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Citizen Watches - featuring Ecodrive technology. Citizen is the producer of some of the most desirable watch designs in the world. Powered by light, Citizen Ecodrive models never require batteries.

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Citizen Watches - Further Background Information

Citizen Watches is the largest timepiece manufacturer and distributor in the world. The brand is known for its attention to detail and quality. Citizen watches are made to last, using the latest technology to ensure that each watch is incredibly accurate and highly durable. Citizen prides itself on being a leader in watch innovations, and they have produced some of the most high-tech watches on the market. The first voice recognition watch and the slimmest LCD watch are just two of the futuristic designs that have been produced by Citizen in the last few years. There are over 300 styles available in the current Citizen line, and each watch has its own unique form and function - all current Citizen watches are available from

A History of Excellence

Established in 1918, Citizen planned to create a watch company that would appeal to every citizen of the planet. The diversity of the watches that they offer lives up to the original ideal. There is a Citizen watch that will fit the needs of any wearer in any situation. From diving watches that can withstand the pressures of the deep ocean to elegant jewel-studded accessories, Citizen provides a timepiece for any occasion. Even though the company is almost 100 years old, Citizen watches maintain a sense of contemporary style.

An Eye Toward the Planet's Health

One of the newest innovations in the Citizen line of watches is their eco-friendly designs. The new ecologically friendly watch line runs entirely on natural light and doesn't include any sort of battery. Eco-friendly watches are available in women's and men's designs ranging from decorative to rugged. With Citizen watches, you can elegantly keep accurate time while you do your part to protect the environment from the toxic waste left behind by discarded batteries.

Sporty Elegance

Citizen's main focus is on the beauty and durability of their watches. Endorsed by international sports figures, these watches were created to withstand the abuse of daily life, even if that abuse includes a tough workout or intense competition. No matter how hectic your life is, Citizen watches can absorb the stresses while maintaining their striking good looks and keeping time accurately. Just like the people who wear them, Citizen watches are difficult to stop.

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Mens Citizen Skyhawk A-T Red Arrows Alarm Chronograph Radio Controlled Eco-Drive Watch JY8059-57E

Ladies Citizen L Carina Diamond Eco-Drive Watch EM0464-59D

Citizen Highlights:

 5 year guarantee
 Prices around £240 (From £64 to £1395)
 Outstanding reliability
 Ecodrive models are powered by light - they never need a battery
 Fine attention to detail, and superbly finished cases
 Real Japanese production - by one of the largest watch companies in the world

Recently Reviewed Citizen Watches

Mens Citizen World Chronograph AT Chronograph Eco-Drive Watch AT8116-57E
Reviewed on 30th November 2016
Reviewed by McCawley
Really nice watch the gold colour isnt too dark and is a perfect good looking watch for anyone its perfect

(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Citizen Silhouette Crystal Eco-Drive Watch EW1220-80D
Reviewed on 19th November 2016
Reviewed by Sharon
My watch arrived as promised and matched up to all my expectations, I absolutely love it. This will be my third citizen quartz eco drive watch and two of them purchased from watch shop. I actually think the watch is even better than the pictures or video portray it. Looks sparkly and expensive . I had the watch adjusted to fit my wrist and that was a good job too.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Citizen Watch BI1054-55A
Reviewed on 17th November 2016
Reviewed by Juddy
I have bought this watch for my husband for Christmas. The same watch was 18 dearer at Debenhams! I love the look of this watch. I like the two tone aspect. It is really smart and good quality. .
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Citizen Eco-Drive Watch BM7252-51E
Reviewed on 30th October 2016
Reviewed by AC
A timeless piece delivered on time with instructions fulfilled. The watch was a late birthday present for my father who loved it. The fact that I was able to specify the size of his wrist and they were able to adjust the strap beforehand was so useful.
Very good
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Citizen Bracelet Gift Set Watch EW1909-64A
Reviewed on 20th October 2016
Reviewed by Mike
The watch is not overbearing. The rose gold banding blends well with the sliver and the watchface is lifted by the crystal surround without being overpowered. The face itself is well proportioned and clear to read. The date window is a little on the small side and makes it difficult to see the date at an angle. The watch comes with a matching bracelet made from the same materials as the watch strap. It has three small lozenges set with crystals which is a nice additional touch to the piece. The packaging is fairly standard - a circular case inside a cardboard box. Inside the case the watch and bracelet are not fixed and will move freely about. If you are buying this as a gift you will want to remove the silica and lay the bracelet out as mine had tangled. Overall a very nice watch and bracelet set but the packaging could be improved.
Very good
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Citizen Skyhawk A-T Red Arrows Alarm Chronograph Radio Controlled Eco-Drive Watch JY8059-57E
Reviewed on 18th October 2016
Reviewed by Sopel
Very nice watch but came completely discharge so it took w wile to charge.
Very good
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Citizen Eco-Drive Watch EX1460-55A
Reviewed on 14th October 2016
Reviewed by Suggul
Lovely watch. Looks v classy. Excellent gift for my mother.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Citizen Drive Chronograph Eco-Drive Watch CA0590-82A
Reviewed on 30th September 2016
Reviewed by Roy Simpson
Have ordered quite a few watches off watch shop. I am always delighted with my purchases, and how quickly they are delivered.
(reviewed 3 times)
Mens Citizen World Time A-T Limited Edition Radio Controlled Eco-Drive Watch AT9013-11E
Reviewed on 21st September 2016
Reviewed by Alistair
This is a stunning watch in every way. Synchronises with atomic time signal every night, and charges using natural or artificial light. Date function updates automatically with time signal. Has a crocodile leather strap with clasp style closing mechanism. Amazing limited edition watch. You wont regret buying this
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Citizen Drive Chronograph Eco-Drive Watch CA0590-58E
Reviewed on 21st September 2016
Reviewed by Pete
I bought this watch for a mate for his 70 th birthday. I already have one the same and its spot on. Swimming pool or in the sea its never lost a minute all the time Ive had it. My other mate was impressed so he has one too. Great bit of kit
(reviewed 2 times)