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Calvin Klein - one of the most prominent brand names in the world of fashion. All cK watches feature modern, fashionable, stylish and bold designs, as well as genuine swiss movements.

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About Calvin Klein Watches

When Calvin Klein opened a coat shop in New York City in 1968, nobody could have guessed the impact that his distinctive style would eventually have on the world. From wearable yet stylish apparel to advertising campaigns that changed the face of fashion, Calvin Klein has always been synonymous with innovation and excitement. CK watches are no exception to that rule; in fact, they generally epitomise all of Calvin Klein's most treasured characteristics.

cK Watch: A New Direction for Watches

In 1997, Calvin Klein teamed up with the world-class watch designer Swatch to form cK Watch. For the very first time, watches were transformed into true fashion accessories. People are more likely to buy a Calvin Klein watch to enhance an ensemble, rather than to keep track of the time. Since their focus has always been on fashion, Calvin Klein watches are veritable eye candy and accentuate any outfit or look with aplomb.

Cutting-Edge Materials Increase Allure

Every CK watch is crafted out of top-of-the-line materials - and it shows. Stainless steel and gold-tone components feature heavily in the Calvin Klein watch collection, lending a dazzling yet understated amount of glitter and glamour to each piece. In many cases, precious stones are used to transform these watches into bona fide pieces of jewellery, creating the ultimate accessory for fashion-forward people.

An Emphasis on Individuality

Conventional designs aren't characteristics that you'll find in Calvin Klein watches. Each piece is carefully executed to create a unique, alluring aesthetic. A broad enough array of pieces are available that it's possible to select a look that will set you apart as an individual. Blending in with the crowd isn't going to happen when you slip on a cK watch - but appreciative glances and plenty of compliments definitely will.

Impeccable Attention to Detail

The dials, bezels, clasps and casings of every Calvin Klein watch are imparted with a level of detail and intricacy that is largely overlooked in other watch collections. These pieces look just as magnificent up close as they do from afar. An investment in a Calvin Klein watch is an investment in something that has been lovingly crafted.

Minimalism at its Best

Despite the eye-grabbing nature of Calvin Klein watches, they are anything but ostentatious. Sophistication and class are touchstones of the cK Watch line; clean, simple designs are par for the course. The vast majority of these watches are wonderfully minimalistic, drawing you in with their apparent simplicity. Don't be deceived, though - there's a lot more to these elegant watches than initially meets the eye.

Get the Look You Crave with Calvin Klein Watches

> Calvin Klein watches are available in a dizzying array of styles, colours and designs. Watches with clasps, push-button clasps, buckles and other configurations are all available. Calvin Klein watches quickly become favourite accessories of those who are lucky enough to buy them, and a lot of that has to do with their broad range of looks. The bottom line is, spoiling yourself with a Calvin Klein watch is a great idea.

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Mens Calvin Klein Steadfast Watch K8S211C1

Ladies Calvin Klein Seamless Size Medium Watch K8C2M616

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Good product. Order received on time

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I love this watch. Ive been wearing a MK watch for two years and wanted a change so went for a slim fitting watch. This is exactly what I have been looking for. It sits nicely on my wrist. The strap is classy with a good clasp on it. The face is very elegant. Im really please with it.
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