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Black Dice timepieces burst onto the scene back in 2006, filling a major void in the urban watch market. Until that time, no watchmaker produced a line of watches that exuded the glamour and excitement of the urban lifestyle. Those whose style veered toward urban-inspired looks were left without decent watches to strap onto their wrists. All of that changed when Black Dice watches debuted; since then, they've adorned the wrists of some of the most happening celebrities - and have become mainstays in the world of fashion.

Fresh, Exciting Features
A huge array of styles, designs and configurations are available among the vast Black Dice watch collection. All Black Dice watches boast backlights, alarms and date displays. Many use quartz movements to ensure precision and reliability, while several are crafted based on top-notch Swiss engineering standards. 3-hand movements can be found on several models, while chronograph and even LED displays are featured on others.

Urban Style with a Twist
Black Dice watches are the icing on the cake of any urban-inspired ensemble. Whether you live in a major city - or just want to look like you do - you're bound to be impressed with what Black Dice have to offer. Bold, vibrant colours are available in several of the brand's most popular watches, while more subdued - but still edgy - colour schemes are also available. Regardless of their colour, every Black Dice timepiece boasts an urban aesthetic that you just won't find anywhere else.

Celebrity-Approved Designs
When trying to remain on the cutting edge of fashion trends, most of us look to celebrities for inspiration. It's quite telling, then, that several very notable celebrities have chosen Black Dice watches since they first appeared on the scene. Some of the hottest and most influential celebs are rocking Black Dice timepieces; by investing in one yourself, you can join them in expressing yourself in a hip, urban way.

Take Your Pick from Several Looks
While the vast majority of Black Dice timepieces boast cutting edge style and design elements, there are also watches available with more classic appearances. This comes in handy for those who need to tone down their look from time to time, as many professional settings require. Whether your look is splashy and eye-catching or more toned down and low-key, there's sure to be a Black Dice watch that will complement it perfectly.

Glamorous Watches for Gents and Ladies
Finally, Black Dice watches are available for men and women. Both genders can get in on the fun and style that go along with this exciting, cutting edge watch brand. Get in on the action and invest in a Black Dice timepiece today - you'll be very glad you did.

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Recently Reviewed Black Dice Watches

Mens Black Dice The King Ceramic Watch BD-064-04
Reviewed on 20th May 2015
Reviewed by PonyOne
This watch looks great. Really nice size at 46mm, decent size without being bulky. The ceramic case is lightweight and looks superb, and the gold accents give it a really nice bit of contrast. The strap is good quality and of a great size for those with larger wrists or for those who wear it looser, like me. Packaging looks excellent, gloss black box with instructions and padding, looks fantastic. Would definitely recommend.

(reviewed 2 times)
Mens Black Dice Gamer Watch BD-056-05
Reviewed on 29th November 2014
Reviewed by RAY

(reviewed 3 times)
Ladies Black Dice Showgirl Ceramic Watch BD-051-01
Reviewed on 4th June 2014
Reviewed by ticktock
Lovely watch, good quality but too heavy for my wife. Perhaps better suited to a younger person. The watch has now been returned.
Very good

(reviewed 2 times)
Mens Black Dice The Lieutenant Watch BD-067-01
Reviewed on 14th February 2014
Reviewed by ChrisA
I purchased this watch to wear for Worksop I dont damage my best watch but I actually like it so much it is now my best watch! The weight is perfect, the size is perfect and the rubber strap make it very comfortable to wear. Definitely my best buy this year so far.
(reviewed 1 time)
Unisex Black Dice Heist Alarm Chronograph Watch BD-022-04
Reviewed on 24th November 2013
Reviewed by Gill Cooper
Nice watch but rather large for a womans wrist and I wonder how easy it will ne to replace the strap. Great functionality though and dead easy to set.

(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Black Dice Baller Watch BD-062-03
Reviewed on 21st November 2013
Reviewed by Roland
This is a really good looking watch, easy to read, because of black background. Easy to operate. I like the catch fastening on this watch. It looks elegant with its gold coloured band and case.

(reviewed 2 times)
Mens Black Dice Hustle Watch BD-003-11
Reviewed on 28th May 2013
Reviewed by Sarah
Nice watch looks as pictured and good quality, quite expensive though. Will be a nice gift.
Very good

(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Black Dice Premier Watch BD-059-03
Reviewed on 15th February 2013
Reviewed by Steve B
Ordered one day, came the next, great service and a lovely watch. It was my first purchase with them, cant fault them

(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Black Dice Edge Watch BD-063-04
Reviewed on 12th February 2013
Reviewed by Yewale
Beautiful watch. But disappointed with the gift wrap. It just came in a white box. Very disappointed.

(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Black Dice Gamer Watch BD-056-02
Reviewed on 30th December 2012
Reviewed by xdx
Very nice and unusual smart lookin watch very happy with this item love the brown and gold colour together perfect gift

(reviewed 1 time)