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Seiko Men's Dress Solar Powered Watch

  Estimated 3 - 10 working days to United States

This gents Seiko Dress watch has a stainless steel case and is powered by a solar movement. It is fastened with a silver metal bracelet and has a black dial. The watch has a date function.

Seiko packaging
Seiko 2 year guarantee
Case width approx.
Case depth approx.
Dial Colour
Case Material
Stainless Steel
Strap type
Metal bracelet Free sizing available
Strap Colour
100 metres
Clasp type
Push-button Deployment
Solar More info

This watch is supplied with:

  • - Official Seiko presentation packaging
  • - Official Seiko guarantee
  • - Instruction manual (where applicable)
  • - 107 Reward points

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Reviewed By: Review date: Tue 28th June 2016
5 out of 5 people found this review helpful

Rating: Excellent (5 / 5)

Ive owned a Seiko watch of one sort or another for the last 45 years or more, and in all honesty have only ever bought a replacement when something catastrophic has happened and my watch cannot be repaired. One of my principal criteria has always been an automatic movement with no need to ever change a battery and lose the waterproof status - I forgot to take my ordinary, everyday, inexpensive Seiko automatic off once and went scuba diving, the watch suffered no ill effects from being 30m under the Mediterranean. So when my Kinetic, which Ive barely taken off in thirteen years and never had serviced, ground to halt with a 250 repair estimate I had to start looking. There are other brands, some of them have no battery technologies not unlike Seiko. The solar or light powered movement is a new one on me and Im astonished at how prices have come down - I paid 400 for my kinetic in 2003 and that was one at the lower end of the range.
From my perspective Seiko is an absolutely dependable brand with a full spectrum of styles to choose from, I picked this one because of the clean simple uncluttered appearance. I dont need to know the current time in Bangkok or Baton Rouge, nor how quickly I can get from A to B and back to A, just the time and sometimes the date, so this suits me perfectly. Im not entirely happy with the modern trend for larger watch faces, it does look a bit big on my wrist, but thats a minor issue. Im confident that this new watch will serve me very well for many years, and if I need them Seikos support services are second to none.

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Reviewed By: Review date: Sun 17th January 2016
5 out of 5 people found this review helpful

Rating: Excellent (5 / 5)

A great watch at a very reasonable price. It keeps fantastically accurate time like all electronic watches, but because it recharges using light does not have the hassle of replacing worn our batteries. It has a large, designer face that makes a very good impression. It is also very easy to read. The adjustable metal band ensures that it is a comfortable watch for all sizes. Excellent for a smart and practical everyday watch

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Reviewed By: Review date: Wed 23rd December 2015
6 out of 7 people found this review helpful

Rating: Excellent (5 / 5)

Lovely watch, looks good and the date/day of the week is very useful. It is heavy just like every stainless steel watch so if youre looking for something light try titanium. The watch itself is very comfortable and you wont realise it is there after you initially adjust to the weight I will reiterate it is no more heavy than any other stainless steel watch. The hands glow in the dark, the material used for the glow is the same as any other glow in the dark item it seems. So unless you expose it to reasonable levels before entering a dark place the glow wont last hours. I like to put mine over my bedside light for about 30 seconds before I go to bed so that it glows all night which allows me to tell the time if I wake up.

Being solar it doesnt need a battery change, but dont be fooled, that does not mean a solar watch doesnt need a battery change ever. The battery that stores the solar energy can deteriorate with time. In theory this should take a long time, it depends on the watch and type of battery used. Regardless, it will outlast conventional watches, the main concern is that after a battery change the waterproofing is wrecked if incompetent hands change the battery. With a watch in this price range though, by the time the solar battery is wrecked you probably should have got a new watch long ago as it will be looking tatty if you wear it frequently. Supposedly keeping the battery charged prolongs the life of it so dont stick it in a draw for a few weeks. It doesnt need bright light to function either. Sat on a bedside table is plenty of light. I obviously cant comment on the longevity of this particular solar battery, however Seiko is a reliable brand, I have my Grandfathers solar watch which he bought maybe 10 years ago, it is still going strong, which is one of the reasons I bought this watch in the first place. Factoring advances in technology also I would expect this watch to excel the longevity of its predecessor.

The ticking of the watch is also reasonably quiet. I have had cheap watches in the past which I wanted to smash with a hammer at night as I checked them into a draw to silence their incessant ticking. This is one thing about watches which can drive me crazy. This Seiko is pleasantly quiet though, unless you hold this watch about 6 inches or so from your ear you wont hear the ticking and that is counting on the wearer having good hearing. I can wear it in bed without it bothering me. I am sure some older folks with poor hearing wont be able to hear it at all no matter how close they hold it. Speaking of older folks, if you have poor eyesight you may not be able to see the day/date without your glasses. However having a huge day/date would be pointless and spoil the look of the watch for us folks that are not vision impaired.

The only thing I can fault it on is that once around 11:30pm rolls around the date/day of the week start to change however they change very slowly, it takes about 4 hours for it to change and some of that time it displays the Spanish or whatever language it is day of the week as it rolls past it. Not a big deal but prehaps a mild irritation for anyone who likes to stay up late at night. I havent tried any other watches with this style day|date format so for all I know all watches work this way and it is unavoidable. So this may not even be a negative, but more a reflection of my ignorance regarding the particular engineering of this style.

There is not anything major that I can fault this watch for. Considering the price you arent going to get anything better. In my opinion the only practical upgrade for this style of watch would be to get a titanium version of it so it is a little lighter. That particular upgrade will probably set you back another 100 though, if you want one with the same sized face. Also I would describe this watch style as classy not flashy, you can wear it with anything, it is a great all rounder. Its not the kind of watch everyone is going to notice though, so if youre looking to show off then maybe this watch isnt for you. One of the things I liked about it also is that it is not huge, I have small wrists and it where as it is big the size that is fashionable currently, it doesnt look like a wall clock on my wrist. A tape measure wrapped around my wrist puts them at 161mm which is rather small as guys wrists go.

As for Watch Shop 10/10 they adjusted it for me and delivery was next morning at before 9am! Never had anything so fast. Brilliant company.

I would say this watch excels most in practicality, versatility and convenience. This is the kind of watch a person could have a their only watch and not need anything else... until fashion changes and we are all wearing tiny little watch faces again

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Reviewed By: Review date: Tue 1st November 2016
1 out of 1 people found this review helpful

Rating: Excellent (5 / 5)

Reliable Seiko build. Chose the solar option as Im tired of batteries and kinetic motion watches. Solar is the new trend and very reliable watches. I have two other brands and swear by solar now. This model is very simple and a classic Seiko iteration if you go back 30 years of Seiko style. Nice large dial gives prominence to your wrist. Simple, reliable, wear it, forget about it, and enjoy your day. Great watch and great service from the watchshop too.

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Reviewed By: Review date: Sun 30th October 2016
1 out of 1 people found this review helpful

Rating: Excellent (5 / 5)

Simple, understated, accurate, should last a long long time.

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Reviewed By: Review date: Sat 7th November 2015
1 out of 1 people found this review helpful

Rating: Very good (4 / 5)

Lovely watch but not used yet as for Xmas present. ? booklet with it does not match item though.

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Reviewed By: Review date: Sat 17th December 2016
Rating: Excellent (5 / 5)


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Reviewed By: Review date: Fri 2nd September 2016
Rating: Excellent (5 / 5)

I am extremely happy for the Seiko watch I purchased from you for my 72 birthday. As my sight is not what it used to be I needed watch the I could see and read easily. As it is solar powered I can look forward to it never needing a replacement battery. I took my watch into Goldsmiths in Eastbourne who took out a link free of charge and ensured it fitted perfectly. Most obliging staff which makes a change so I shall revisit them again when I need something else.

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Reviewed By: Review date: Sun 25th October 2015
Rating: Excellent (5 / 5)

I wanted a watch for my son that would not require battery changes, which ruin the water resistance of the watch unless you pay a fortune for the manufacturer to do it. This solar watch fitted the bill as well as looking great.

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