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Casio Men's Premium G-Shock Gravitymaster GPS Hybrid Alarm Chronograph Radio Controlled Solar Powered Watch

  Estimated 3 - 10 working days to United States

Renowned for their exceptional digital craftsmanship, G-SHOCK launched the GPW-1000 GPS-Hybrid Aviator watch in collaboration with the ROYAL AIR FORCE at the RAF Museum, Hendon.

Inspired by the RAF's durable and versatile Chinook helicopters, the GPW-1000 watch represents the crafts advanced technology and is tough enough to endure extreme terrain in any place and any conditions. It features a new Hybrid GPS/Radio Wave Ceptor function picking up time signals from atomic transmitters or from GPS satellites to deliver absolute accuracy - crucial to aviation.

In addition, the watch includes a Zulu time function, developed in conjunction with RAF pilots. Zulu time, an aviation and military term for UTC or Coordinated Universal Time, refers to time at the prime meridian, a more precise measurement of time developed from an increased accuracy at measuring the earth's rotation. When the embossed red "Z" is pressed the hands immediately set to Zulu time, returning to local time after a few seconds. This avoids any confusion pilots and crew may have when communicating across different time zones.

Developed as the ultimate pilots watch, details include scratch resistant sapphire glass, with anti-reflective coating, LED lit high visibility luminescent coated numbers and a carbon hands that can withstand up to 12 Gs while in rotation.

This watch is finished in black resin with a stainless steel core, as well as eye catching carbon fibre dial and detailing in blue and red


Multi-band 6

Super LED illumination for low light

Triple G Resistant against shock, water and vibration

Tough Solar with power saving functionality

GPS Function allowing for accurate time keeping anywhere in the world

World Time 40 cities + UTC

Beeper Alarm

Sapphire Glass

1 Daily Alarm



Perpetual Calendar


Zulu time

Casio packaging
Casio 2 year guarantee
Case width approx.
Case depth approx.
Dial Colour
Black carbon fibre
Case Material
Stainless Steel and Resin
Strap type
Strap Colour
200 metres
Clasp type
Strap buckle
Solar More info
24 hour dial
Dual time
Highly visible dial
Luminescent hands
Perpetual Calendar
Radio Controlled

This watch is supplied with:

  • - Official Casio presentation packaging
  • - Official Casio guarantee
  • - Instruction manual (where applicable)
  • - 750 Reward points

This product can be shipped to:

  • UK  UK (United Kingdom)
  • EU  EU (European Union)

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Reviewed By: Review date: Thu 30th October 2014
10 out of 11 people found this review helpful

Rating: Excellent (5 / 5)

I Pondered long and hard over this watch, can I really justify spending that amount of money on a watch! I am a fan of G Shock but have only bought one before and that was 10 years ago! I watched all the reviews time and time again and finally took the plunge. When it arrived and I unpackaged it there was a genuine ďwowĒ. This is a real mans watch! Yes itís probably bigger than your last one but this is genuinely not a problem and has not attracted any comments from colleagues. If youíre looking at pictures and are concerned that the blue bezel is very blue, then fear not as it is very subtle, to the point that I initially thought they had sent me the ďlimited editionĒ model with grey bezel. The blue can only be seen when the sun catches it. With regards the functions, the internet and Watch shop donít do it justice there are lots in the instructions that are not mentioned elsewhere. For example you can check if the watch has synced with the atomic clock. Unlike the other review, my watch has connected with the atomic clock and has also synced with the satellites, without problem.
The watch changed automatically last weekend when we changed from BST to GMT, and Iím looking forward to testing it next year on a trip to the States. If like me you are on the fence then if it helps, you wonít be disappointed. The only thing I miss is the hourly chime which this watch does not have.
Hope this helps.

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Reviewed By: Review date: Fri 26th December 2014
6 out of 7 people found this review helpful

Rating: Average (3 / 5)
UNVERIFIED REVIEW (The reviewer has not yet been verified themselves as a Watch Shop customer)

This is a watch with a mixture of some cool features, some nice design elements and some irritating drawbacks.

Firstly there is the main feature of the watch, the GPS capability. This is definitely cool and also quite useful. When you first get the watch, or travel to a different time zone, you can use the GPS Reception to set the correct time zone and acquire the correct time. This is the Time + Position function. If you just need to perform a manual time signal update you can perform a Time Only GPS receive. This is impressively fast, taking a matter of seconds compared to the several minutes usually needed to receive the radio signal from one of the various terrestrial stations. So the GPS is definitely a plus point for the watch.

As for the design, this watch is big, seriously big. Personally I like a big face and this watch certainly has one. In general it is also a good looking watch. Casioís official photos donít do it any favours. The blue detailing around the face is far more subtle than the photos suggest. So thatís good. What I donít like is the depth of the case. At nearly 19mm thick the watch feels colossal on your wrist, and wonít fit under a shirt sleeve. I also found it a struggle to get coat sleeves over it. Maybe it needs to be that deep due to the various mechanisms inside but for me it makes the watch far too big and cumbersome.

Another drawback is the subdial on the lower left hand side which displays things like elapsed stopwatch time and remaining countdown time. It is really quite small and can be pretty difficult to read. It is also badly obscured by the main hands at certain times. Itís a shame this subdial isnít bigger and that Casio havenít included the ďHand ConcealmentĒ function some of their other analogue watches have.

The day of the week display on the right hand side of the face has a very shiny, reflective background making it very difficult to read in many different lighting conditions. Another irritating and very odd design decision. A matt background would have made much more sense.

The final drawback is a personal bug bear of mine, and that is the alignment of the minute hand as it moves around the face. For me, radio controlled watches are all about precision and I find it very annoying when the minute hand does not line up correctly with the face markings. Itís certainly not unique to this model of watch. I have had various watches over the years that have all suffered with the same problem including models from Citizen and Breitling. Casio do a better job than most manufacturers of getting the hands to align correctly but the GPW-1000 hands donít line up at various points around the face and I find it unacceptable for a watch this expensive to suffer from this flaw.

So overall, while the watch has many pleasing features and is an impressive looking watch, it has too many drawbacks for me.

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Reviewed By: Review date: Wed 27th April 2016
2 out of 2 people found this review helpful

Rating: Excellent (5 / 5)

Amazing, Analogue, watch from Casio here. This is one of those products the shows you where your money has gone as soon as you open the box, Amazing. I own a few ProTrek watches and also have a Mudmaster. Gulfmaster & Rangeman in the collection. All these watches cover the gizmos such as A,B,C functionality as well as Tide, Moon Phase, Sunset & Rise etc. So why go for a Gravitymaster when you can have all that extra functionality in a G thats not quite as expensive? Its a good question and the simple answer is the Gravitymaster is just so beautiful. Takes nothing away from my other watches as I love them all, but it just looks so good and its nice to have a pure Analogue G-Shock. Id already been reading the manual on the watch before it arrived and to be honest, that manual is overblown and over complicated, this watch is very very easy to use and easy to set up. The GPS functionality is amazing, cant wait to take it to the US at some point and watch it do its thing when I get off the plane. Awesome watch and the usual AAA service from Watch Shop makes the whole purchase process flawless.

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Reviewed By: Review date: Thu 25th December 2014
2 out of 2 people found this review helpful

Rating: Excellent (5 / 5)

WatchShop Service

Perhaps one of the best online services I have received from anyone, Smooth transaction - ordered on a Tuesday and less than 24 hours later the watch was received. I particularly the notifications received on the various stages of the order. From ordering to despatch it took less than 2 hours. Thank you - this is everything I would expect from an online retailer and others online providers should take note on how it should be done.

Thoughts on the watch

This is an expensive watch. I did my research through other websites including You Tube before committing and buying the watch. I opened the box and it is a beast,it is that big. I have a GShock Riseman which I thought was a chunky watch - this is about one and half time bigger both thickness and watch face. No pictures or videos gave me this impression, so I was surprised.

The watch is heavy to hold in the hand and this was a concern, however wearing the watch, it feels perfectly balanced on my wrist - you donít feel the weight and after a little time you ignore the size as well, it just seems well - a standard size watch,

I considered the features of the watch, pretty standard for GShock watches, disappointing that it did not come with a compass - especially how this is an aviator watch. I knew what I was buying so I suppose I cannot complain, it is just the price is more or less double compared to other Casio G Shocks. You are really paying for the GPS feature - first multi band 6 and GPS combined. Both work perfectly along with all other features.

Out of the box, there was no set up required - everything was set and synced, You will need to read the instruction manual to get used to accessing the features such as stopwatch, countdown, I found it easier to download the manual as PDF rather than flicking through a small print manual.

This is a big WOW of a watch - you need to consider the features and what you want from a watch before spending so much money. If you want more features except GPS you need to look at alternative watches. For me, I wanted a high end watch that is going to last me for many years to come - and this watch will last me.

I highly recommend the watch and buying from WatchShop and I will use this site again for future watch purchases.

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Reviewed By: Review date: Thu 20th November 2014
3 out of 4 people found this review helpful

Rating: Excellent (5 / 5)

A little big than showed on the presentation pictures special the thickness with 18mm1.8cm, works very well inside my flat and nearby the window catch easy GPS signal, anywhere inside the flat catch the radio signal between 8pm and 6am. Keep charged few days however in completely dark. Design and colors are very nice and full match. Very easy to operate plain of .pdf instructions on the Casio website. Very well packed original in a nice box and a good and secure sell/buy process by Watch Shop.

Was this review helpful to you?     Yes    No

Reviewed By: Review date: Wed 5th October 2016
1 out of 1 people found this review helpful

Rating: Excellent (5 / 5)

the best watch in my live

Was this review helpful to you?     Yes    No

Reviewed By: Review date: Tue 3rd February 2015
1 out of 1 people found this review helpful

Rating: Excellent (5 / 5)

This watch has a fantastic combination of technology, build quality and style. I have a thing about time accuracy and this watch has both GPS reception to set location and time, together with a multi-Band 6 radio receiver for time calibration. The end result is a watch that automatically sets the correct time and compensates for daylight saving time where multi-band 6 can be received. Operation is relatively straightforward given the number of functions available and the watch face has highly visible hour and minute hands with a gorgeous red seconds hand. Batons on the dial are also highly visible and there is an LED light for use during the hours of darkness if you need additional light over and above the Neobrite luminous hands and markers.

The resin and stainless steel case is immaculate and the watch has a carbon fibre reinforced strap with brushed stainless steel clasp.

My watch collection includes Rolex, Breitling and a Patek Nautilus and each of them has their own particular attributes, you may think that £750 is too much to pay for a Casio but believe me the quality of finish and superb technology will allow this watch to complement any watch collection. It is a large watch in both diameter and thickness but it does sit really comfortably on my 19.5cm wrist. I dont have any negatives on this watch and can fully recommend it to those looking for a rugged, stylish and accurate time keeper.

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Reviewed By: Review date: Mon 1st May 2017
Rating: Excellent (5 / 5)

Watchshop are a great company it was so easy to finance my purchase and get my watch very quickly! I would recommend watchshop every time !

Was this review helpful to you?     Yes    No

Reviewed By: Review date: Tue 6th September 2016
Rating: Excellent (5 / 5)

Really chunky well built watch...great features and lighting excellent at night time,love the way it sets everything automatically,comfortable well built strap..excellent quality watch...only downside I can think of is the crown seems to dig into my wrist a bit ...perhaps a tad dear for the watch...other than that great chunky watch

Was this review helpful to you?     Yes    No

Reviewed By: Review date: Thu 7th January 2016
Rating: Excellent (5 / 5)

I was looking for a big watch.and saw this.read the reviews and everyone commented about the size so I really liked the look of the watch and going by the reviews and the measurements it was the watch for me.

Was this review helpful to you?     Yes    No

Reviewed By: Review date: Sun 25th January 2015
Rating: Excellent (5 / 5)

Fab watch I love it looks as expensive as it cost had lots of people asking about it

Was this review helpful to you?     Yes    No

Reviewed By: Review date: Tue 13th January 2015
Rating: Excellent (5 / 5)

This G-Shock watch has been on my most wanted list for a long long time and now that I have it, boooooooom am I happy,

Solar Powered
Radio Controlled
Time in which ever City available on the dial
Water Proof
Beautiful looking

This watch is rock solid yet aesthetically pleasing to the eye with one comment today,

Does it also morph into a car, Ha. So as you have read this watch stands out, G-Shock as I have been told by Selfridges staff is only a watch of choice and not of distinction I totally disagree, this watch is pheonominal and I would say if you can afford to pay the cost of the watch then you are buying an investment which is built to last and to impress.

I bought this watch as I get fully immersed into any and all sporting activities ranging from Football, Scuba and Snow Boardimg to name but a few, so travel is high on my agenda and usually when away I leave my watch on Uk time, call it lazy or what you like I just think constantly changing could possibly damage delicate gears and parts but with this little beauty I press a button and the eye in the sky does it for me.

I hope this help for future decision making if anybody is in two minds of shall I, shant I, where this watch is concerned its a defo I definetly shall.


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Reviewed By: Review date: Thu 9th October 2014
1 out of 2 people found this review helpful

Rating: Excellent (5 / 5)

Watch is stunning. A bit bigger than I was expecting but, boy, isnt it amazing? Tried the GPS function but didnt work so well travelling inside Europe, but I want to believe it was first time unlucky. The watch is stunning indeed.
Service from WatchShop is second to none. The customer services team is friendly, helpful and really efficient. I bought 4 watches from the shop and keep coming back.

Was this review helpful to you?     Yes    No

Reviewed By: Review date: Tue 17th March 2015
0 out of 1 people found this review helpful

Rating: Excellent (5 / 5)

Great watch , really usefull, lightweight,tough resin
Very Good quality watch
so happy !!!

Was this review helpful to you?     Yes    No

Reviewed By: Review date: Thu 13th November 2014
0 out of 1 people found this review helpful

Rating: Excellent (5 / 5)

Excellent ,great super fast service I can give full recomedation for this shop they are profesional

Was this review helpful to you?     Yes    No

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