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Citizen Watches - featuring Ecodrive technology. Citizen is the producer of some of the most desirable watch designs in the world. Powered by light, Citizen Ecodrive models never require batteries.

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Citizen watch brand overview

Citizen is recognised as one of the world leaders in watchmaking, and is one of the key Japanese watch brands available in the UK. Known for its innovation in both technology and design, Citizen is the proud owner of Eco-drive technology, featured in most Citizen watches. Founded in 1924, Citizen is the worlds largest manufacturer of quality watches and watch movements. In 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008, Citizen was voted watch brand of the year.


What does Eco-drive mean'

Eco-drive technology is the term used for the movement fitted into most modern Citizen watches. It means your watch is powered by light, rather than a traditional quartz battery. In terms of real world use, it means that your watch never needs a new battery change. Also, it doesn't require regular light exposure. A fully charged Citizen Ecodrive watch, even if left in a drawer, will continue to operate for up to 6 months using its stored energy. Furthermore, it doesn't need sunlight to recharge - it charges in any form of light, natural or artificial.


How does this work'

Inside your Citizen watch is a rechargeable battery. This light is charged by light which penetrates through the dial of the watch. You can view a video of how citizen Ecodrive works with the following link : Citizen Ecodrive video.


Citizen quartz watches

Although most customers opt for the Ecodrive models, for the budget conscious customer we also offer Citizen quartz watches. These watches are powered by regular batteries which need changing every few years and offer great value for money.


Buying a Citizen watch

At Watch Shop UK we stock nearly the entire UK Citizen range, with great prices and free next day delivery on all orders. Click here to buy Citizen watches online.

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Mens Citizen Skyhawk A-T Red Arrows Alarm Chronograph Radio Controlled Eco-Drive Watch JY8059-57E

Ladies Citizen L Carina Diamond Eco-Drive Watch EM0464-59D

Citizen Highlights:

 5 year guarantee
 Prices around £250 (From £76 to £1395)
 Outstanding reliability
 Ecodrive models are powered by light - they never need a battery
 Fine attention to detail, and superbly finished cases
 Real Japanese production - by one of the largest watch companies in the world

Recently Reviewed Citizen Watches

Ladies Citizen Quartz Watch EU6030-56D
Reviewed on 5th January 2017
Reviewed by Caroline
Wanted an everyday watch that had enough sparkle for a going out watch too. Love the mother of pearl face and diamonds around the face edge. Its the perfect size, not too big or chunky like a lots of watches I saw. Reduced the bracelet size, but needed more removing on collection from goldsmiths free of charge arrived very quick, excellent service.
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Citizen Sport WR100 Eco-Drive Watch EW2374-56A
Reviewed on 4th January 2017
Reviewed by Mcspuppy
I purchased this watch for myself and one other for comparison as I had not seen them in the shops to be able to view them. Once they arrived I knew immediately that I would be keeping this one. The classic white face provide timeless style and elegance yet the watch itself is simple enough for every day use. The two-tone colour bracelet works very well with the watch face and provides just the look I was hoping for. The face itself is a little on the small side than what I was expecting however has not put me off from keeping it. The external dial around the watch face, has a gorgeous coin edge pattern which is very nice and add thats nice little detail to the watch. Very pleased and cant wait to get it adjusted so I can start wearing it.
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Citizen Silhouette Crystal Eco-Drive Watch EX1434-55D
Reviewed on 28th December 2016
Reviewed by Beautiful Christmas Pressie
A very attractive and well presented multi use watch. Spent the extra few pounds on the gift wrap.... well worth it.
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Citizen Silhouette Crystal Eco-Drive Watch EW1994-57N
Reviewed on 18th December 2016
Reviewed by Mark
Exactly as ordered and delivered well within the specified time.
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Citizen Silhouette Diamond Eco-Drive Watch EW2362-55A
Reviewed on 16th December 2016
Reviewed by David Gooding
Watch arrived on time and in good condition
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Citizen Sport WR100 Eco-Drive Watch BM7322-81B
Reviewed on 12th December 2016
Reviewed by Chris
I bought the the Citizen Sport WR100 in gold size medium and am very pleased with the build quality of the product, a simple classic design it is quite heavy and looks a much more expensive watch than it is to purchase, it really stands out on your wrist as something of quality. I would suggest the medium size is very generous so will probably have to remove a link from the band. Comes in a smart box well packaged so was pleased with this as it will be given as a gift. Overall am very happy with the purchase
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Citizen Sports Chronograph Eco-Drive Watch CA4220-55L
Reviewed on 6th December 2016
Reviewed by Dennis Johnson
Excellent product - simple and easy to use not too many little used functions to complicate matters. Clear face although date is a little small.
(reviewed 5 times)
Mens Citizen Drive Chronograph Eco-Drive Watch AT2230-03A
Reviewed on 6th December 2016
Reviewed by Andy
What a stunning watch, great quality as usual for citizen. The white is proper white while the accent isnt as bright as the pictures suggest, pink yes but not to over the top. Leather strap very comfortable.
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Citizen Eco-Drive Watch EW2390-50D
Reviewed on 5th December 2016
Reviewed by Werner
The watch was delivered in quick time and looks really nice. This is a surprise for the wife so hope she likes it. It looks exactly as advertised in the website. This is my 3rd purchase from the watchshop and i love their good customer service, range and price of watches and speedy delivery\r\n\r\nOverall very satisfied
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Citizen Circle Of Time Eco-Drive Watch EM0382-86X
Reviewed on 5th December 2016
Reviewed by Chris
Excellent product, really nice quality feel to the watch and clasp.
(reviewed 1 time)