Telling the time is a very important skill for both kids and adults. There are many different ways of telling time, and the most common ways today are with digital or analogue (old-style) clocks and watches. Being able to tell the time is so important than in the olden days, people even used the position of the sun to figure it out! For example, suppose your favourite cartoon starts at 4pm. If you are able to read the clock properly, you definitely won’t miss your cartoon! Even adults find it very helpful to read the time, since it helps them to organize tasks throughout the day. After practicing for a while, you will find that you can tell the time without much effort at all. Have a look through the resources below for more information on how to read the time. After that, try out some of the other exercises and activities to practice your new skills. Once you are able to tell the time, perhaps you can try building a clock or get your very own watch!