Rooted in the place where style meets simplicity, SKAGEN is a lifestyle brand inspired by the contemporary Danish design movement. SKAGEN's streamlined styles are infused with warmth and character - making them unmistakably inviting. Unquestionably SKAGEN.


Skagen's spring collection is inspired by the energy and vitality of the season. The collection is inspired by bright colours appearing in nature's new blooms, fresh grass and sunny skies.
As blue continues to be the defining colour story for our brand, this season, Skagen introduces a bright, vibrant blue to match the feeling of spring.

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Skagen ladies watches provide classic colour palettes, thin profiles, and understated dials crafted from beautiful, durable materials. Add a ladies Skagen watch to your wardrobe, and you'll be bringing a sophisticated and effortlessly cool timepiece into your collection.

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Skagen mens watches includes all of the styles he'll want for daily wear, plus the refined silhouettes he'll need for more polished special occasions. From blue steel-mesh bands to stately leather bands in a range of colours and textures, you'll find that Skagen watches are made in all shapes and sizes with diverse functionality.

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The sea off of the coast of Skagen, Denmark, has always inspired the Skagen jewellery collection. From the waves, the organic shapes and textures have influenced everything from necklaces, bracelets and earrings to striking sea glass pendants. The resulting pieces are calming yet eye catching.

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