Smart watches are the ultimate smartphone accessory, combining cutting-edge tech with power and style to produce a wrist companion that can take you that extra mile. Whether you want to up your fitness game or like to keep on top of social media, our smart watch collection features a diverse range from the world’s biggest brands.


Tune into your Apple iPhone with an iOS compatible smart watch, and enjoy a host of enviable features to help you achieve your fitness goals, whilst staying connected to the outside world. Built-in GPS, activity tracking, phone finder, and smart notifications are just some of the many smart features available in our collection.

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Unlock powerful features when you pair your android compatible smart watch with your mobile phone. Our collection includes models from Huawei, Nixon, and Polar, which offer impressive features such as real-time coaching, offline music, GPS, and smart notifications.

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Looking for a fitness watch that can count the calories and boost your track and field performance? Our collection includes activity trackers and smart watches that can count every step, monitor sleep and super-charge your workouts. Brands include Timex, Garmin, Superdry, and Suunto.

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Count every step, track your sleeping patterns, and watch those calories burn with a super smart fitness tracker watch. Choose from sporty models in a range of eye-catching colours, or handsome pieces that combine beauty, brains, and contemporary style.

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Listen to your heart and know when to push forward or reign it in, with a heart rate monitor fitness watch. Choose from high-performance models which come paired with a HRM chest strap, or keep it simple with a wrist-based HRM watch.

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A serious runner deserves a seriously impressive running watch. With a list of brands that includes Garmin, Polar, Suunto, and Huawei, our collection has the right model for you, whether you’re training for a full marathon or need a motivational gadget to aid your running goals.

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Remain on track and in time with the cutting-edge digital craftmanship that comes standard with a GPS watch. Sporty models from the likes of Citizen and Seiko can be worn whether at work or play, whilst fitness GPS watches from Suunto boast a wealth of additional fitness features to help unlock your potential.

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From Casio to Kahuna, and TW Steel to Citizen; our diverse sports watch collection includes models that combine high performance with style. Browse the range and discover impressive features from leading brands to help you achieve your sporting goals.

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If it’s variety you need from your choice of wrist companion, then look no further than a hybrid smart watch. Able to sync with your smartphone via Bluetooth technology, additional features include GPS, mobile phone finder, and social media updates. Once you go hybrid, there’s no turning back.

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