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Mens Scuderia Ferrari Redrev Evo Chronograph Watch 0830297
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Mens Scuderia Ferrari Redrev Evo Chronograph Watch 0830297

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Scuderia Ferrari Redrev Evo 0830297 is an amazing and very impressive Gents watch. Case material is PVD rose plating while the dial colour is Dark Blue. The features of the watch include (among others) a chronograph and date function. 50 metres water resistancy will protect the watch and allows it to be submerged in water for periods, so can be used for swimming and fishing. It is not reccomended for high impact water sports. The watch is shipped with an original box and a guarantee from the manufacturer.

Scuderia Ferrari
Scuderia Ferrari packaging
Case depth approx.
Case Material
PVD rose plating
Case Shape
Case width approx.
Clasp type
Strap buckle
Date Function
Dial Colour
Dark Blue
Model Name
Redrev Evo
Japanese Quartz (battery)
Strap colour
Strap Type
50 metres
2 years

This watch is supplied with:

  • - Official Scuderia Ferrari presentation box
  • - Official Scuderia Ferrari guarantee
  • - Instruction manual (where applicable)
  • - 195 Reward points

This product can be shipped to:

  • UK  UK (United Kingdom)
  • EU  EU (European Union)

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Rating Breakdown (Average rating: 4.8 / 5) Based on : (4 Reviews)

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Past Reviews

Review date: Tue 15th November 2016
2 Out of 5 people found this review helpful

RATING: Excellent (5 / 5)
Verified WATCHSHOP Buyer

Great product,

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Review date: Fri 23rd September 2016
3 Out of 5 people found this review helpful

RATING: Excellent (5 / 5)
Verified WATCHSHOP Buyer

A lovely watch, looks very classy and wasnt expensive when you take into account how much watch you get for your money. I particularly like the use of the carbon fibre type pattern on the watch face. The rubber strap is comfortable and has a neat little trick to stop it sliding open off the retainer. A good gift for the motor enthusiast in your life!

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Review date: Fri 29th July 2016
3 Out of 5 people found this review helpful

RATING: Excellent (5 / 5)
Verified WATCHSHOP Buyer

Very happy with the watch, looks stunning on and the strap is easy to buckle around your wrist.

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Review date: Mon 18th April 2016
4 Out of 6 people found this review helpful

RATING: Very Good (4 / 5)
Verified WATCHSHOP Buyer

After receiving the package, I immediately had to take a look at the watch. At first, I was surprised how nice the whole main box looked like. It was first covered in a paper kind of thing that has a carbon design and a Ferrari logo on it. The main box is black, but it has glossy finish, which really comes out nice - the bottom is red though. It also has a Ferrari logo on it. After I opened this main box, I saw a nice red compartment inside this box. There the small black cushion with the watch, was found. Underneath the cushion was a small red booklet with a Ferrari logo, which is actually the instructions manual for the watch. The whole instructions inside are in many different languages - Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. Its contents are: Service website, care & maintenance, operating instructions, warranty information, obtaining service, warranty certificate, service request form, authorized service centers.
After taking the watch out of the box, I saw that there were two sticky plastic protectors on it one on front and one on the back of the main case. I was able to peel them off without any residues remaining on the watch. I also saw that the protector on the back had an additional sticker on it, which said that the watch is free of mercury and there was also the date for changing the battery November 2018. This date is calculated with normal use, which means that frequent use of special functions, such as a stopwatch timer, may shorten battery life.
There was also a small red tag attached to the strap of the watch with a string. The whole buckle was wrapped in paper, while the buckle tongue had a plastic protector on it. I could remove them all without a problem.

This watch is marked with water resistance up to 5 bar 50 m or 5 ATM or 165 feet - this is also written close to the bezel of the watch and on the back of the main case. This actually means that it may be worn while showering or swimming, but it should not be used for scuba diving. So submerging it into the water should not cause any problems, but you still should not go diving with it. Just note that operating the watch underwater using the crown and push-buttons is not a good idea, since it will not remain water resistant.
Measurements - In the picture that I included with this review is also a sketch of the watch, where many dimensions are shown - all of them are in millimetres. The most important is the case width 46 mm and case depth 12 mm. If you want to know any other dimensions, just look at the picture.
The movement is quartz chronograph.
It has a weight of 108 grams 3.81 ounces.
The watch has a shock-resistant movement and is tested to meet international standards for shock resistance. So really any kind of shocks, should not do any damage to it.
The exposure of the watch to a strong magnetic field will affect its time-keeping and may cause it to stop. But since this particular watch has a quartz movement, it should resume working with its original accuracy when removed from magnetic field.

To set the time, you have to use the crown. First you will have to pull it out to the first position first click and then to the second position second click. After doing that, you just have to rotate the crown in either direction to set the correct time.
To set the date, you also have to use the crown. The difference here is that you will only pull out the crown to the first position. Then you just rotate the crown counter-clockwise to set the day. An important thing to mention here is that when changing the date, you have to be sure, that your watch hands are not set between 9 AM and 3 AM. Because if you try to change the date in that time period, your watch might experience some calendar mechanism damages. Also when changing the date, you are not affecting the watch time it is still running.

The stopwatch is operated by the two buttons on the watch. In the picture that I included with this review, is also a sketch where the two buttons are indicated with letter A the upper button and letter B the bottom button. There are three different ways of using this stopwatch:
- The first way of using it, is by pressing A to start it, A to stop it and again A to restart it. In the end, you can leave it ticking, so that it goes all the way around and stops at 0 seconds and minutes. But you can of course press B to quickly reset it.
- The second way of using it, is by pressing A to start it, B to split it, B to release the split, A to stop it and lastly B to reset it.
- The last way of using it, is by pressing A to start it, B to split it this also shows the time of the first runner, A to stop the second runner, B to show the time of the second runner and lastly B to reset it.
One more thing about the resetting of the stopwatch. When it goes over the mark of 8 minutes, resetting it will make it go fast forward. But if you reset it before the 8 minutes, it will go fast backward.

If I were to describe it to a blind man, this would be my description:
- The hour and minute hands have the sides in shiny gold and they are white in the middle.
-The second hand is coloured in white and has a red coloured tip.
- The center of the watch that holds the hands in place is coloured in gold.
- All the other three small hands for stopwatch and the smaller 24-hour hand are the same - they are coloured in black, with a red coloured triangle tip.
- The dial is coloured in dark blue and it has a pattern of a chemistry-like connections.
- There is a Ferrari logo glued on the dial - it really looks nice, because it stands out, since it is not just painted on to the dial, but it is actually a piece of something that is quite thick
- The date windows sits next to the Ferrari logo and it has white coloured numbers.
- Actually all of the numbers written on the watch are white.
- The stopwatch seconds sub-dial has 00 and 30 with a word seconds written on it and it also has tiny white lines along the edge of this circular scale - there are also straight red lines that indicate every 5 seconds except on the part, where the word seconds is written.
- The stopwatch minutes sub-dial has 30 at the top, 10, 20 written on it and it also has white straight lines pointing out the individual minutes - there are also three red straight lines that indicate the 10, 20 and 30 minutes mark.
- The 24-hour sub-dial has only numbers written on it 24 at the top, 04, 08, 12, 16 and 20.
- Both 24-hour and stopwatch seconds have a small golden coloured collar around the sub-dial, where small white straight lines are also located.
- To the left of those small hands is a part, which is in a golden colour - it also has some small white straight lines along the side of it the slightly bigger ones indicate seconds and whole minutes, while the smaller ones can help you determine the accurate time in seconds, just with the help of minute hand.
- That part also looks like it is screwed on to the watch with two tiny golden coloured screws
- There are also six bigger straight white lines with golden coloured edges along the sides of the main dial.
- The last two dials and also the biggest are on the edges of the watch - the one inside of the glass the dial ring has white coloured numbers and a part which is coloured in red right next to it, is also written SCUDERIA FERRARI in red - the one on the outside on the blue bezel only has white and red straight lines, with one red triangle that is located at the top of the watch.
- One of the last things to describe are the sides of the watch, which are just beautifully coloured in brushed gold and polished gold the polished gold lugs really shine on my picture.
- The three buttons are also in gold colours, with the middle one being coloured in polished gold, having notches on the sides and a perfectly engraved Ferrari logo horse.
- The straps are coloured in dark blue, with a small red line going along the whole strap.
- The straps also have a pattern of a real tire, which looks great and there is a checkered pattern on the other side of the strap - one of the straps has a Ferrari logo on the inside, which actually makes a funny marking on your skin after wearing the watch for some time - but it of course disappears almost immediately after removing the watch.
- At one end of the straps can be found the attachment thing, which is coloured in gold - that same part of the strap also has a smaller piece of silicone to help hold the other end of the strap that actually really looks nice, since it has a hole in which the Ferrari logo, that is on the other strap, goes perfectly into - the only problem is that this thing gets really dirty inside very quickly, and it is not the easiest thing to clean when it is on the strap, so removing it by a bit of force still far from damaging anything will help you to clean it more easily.
- On the bottom of the watch, there is a big engraved Ferrari logo, with some watch details around it water resistance, all stainless steel....
- Lugs are connected to the rubber strap in a way, that the strap cannot move it cannot spin.

The easiest way to put the watch on your wrist is by first placing the free loop close to the main case. Then you have put one strap through the buckle and tighten it up to your wrist by inserting the buckle tongue in one of the adjustment holes. After doing that, you just have to secure the strap that is hanging loose, with the help of the free loop. This is where it come in handy to have it close to the main case, since you just have to slide it back to secure it in place. Whereas having it close to the buckle, it is a hassle to move it, because the skin prevents the rubber loop from moving easily.

- I must say that the whole design of the watch is just completely beautiful. That is actually the main reason why I even bought it. It has an aggressive design, which is characterised by race car rev counters and other dashboard instruments.
- The battery life also seems nice, since it says that I should change the battery in November 2018 with normal use.
- When putting it on your wrist it is not cold like the watches with metal straps.
- The scrolling on crown is really smooth.
- Another factor that made me buy this watch is its weight. I was always used to those rugged whole metal watches, which were all really heavy. This one weighs approximately 108 grams, which is really not a lot.
- It is also nice because it has a date window.
- Another pro is that there are a lot of adjustment holes 10 of them.

- The maximum stopwatch length is 30 minutes not 60 minutes, which is found on a lot of watches.
- The second hand on my watch is not even nearly aligned - it even looks like it goes between the dial marks instead of being right on point. But this actually does not bother me that much.
- The second hand seems to tick in an unpredictable way, which means it is sometimes aligned and after a couple of seconds, it is already completely misaligned but this does not really affect the accuracy of the watch.
- I am having trouble unstrapping the watch - I am used to the metal straps with clasps Ferrari logo on one end of the strap gets stuck to the buckle on the other strap and the buckle tongue is hard to remove from the hole, also before unstrapping, you have to squeeze that free rubber loop to release the Ferrari logo first.
- The buttons were a bit stiff at first but after a bit of time, they became smoother and the feeling is pretty nice now, although a bit springy.
- The straps get dirty very easily from dust, clothes, because of the material used to make them - but this can be solved by washing with water.
- The watch seems to lean outward on my wrist, which sometimes makes a bit of an annoying feeling.
- When you want to look at your watch and your sweater or some other clothing is over it, it is really difficult to pull back the sweater, because of the rubber strap preventing it to move smoothly.
- When shaking the watch a bit, there is a rattling kind of noise coming from inside the watch - this thing may be connected to the problems with the second hand.
- The hands do not glow in the dark, neither do the straight white lines from the dial - that is why this watch is useless in the dark there are also no LEDs or anything inside to illuminate it.
- Not really comfy when you are having it on your wrist and trying to type on a keyboard, since the straps are pretty thick.
- I think the adjustment holes might get worn out after some time, because the buckle is always grinding against the bulged squares around the holes when putting the watch on your wrist.

I still got to say that I was amazed by how good this watch looks in reality. The pictures displayed on the website just does not satisfy the real appearance. It is just hands down the most beautiful, affordable watch I have seen in a long time. I was just a bit disappointed with the description of the watch on this website. I just could not find the data about its weight which I really cared about, its time accuracy, what type of crystal is used and so on. And I would also like to say that this watch is really not appropriate for someone who is wearing only metal strap watches, because at least in my situation, it was really difficult for me to get used to it. But as far as the service goes, I have to imply that I got the watch really quickly 2 working days. I also had the chance of tracking the package, which came in handy.

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