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Since unveiling its first watch back in 1974, Casio has always maintained a steadfast commitment to pushing the envelope when it comes to digital technology.

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Casio Watches
If you're looking for a watch that offers a harmonious blend of top-notch technology, stunning visual appeal and rugged durability, you should explore Casio's eclectic line of timepieces. Since unveiling the game-changing CASIOTRON in 1974 - which was the first digital watch with an automatic calendar - Casio has never looked back. Today, their signature cutting edge technology and craftsmanship can be found across their impressive line of watches. From classic designs to contemporary styles, Casio watches are bound to catch your eye.

Innovative Since the Beginning
Right from the start, Casio designed its watches based on the premise that they should do a whole lot more than simply display the current time. Its digital watches have always displayed more detailed information like the second, minute, hour, day and month; AM and PM have always been clearly denoted, as has the day of the week. You'll never be left wondering what time it is when you're wearing a state-of-the-art Casio watch.

Boundless Information Strapped to Your Wrist
Casio watches go far beyond simply telling you precisely what time it is. Global time zones are featured on several watches, as are thermometer features that keep you up-to-date about how warm or cold it is outside. Dictionary functions have long been included in several Casio watches, as have phone book tools. As digital technology becomes more and more advanced, Casio watches evolve right along with it. In the world of digital watches, you simply can't go wrong with a Casio watch.

Solar-Powered Functionality
Another mainstay of the Casio watch line is solar power. As people grow more and more concerned about their impact on the environment, Casio offers a wonderful way to help reduce waste, with their solar powered watches. Instead of throwing out old batteries and replacing them from time to time, you can invest in a high quality solar powered Casio watch that keeps on ticking for twenty to thirty years - all through the power of the sun.

Radio-Controlled Precision
A watch is pretty useless if you forget to reset it, since it displays the incorrect time. Thanks to Casio watches' innovative, radio-controlled technology, you never have to worry about setting your watch again. These watches automatically set themselves, and make the appropriate changes for Daylight Savings time and when you move between time zones. Never miss another important date due to an incorrectly-set watch again.

A Style for Every Taste
As one of the top digital watch manufacturers in the world, Casio boasts a stunning array of different styles. Its Baby-G line offers the femininity and style that today's young women demand, while its Databank line keeps the wearer informed of a number of important things. Casio's Pathfinder watches are perfect for consummate outdoorsmen, while their G-Shock line boasts the strongest, most indestructible watches on Earth. Whatever your tastes and needs may be, there is sure to be a Casio timepiece that will more than fill the bill. Digital watch technology simply doesn't get any better than Casio.

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Mens Casio G-Steel Alarm Chronograph Watch GST-W100G-1BER

Unisex Casio Collection Alarm Chronograph Watch CA-506G-9AEF

Casio Highlights:

 2 year guarantee
 Prices around £140 (From £11 to £2400)
 Incredible Japanese technology
 The pioneer of digital watch technology
 The most respected brand in digital watchmaking
 Unparalleled technological features
 Superb build quality and construction

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Ladies Casio Baby-G Alarm Chronograph Watch MSG-300C-7B3ER
Reviewed on 7th December 2016
Reviewed by Tony
The wife loved the look & features of this watch.
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Ladies Casio Sheen Watch SHE-3508D-7AUER
Reviewed on 6th December 2016
Reviewed by Antonio
Everything great. Good service
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Ladies Casio Classic Watch LTP-1236PGL-7BEF
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Good product
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Ladies Casio Sheen Watch SHE-3030D-7AUER
Reviewed on 24th November 2016
Reviewed by SUSHMA VATS
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Mens Casio Edifice Alarm Chronograph Watch EFR-304PG-2AVUEF
Reviewed on 24th November 2016
Reviewed by Steve
Great looking watch fantastic cobalt blue face, the rose colour bezel just sets it apart, this watch looks far more expensive than it cost. Nice weight to the watch, bracelet felt very comfortable, and has all the chronometer features. Well worth the money
(reviewed 3 times)
Mens Casio G-Shock Alarm Chronograph Watch GA-110LPA-1AER
Reviewed on 20th November 2016
Reviewed by tekkie47
Excellent product and quick delivery - highly recommended Thanks
(reviewed 2 times)
Mens Casio Sports Alarm Chronograph Watch AE-2100W-4AVEF
Reviewed on 18th November 2016
Reviewed by Old geezer
I will add feed back when my grandson opens his Christmas present. I thik tis watch fits the bill for a sporty youngster, 200metres should cover swimming, the basic steel case should help playing other sports.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Casio G-Shock Alarm Chronograph Watch GAX-100A-7AER
Reviewed on 9th November 2016
Reviewed by Tony Guest
Love the Casio G-Shock range and already have a couple of them but when I saw this watch on the Watch Shop website I thought Wow.. Ive gotta have that one too! Well, it looks pretty stunning in white, not just white face and strap but the big double buckle too. Its a huge watch and certainly stands out, looks really trendy and gathers loads of compliments. The grey hands on the white face are sometimes difficult to read and the digital display is rather small... you get used to that though but on looks alone this is a great bit of kit .. love it!

(reviewed 3 times)
Mens Casio G-Shock Alarm Chronograph Watch GAX-100B-1AER
Reviewed on 6th November 2016
Reviewed by Dionne
Very good service excellent delivery time
(reviewed 4 times)
Mens Casio World Time Alarm Chronograph Watch AE-1300WH-8AVEF
Reviewed on 3rd November 2016
Reviewed by Patrik
Excellent building quality for its money. Nice sport watches it has have very complex timer functions - double stopwatching, countdown, multi timer sequences .... Design is very fine even that there are graphic wheels with sporadic function, but at the end it looks very OK.
(reviewed 1 time)