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Bulova is the hallmark of American watch companies. The name itself resonates with quality, affordability, and history. All icons must start somewhere. Bulova's story began with a dose of the American dream. Twenty-three year old Czech immigrant Joseph Bulova established a jewelry shop in New York City in 1875. By 1911 he branched out into table clocks and pocket watches. A year later he opened the first Bulova watch factory in Switzerland.

Always mindful of opportunity, he met the demand for wristwatches during World War I with a full men's line. Bulova entered the war effort during World War II by offering watches, time pieces, and other instruments to the United States government at cost. After the war, The Joseph Bulova School of Watchmaking helped retrain disabled veterans.

Bulova was first with radio spot commercials and first with television commercials. In 1955, Neilson ratings revealed that the Bulova Watch Company's television commercials were the most viewed commercials world wide. Bulova introduced the first alarm watch, invented a photo timer that keyed off a racing starter's pistol, and an Accutron that was used by Nasa in the computers for the space program.

Bulova's rich heritage and history of innovations continues to this day with the current ladies' and gentlemen's lines. Both lines display elegant design and craftsmanship with a variety of color and style choices. Case offerings come in silver tone, gold tone, rose tone, two tone, and black colored steel. Dials come in choices of black, champagne, silver and white. Bands are leather, metal bracelet, plastic, and fabric. Bulova offers water resistance in choices of splash resistant, swim proof, and diving standard. Bulova goes where you go.

Bulova watches are high end time pieces without luxury price tags. Although they shun fine gold and silver, many styles come with special appointments more commonly seen in the higher price ranges. Cases shapes are round, rectangular, or the slightly rounded tonneau. The entire range is analog, leaving the less elegant digital display behind. Movements can be quartz or automatic wind.

Bulova gentlemen's line of time pieces blends durability with fashionable appointment and clever detailing. Designs sport traditional solid face or recently popular exposed mechanism styling. The entire Bulova gentleman's line is suitable for every situation, from formal dinners to vacation sports. The gentlemen's line also comes with titanium bands, and blue, brown, cream and grey faces.

The Bulova ladies' line ranges from the ruggedly handsome to the elegant with a core of strength. The ladies' line is crafted like fine jewelry, with feminine touches that define ladies' Bulova, including diamond chips which are almost unheard of at this price range. The ladies' line also comes with a ceramic style band and multi colored or mother of pearl face options.

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Mens Bulova Automatic Automatic Watch 98A179

Ladies Bulova Automatic Diamond Watch 97P121

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Recently Reviewed Bulova Watches

Mens Bulova Dress Chronograph Diamond Watch 96D135
Reviewed on 20th January 2017
Reviewed by Dave L
Great looking watch. Very stylish and looks great when the diamonds catch the light and you get the sparkle.
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Bulova Diamond Gallery Diamond Watch 98W218
Reviewed on 13th January 2017
Reviewed by Nil
The watch is beautifully crafted and ideal for a petite person. It is very thin and suitable for any wrists but especially small wrists. The diamonds sparkle under the lights and look very elegant on anyone. I recommend this watch to anyone. This watch gives the impression that it is more expensive than its price when worn on you wrists.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Bulova Mechanicals Automatic Watch 96A191
Reviewed on 10th January 2017
Reviewed by Colm
I recently bought this Bulova automatic watch and must say for the price it is an excellent purchase. Also the convenience of being able to collect from Goldsmiths and have the watch adjusted in store is another huge plus.
(reviewed 3 times)
Mens Bulova Accutron II Lobster UHF Watch 96B232
Reviewed on 6th January 2017
Reviewed by Chris
A very distinctive watch from Bulova. I love the blue colour of the dial and internal bezel and find the smooth sweep of the second hand mesmerising. Its a high quality watch with a very high standard of finish. I like mesh bracelets and the butterfly clasp is comfortable. The dial minute markers and hands have a degree of lume applied but dont expect a Seiko level of glow. The internal bezel is rotated using the upper of the crowns - I was concerned that this crown would turn too freely meaning that it would be impossible to keep the internal bezel from rotating during normal wear, but this is not the case as this crown has a nicely judged level of friction. A great watch and a bargain at the price paid.
(reviewed 3 times)
Ladies Bulova Diamond Gallery Chronograph Diamond Watch 98R209
Reviewed on 6th January 2017
Reviewed by Bisil
This is the second bulova watch I own, and this design is nothing but timeless! I bought it for myself as a graduation gift and I absolutely love it! Its so beautiful I could repurchase lol! It looks more expensive than the price and the design is absolutely amazing. If your hesitating to purchase...trust this stranger and go for it! You wont regret it

(reviewed 4 times)
Ladies Bulova Diamond Gallery Watch 96W210
Reviewed on 3rd January 2017
Reviewed by jude
This bulova watch is lovely to look at. The watch face has sparkly blue sandstone with diamonds on each number and around the outside which are ok but have had better quality diamonds. But it is still a beautiful watch at an amaziing price the same watch was 400 in another jewellers. A must have buy especially with the speedy delivery of watchshop.
(reviewed 3 times)
Mens Bulova Automatic Watch 96A187
Reviewed on 2nd January 2017
Reviewed by Ds
A beautiful watch bought as a present. So lovely looking that it even made a blade want a blue and white watch! The face is quite large but intricately detailed. It fits really well, although needed a couple of links taking out due to a smaller wrist than most. Feels nice and weighty and has a double clasp fastening like all premium watches do. A very eye-catching piece and different with the blue in the dial.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Bulova Marine Star Chronograph Watch 98B278
Reviewed on 29th December 2016
Reviewed by RickyC81
Awesome, stunning watch. Ive been after this watch for a while and I decided to treat myself. Bulova make great quality watches that last, this is the 2nd Bulova watch I own. Ive had a few compliments already about how great it looks. The black and gold combo definitely catches the eye. When Ive told people the price, they are shocked how cheap the price is for a watch that looks this good and is of a high quality build. Thanks again WatchShop

(reviewed 6 times)
Mens Bulova Precisionist Chronograph Watch 98G228
Reviewed on 28th December 2016
Reviewed by Bryn
Absolutely stunning watch! brought it as an 18th birthday gift for my nephew. Only buy this if you want attention as everyone asks him about it! Looks like its worth 1000s He loves it
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Bulova Mechanicals Automatic Watch 97A121
Reviewed on 28th December 2016
Reviewed by Keith Gallagher
The watch was exactly what I expected. It was the cheapest I had seen it by a large amount. The delivery was stop on. I would shop again with the watch shop!
(reviewed 2 times)