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Since unveiling its first watch back in 1974, Casio has always maintained a steadfast commitment to pushing the envelope when it comes to digital technology.

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Casio Baby-G
Casio has a long-standing reputation in the electronics market. Initially blazing the trail with affordable calculators and audio equipment, the Japanese company that is headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo finally also entered the market with precision time pieces. The Casio Baby-G is actually part and parcel of the G-Shock watch brand. This line of watches is water resistant, features stopwatch functions, offers light options and includes atomic clock synchronization.

Not surprisingly, these time pieces are a favourite of military personnel in the field, fire-fighters and all those in professional positions where exact time keeping is a must for job performance and survival. Since the G-Shock brand is uniquely gents focused, the Casio Baby-G offers the corresponding ladiesí line of time pieces. Still built with the same kind of technology and ruggedness, Casio Baby-G offers distinctive appeal to the playful, athletic female who nevertheless values ultimate functionality in a timepiece.

The watch collection is distinctive and as such does not lend itself to merely playing the second fiddle as a fashion accessory. Instead, it becomes a main staple of the wardrobe that either blends in with the clothing selection or becomes underscored by it. Casio Baby-G comes in a number of bold colours and also stand-out black tones. For example, the Baby-G series of watches features a bold pink that is offset by either a black or white resin band. The all-pink model is an excellent choice for younger women who are already exploring their fashionable side but are unwilling to merely settle for standard timekeeping.

Perhaps the one Casio Baby-G that could qualify as being the most visually exceptional is the ladies digital pink series. Square watch faces affixed to resin bands present the watch makeup. The functionality of the timekeeping device makes it excellent for the track runner, swimmer or any other athlete who relies on stopwatch functionality and split time displays. The silvery watch face with a hint of the watch bandís colouring displays distinctly against the multiple colours of straps. This line of watches works equally well as a colour accessory or a counterpoint.

One of the few Casio Baby-G watches with a distinct name, the Sweet Poison relies on a metal band and overall silver colouring to show off the bronzed arm of the wearer. Exceedingly functional, this ladiesí watch offers not only the standard G-Shock functionality but also information on 29 time zones, adjustable daylight savings timer, four daily alarm settings and one snooze alarm. A calendar pre-programmed until the year 2099 rounds out this valuable timekeeping instrument. It is sporty but does not lose its classy look and feel.

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Mens Casio G-Shock Alarm Chronograph Watch GA-110LPA-1AER

Ladies Casio Baby-G Alarm Chronograph Watch MSG-300C-7B3ER

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