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Since unveiling its first watch back in 1974, Casio has always maintained a steadfast commitment to pushing the envelope when it comes to digital technology.

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Casio Baby-G
Casio has a long-standing reputation in the electronics market. Initially blazing the trail with affordable calculators and audio equipment, the Japanese company that is headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo finally also entered the market with precision time pieces. The Casio Baby-G is actually part and parcel of the G-Shock watch brand. This line of watches is water resistant, features stopwatch functions, offers light options and includes atomic clock synchronization.

Not surprisingly, these time pieces are a favourite of military personnel in the field, fire-fighters and all those in professional positions where exact time keeping is a must for job performance and survival. Since the G-Shock brand is uniquely gents focused, the Casio Baby-G offers the corresponding ladiesí line of time pieces. Still built with the same kind of technology and ruggedness, Casio Baby-G offers distinctive appeal to the playful, athletic female who nevertheless values ultimate functionality in a timepiece.

The watch collection is distinctive and as such does not lend itself to merely playing the second fiddle as a fashion accessory. Instead, it becomes a main staple of the wardrobe that either blends in with the clothing selection or becomes underscored by it. Casio Baby-G comes in a number of bold colours and also stand-out black tones. For example, the Baby-G series of watches features a bold pink that is offset by either a black or white resin band. The all-pink model is an excellent choice for younger women who are already exploring their fashionable side but are unwilling to merely settle for standard timekeeping.

Perhaps the one Casio Baby-G that could qualify as being the most visually exceptional is the ladies digital pink series. Square watch faces affixed to resin bands present the watch makeup. The functionality of the timekeeping device makes it excellent for the track runner, swimmer or any other athlete who relies on stopwatch functionality and split time displays. The silvery watch face with a hint of the watch bandís colouring displays distinctly against the multiple colours of straps. This line of watches works equally well as a colour accessory or a counterpoint.

One of the few Casio Baby-G watches with a distinct name, the Sweet Poison relies on a metal band and overall silver colouring to show off the bronzed arm of the wearer. Exceedingly functional, this ladiesí watch offers not only the standard G-Shock functionality but also information on 29 time zones, adjustable daylight savings timer, four daily alarm settings and one snooze alarm. A calendar pre-programmed until the year 2099 rounds out this valuable timekeeping instrument. It is sporty but does not lose its classy look and feel.

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Mens Casio Edifice Sapphire Chronograph Watch EFB-530D-7AVUER

Ladies Casio Baby-G Alarm Chronograph Watch BA-110-4A2ER

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Recently Reviewed Casio Watches

Mens Casio G-Steel Bluetooth Triple Connect Chronograph Watch GST-B100D-1AER
Reviewed on 19th September 2017
Reviewed by Graham
This stunning watch is a statement piece that does get a lot of attention. Extremely detailed face with added mechanism movement design. The closest to the MTG line at a great price for what your getting. An added feature with Bluetooth technology is the icing on the cake for me. Being able to control music with your watch from your phone is a great feature. The all Stainless steel watch does scratch as youd expect from any stainless steel watch but doesnt effect its looks. Super bright LED light but is randomly placed at 6:02 and is so bright that you can barely look at it directly. Would have been better if the light was place at 12-3-6-9. The hour and minute hands are illuminated but there are no illuminates on the bezel face which is annoying, but the LED light is a substitute for that. The bracelet clasp is the only clasp of its kind in the G-shock line which youd find on a Tag or Rolex. Highly recommend this G-SHOCK if you like chunky watches.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Casio G-Shock Blackout Cloth Series Alarm Chronograph Watch DW-5600BBN-1ER
Reviewed on 23rd August 2017
Reviewed by Jonny
Pros The watch is beautiful and sleek. The stealthy look is very appealling while paradoxically commanding a presence on the wrist.The information on the screen is quite easy to read difficult to appreciate in photos. The backlight for low light and dark environment is very good. The black cordura band seamlessly blends with the black watch face enhancing the dark silhouette of the watch, while the silverlike metal strap holes and holder provide a lovely contrast to the black watch band. In brevity the watch is stunning to look at! The watch feels solid on the wrist yet its very light and the band is comfortable on the wrist. A good plus is that the watch will accomodate other watch bandsperlons, NATO etc something I look foward to doing in the near future. The DW5600 is a classic gschock while this black cloth series bbn-1er with the cordura adds a good touch of personality Cons: The buttons on the watch are not its finest features some requiring a hard press to register a response- I hear this is to prevent unintended presses from the wrist.

(reviewed 1 time)
Unisex Casio Classic Collection Cloth Alarm Chronograph Watch W-59B-1AVEF
Reviewed on 18th August 2017
Reviewed by Spraygun
Fantastic watch, light, unobtrusive, water resistant, low cost and tough and this new version of this iconic watch looks very stealthy in its blacked out color scheme and fabric strap. These basic Casios are perfect for everyday wear, sports, outdoor activities etc. and having worn them for years Im glad Casio have refreshed this line and still continue to manufacture these great little watches.

(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Casio Edifice Scuderia Toro Rosso Special Edition Chronograph Watch EFR-556TR-1AER
Reviewed on 25th April 2017
Reviewed by Peter Summerfield
This Scuderia Toro Rosso Limited Edition Watch has a beautiful black face complimented by a blue minute chronograph sub dial situated at the nine oclock position also the red second ticking round the black dial you do not have to struggle to see it. The gold hands in the sub dials also blend in well with the black and blue backgrounds of the sub dials. The watch casing is a lovely polished stainless steel around the edges of the watch and brushed stainless steel on the upper part of the case this has then got a black fixed bezel which fits round the watch case on the top of the case, the stainless steel bracelet strap compliments the watch face with its brushed outer part of the bracelet either side and a highly polished fine stainless steel in the middle. Im very happy with my purchase and i would highly recommend this timepiece to potential buyers.

(reviewed 1 time)
Unisex Casio Classic Collection Alarm Chronograph Watch LA670WEGB-1BEF
Reviewed on 19th April 2017
Reviewed by Reeta
I bought this watch as a present for my friend. She loves the style, size and colours of the watch. It is a metallic black with a gold face.It is a mini sized Casio, very ladylike watch. She figured out how to adjust the fitting of the strap, realising it was very easy to do herself. There is no need to pay to have links removed. I already have the all gold-plated mini Casio watch but I would definitely add this to my collection.

(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Casio G-Shock Alarm Chronograph Watch GA-700-1BER
Reviewed on 7th April 2017
Reviewed by swimclub180496
Bought as 21st birthday gift for my son who previously had a G shock and wished to replace. He spent ages reviewing all the different watches on the market and decided from the look, capabilities and resilience that this watch was the one for him. I ordered online and was very pleased with the quick delivery. The watch is now wrapped and ready to be given as a gift so I am afraid until such times as it opened and used then I can furnish no further details. So far so good though.
(reviewed 2 times)
Mens Casio Edifice Chronograph Watch EF-326D-7AVUEF
Reviewed on 4th April 2017
Reviewed by Stanners
Great watch easy to read and not too heavy, for me just right. Looks better on my wrist than on the website.
(reviewed 2 times)
Mens Casio Edifice Chronograph Watch EFR-556DB-1AVUEF
Reviewed on 18th March 2017
Reviewed by Dave M
Great simple watch. No faffing with functions you never use, just does what it should for a good price. Looks far flasher than its price tag
Very good
(reviewed 2 times)
Ladies Casio Sheen Watch SHE-3508BR-5AUER
Reviewed on 15th March 2017
Reviewed by Rosalynne
I LOVE this watch. Im quite picky about the watches I wear, and my previous watch had had its day over a year and half ago. So Ive been searching for the right watch ever since. As soon as I came across this watch I knew it was the right one. The size, the colour - especially the colour, the watch face, the day, date and 24 hour dials, are all features that I liked the look of. I ordered it immediately. Though when first unpacking the watch from the box, I was concerned that the colour wasnt the same as the image on the website though it does state that the colour may not be an exact match to the image, however, taking it out the box and putting it on made a huge difference and the colour is better than I originally thought, even from the image. The only problem Ive come across is that the day, date and 24 hour dials were not correct and when I tried to change them, the pin on the first notch as it states in the instructions does not change the dial so I had to manually do it, which was a pain but not a huge problem. This watch goes with everything Ive worn so far and so many people have commentated on how great it looks. And it looks great during the day as a casual watch and also sets off any outfits Ive worn out at night. Its functional but pretty and fashionable and is also waterproof to a 100 metres which is great as you dont have to worry about getting it wet. For me this watch is functional and yet has the exact amount of bling without being ostentatious or too flashy but adds that sparkle, its unique in colour, the face size is a great size so that I can easily read the dials without being too large and annoying, but its not so small that it looks dainty I am not a dainty kinda girl!. I definitely love this watch and definitely recommend it.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Casio Pro-Trek Alarm Chronograph Watch PRG-300-1A2ER
Reviewed on 9th March 2017
Reviewed by Pan Yan
The watch is the new entry of ProTrek series of Casio. The colors is as shown on the default picture. It seems a little bigger in the photo than it is actually. The strap is stiff and it seems to be of good quality. Between the outer glass and the resin there is a gap, which may be for maitenance reasons or better water resistance. Below the buttons, there is piece of plastic, maybe for protecting the accidental press of one of them. Generally, the outer structure of the watch seems to last long. I checked the water resistance in the same day i received it with a little heartbreak :P in a shower and there was no problem at all. The buttons clicked the first time i pushed them, and this was a proof of being never used. The time setting and the calibration was easy. The barometer and compass are very accurate. The thermometer with a good calibration is slightly worse with +- 2oC declination. The altimeter depends fully on the barometer and the readings are way off day by day if you stand in the same altitude all the time due to the air pressure changes over the days. So you have to recalibrate it, when a new trekking session starts. The battery is charged by light natural or artificial and goes from medium charge to high pretty fast with a good exposure to sunlight. Generally, the modes that this watch provides are exactly as the page describes. Facts that i liked: -The colours and the size of the letters -The minimal design -The easy setup -The plenty modes that provides. -The solar battery Things i didnt like: -The photo size versus the actual size thats temporal, until i get used to the idea :P -The gap between the outer glass and the resin. -The order of the modes. It goes Sunrise-Sunset - Recorded Data - Stopwatch - Timer - Alarms - World clock. Id prefer something like Stopwatch - Alarms - Timer - World clock - Sunrise-Sunset - Recorded Data. -The altimeters algorithm to measure altitude dependance of a non constant variable

(reviewed 1 time)