging or docking [how boring must docking a watch be] and its waterproof as well. I have one other frankly insignificant criticism it is a little heavy, no doubt due to the blu-tooth aspect. Though the weight does imbue the watch with a sort of made from solid white gold type quality. The day as well as date indicators on an analogue face are appreciated. I advise Citizen to make a not lesser version of this watch, but without the blu-tooth and perhaps lose the 24 hour dial and split the remaining functions between it and the current fussy top right indicator. Make it the same price and use the money for better fluorescence and on a sharper face. A tad cleaner and lighter, ...that would be a smart watch for those of us who could live without the blu-tooth. Well done one Citizen.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Citizen Eco-Drive Watch AW1550-50L
Reviewed on 22nd April 2017
Reviewed by Ellen baird
Very pleased with my purchase as before because I have used watch shop a few times great communication from watchshop from buying the product to receiving it
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Citizen Skyhawk A-T Blue Angels Alarm Chronograph Radio Controlled Eco-Drive Watch JY8058-50L
Reviewed on 19th April 2017
Reviewed by Amit
What can I say..? A gorgeous looking watch with a silky blue finish and a nice yellow detailed finish to the dial. The watch itself is heavy, but not enough to be anywhere near uncomfortable. The main analogue and digital display is both clear and clean in its appearance. The backlight although handy is not particularly bright. The secondary features of the analogue display are lovely albeit a little hard to see due to the main hands. Its a little annoying that you have to remove the crown to access the chronograph and alarm features. The bracelet is nice, but if like me you have a hairy wrist, then brace yourself for some hair-pulling pain! Well worth thr cost. And I cant believe that a solar powered watch can deliver so much!
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Citizen Power Reserve Eco-Drive Watch AW7038-04L
Reviewed on 19th April 2017
Reviewed by Johnathan
Lovely looking watch with the strap. Comfortable, a bit chunkier than expected but looks sharp and modern. Really like it :-
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Citizen Skyhawk A-T Limited Edition Alarm Chronograph Radio Controlled Eco-Drive Watch JY8056-04E
Reviewed on 26th March 2017
Reviewed by Ian spen
Absolutely stunning watch beautiful in every way . Shame it was to big for my small wrists
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Citizen Silhouette Diamond Eco-Drive Watch EW2360-51A
Reviewed on 24th March 2017
Reviewed by Amy
I have been looking for a bracelet watch a long time. This watch is stunning and not over bling. I have a very slim wrist and the size is just perfect. The blue dial and diamond inserts adds elegance to the watch. This watch however does make a quiet ticking noise with the secondhand. Watchshop was able to price match, has free delivery and no quibble return and free bracelet adjustment. Delivery was super fast and the whole experience has been top notch. They are much cheaper than any high street retailers and the range are a lot more extensive. I would definitely recommend to anyone.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Citizen Eco-Drive Watch BM7344-54E
Reviewed on 4th March 2017
Reviewed by Peter Summerfield
I bought this watch for myself as it would compliment a suit if you were going to a interview and it also goes well with a short sleeved shirt, the other thing i like about this watch is the diamonds on the black face which sparkle beautifully also the gold hands stand out, and the gold bezel blends in beautifully on the stainless steel case, the bracelet is another stand out feature were you have brushed stainless steel with polished gold plate in the middle a lovely touch, i would highly recommend this watch. Watch Shop brilliant as usual.

(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Citizen Sport WR100 Eco-Drive Watch AW0050-82E
Reviewed on 28th February 2017
Reviewed by Marmot
Lovely watch, delivered on time. Strap too big, probably my fault, voucher to adjust it for £5 no use as no stores round here. Would have been nice if watch was set to correct date and time
Very good
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Citizen Navihawk A-T Blue Angels Alarm Chronograph Radio Controlled Eco-Drive Watch JY8031-56L
Reviewed on 11th February 2017
Reviewed by Geofdalton
Its superb watch well made and nice and chunky as i only where it as a going out watch its so well made and you get a 5-years guarantee so great

(reviewed 5 times)
Ladies Citizen Dress Eco-Drive Watch FE1081-08E
Reviewed on 2nd February 2017
Reviewed by Shelo
This is the first time I have found a watch that fits me comfortably. I have tiny wrists and usually I have to buy childrens watches or make unsightly holes in the strap. When I have had watches made smaller they do not sit well. This watch, whilst catering for normal wrists, also suits us with slimmer wrists without a long bit of strap showing. The numbers are clearly visible. The next watch I want is one with the mother of pearl face for the occasional evening out.

(reviewed 1 time)