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When it comes to watches, the Accurist brand speaks of both quality and style. Having been in business for over 60 years Accurist knows how to make a watch that fits any occasion.

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Accurist From their beginning in 1946 Accurist watches have been about precision and lasting value. They guaranteed quality and soon became a brand representing the British lifestyle. Understanding that classic design and fashion can represent one brand, Accurist watches developed the “Old England” look as well as the big, brightly coloured watches that became the symbol of the swinging 60’s along with miniskirts and the Beatles.

Not only in fashion but in quality too it was the first watch company to promote the 21 jewel lever-movement and in the ’70’s changed from LED technology to LCD to become the watch chosen as the official watch for the pilots of the Concorde. Through brand awareness the Accurist became associated with “Sunday Night at the London Palladium” and later John Cleese in award winning advertising that established Accurist as the top British timepiece. In 1993 they provided the Royal Observatory at Greenwich with an Atomic Clock and became associated with the most accurate time in the world. Today, with British Real Accurist is again the leader in the field and understands that people focus more on what the do with their time rather than being a slave to it.

Accurist watches always have a British classic style as well as a trendy fashionable design that is ahead of it’s time. The latest men’s watches include the MB1300. It has a black face with Swarovski crystals around it, three dials for accuracy to the 10th of a second plus day and date and is water resistant to 100M. The stainless steel and black ceramic band is very sophisticated. There is a wide variety of sports and dress watches including the MB808B with gold tone bracelet and elegant clear black face with a tiny date window and the same style in stainless steel. The MB819B is a stainless steel chronograph with layered dials. A very well designed and attractive watch for casual as well as dress occasions that comes with a racy yellow or aqua blue highlights.

For ladies there is a whole section of watches that combine the precision of an Accurist with the look of jewellery. LB1292 gold tone with Swarovski crystals is a semi bangle watch and also comes in sliver tone. There is a rectangular bezel LB1332P with Swarovski crystals and a mother of pearl dial in both silver and gold tone. LB1643BP is a very elegant sports watch with Swarovski crystals as well as a black mother of pearl dial and three dials with day, date and 24 hour time. This stainless steel watch is water resistant up to 100 M and has the same 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee that all Accurist watches have.

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Mens Accurist Watch 8192

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Accurist Highlights:

 2 year guarantee
 Prices around £100 (From £35 to £975)
 British designed timepieces
 Great timekeeping quality
 One of the most popular brands in the UK

Recently Reviewed Accurist Watches

Mens Accurist Watch 7046
Reviewed on 16th August 2017
Reviewed by Amit
This watch is good from the perspective of its price and also looks good after wearing the same. Design is good and the only thing I would like to highlight is the finishing colour of watch dial is not very precise or it seems like it is an intentional look but from my choice, I would like the dial to have smooth look.
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Accurist Necklace Gift Set Watch LB1213P
Reviewed on 1st May 2017
Reviewed by Dmac
Beautiful co ordinating set, bought as a gift for a 60th and she couldnt have been happier with it. Excellent quality.
(reviewed 1 time)
Accurist Chronograph Watch 7083
Reviewed on 8th April 2017
Reviewed by Harry
Beautiful watch, got this for my 21st yesterday. Had some links taken out and its perfect. This watch has a small face and suits slimmer wrists. It has a white face with rose gold hands and is very easy to read. The chronograph function works well and is a nice feature, though really its just for cosmetic value rather than function, but it rounds off the overall design. The clasp on the strap is really well made and feels secure on your wrist. Only worn this watch a few times but it already feels like an extention of my arm. Also as a side note, its really quiet! You cant hear any ticking at all, which is handy if it keeps you up at night!
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Accurist GMT Chronograph Watch GMT322B
Reviewed on 3rd April 2017
Reviewed by Adam Gillett
I would offer this watch 8/10 overall. This Watch is a very interesting piece. Only 2000 of each type of the GMT commemoration pieces are available. The strap of the watch is very nice, there is a fancy clasp system which takes some setting up, and seems relatively flimsy, however it works for now and straps are replaceable so not the end of the world, 7/10 here. The watch itself is very impressive, grand complication is no understatement. Setting up is not too difficult, expect to spend half an hour on it, many of the functions will need setting twice, but the instructions are clear, and all the buttons operate nicely except the moon phase setup button which requires a small pin/needle however this is something that does not require doing often so not really a fault. The normal buttons do have some play in them, and this is a shame as in all other respects the watch does a good job of being a high quality item. The other minor grievances are that the chime is an electronic speaker, but this is a very nice tone, and can be set separately to the time displayed on the face, allowing the watch to tell the time in 2 time zones, a nifty feature that makes this gimmic quite useful! However this function cannot be used as an alarm, despite implying on the website that it can be. The watch has another small annoyance in that the hand one would suspect to display seconds does not, it only displays seconds for the chronograph the second hand for the actual time is displayed in the far right dial! This is just a personal preference however. If you want a complicated watch I would definitely recommend this one, for the price and features it is unbeatable, it is a shame that the buttons are a little on the poor side but this is a 200 pound watch, not a 2000 pound watch. It gives an impression of a very nice watch, and in terms of looks I would buy it over many many more expensive rivals. Its no Patek Philippe by any means but then its not anything like the price! The Sapphire glass is a comforting feature knowing your purchase wont get scratched in the first week is always a bonus! Due to the small imperfections this watch cannot get a full 10/10 but I would happily give it 8/10, and with a nicer strap would happily give 9/10, it is nothing short of a miracle Accurist have created this timepiece at this price!
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Accurist Chronograph Watch MB641
Reviewed on 31st March 2017
Reviewed by Suzie
The watch arrived really quickly and customer services were great at communicating when I had questions following the sale.

(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Accurist London Watch 8007
Reviewed on 27th March 2017
Reviewed by Sean
Watch was a birthday present. Ordered online and collected in store Goldsmiths, Leeds. Delivery prompt, collection easy, fitting free in store in minutes. Would recommend.
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Accurist Watch LB1407P
Reviewed on 21st March 2017
Reviewed by Paul
A very nice watch: good quality and stylish. The face is only 20mm so its ideal for someone with a smaller wrist, and the bracelet is adjustable
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Accurist Chronograph Watch 7103
Reviewed on 15th February 2017
Reviewed by peter
great looking, fantastic gold colour not too yellow not too red, fantastic suit classic watch
(reviewed 1 time)
Ladies Accurist Watch 8142
Reviewed on 14th February 2017
Reviewed by Polly
Just love this dainty watch which is like a piece of jewellery. Easy to fasten the strap . Keeps good time and works well with silver and gold.
(reviewed 1 time)
Mens Accurist London Chronograph Watch 7032
Reviewed on 10th February 2017
Reviewed by Fay Mitchell
Lovely looking watch bought for my grandsons 21st birthday i love the face of watch really classy and prompt delivery service
(reviewed 1 time)