Founded in the USA over 160 years ago, Timex has always strived to take watches well beyond the simple purpose of telling time.

Boundaries have continually been pushed to drive innovation, technology advancement and iconic designs. Alongside this, watches made by Timex have always represented style at an affordable price. In fact, by the end of the 60s every watch sold in the world was a Timex.

In 1992 the company introduced a nightlight to its watches, also known as Indiglo™ which was a breakthrough in the watch world.

Today, Timex remains to be one of the very few companies that design and produce their own movements. The long-standing American heritage founded in Timex is the core of the brand's essence and the strength that sets their watches apart.

Timex Watches

Easy Reader

The direct descendent of our 1960s televised torture test survivors, today's Easy Reader is as durable as it is classic cool.

Protected by a scratch-resistant mineral glass lens and driven by energy conscious quartz movement to conserve battery life, there are more Easy Readers on more wrists than any other Timex watch. Shop The Collection   

Timex Watches


This is the perfect watch when you just feel like being yourself. The slip-thru straps allow you to switch easily among a wardrobe of supple leather and washed nylon straps in a spectrum of colors and patterns.

Make a suit feel less stuffy or simply enjoy watching time tick by on the weekends. Shop The Collection   

Timex Watches

The Originals Collection

Analogue watches that evoke a sense of velocity and motorsports inspired energy, Edifice offers a variety of timepieces with high-tech timing features, solar power and Wave Ceptor radio controlled technology for precision time-keeping. Shop The Collection   

Timex Watches

The Waterbury Collection

The Waterbury Collection honors the company's 160-year heritage as an authentic watchmaker with elegant designs. The Collection features a classic stainless-steel case, executed with a thick mineral glass lens with a curved edge for a vintage look and honors Timex's heritage of pure craftsmanship and authentic watchmaking. Shop The Collection   

Timex Watches

The Intelligent Quartz Collection

The Intelligent Quartz Collection is a striking blend of style and performance, the combination of technology and pure aesthetic form. This category of TechnoLuxury timepieces is designed for those who appreciate unequaled functionality and delivers watches that are as beautiful as they are functional. Shop The Collection   

Timex Watches

The IQ+ Collection

The IQ+ Collection features stylish activity trackers that blend the functionality of an activity tracking band with the look and feel of a traditional men's analog watch.

Sync with our app to view activity over time, set goals, track calories burned and even measure sleep. Connect with your phone and never stop to charge. Track your active life! Shop The Collection   

Timex Watches

Expedition Field

The Expedition Field products take both styling and material cues from outdoor gear and apparel to capture the essence of the outdoor lifestyle. The classic,heritage-inspired design pairs well with casual and dress apparel, but is durable enough for outdoor adventures. Everything you need and nothing you don't. Shop The Collection